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10 Observations from the Win Over Minnesota

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Nate Burleson showed he’s not done yet (Photo from

By Beast, DLD Contributor

The Lions started out with a whimper and it looked like the trends from last season would continue with dumb penalties and miscues where they looked like the better team but the scoreboard doesn’t show it. At second half, they turned it around and put up a quality performance that we all expected before the season started. It was kind of a must win game because it’s a divisional opponent and both the Packers and Bears faced tough opponents to start out with. Obviously, the Bears won, but it put the Lions in good position in terms of NFC North standing.

Six Hidden Matchups in the Lions Opener against Minnesota

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Kent Lee Platte, DLD Writer

You’ve probably already seen the matchups you expected to.  Reggie Bush vs. the Vikings Linebackers.  Suh/Fairley vs. the Vikes Oline.  Hey, we’ve even got the annual smack talk between Jared Allen and whichever Lion is playing LT (Riley Reiff takes Jeff Backus’ old spot).  Those matchups are all good, and will surely be front and center during the Lions’ season opener.  Since you’ve already heard all of those, however, I’m going to point to a few matchups that we will also see in all its football glory, but maybe aren’t what you’d expect to be looking for.  Some of them I am surprised I haven’t seen mentioned more often, but all of them could have game changing implications not only for the outcome of this one game; but also for the outcome of the season if the team continues to win these battles.  They may be a little fringe, but they’re important nonetheless. (more…)

Lions/Jets Notes

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

The Lions won their preseason opener over the Jets (graphic from CBS NY)

Jeff Risdon
I’ve only watched the game once so far, so I’ll give more thoughts next week in preparation for the next game.

-Reggie Bush’s first run, a leaping off tackle burst that picked up 11 yards, is precisely the sort of run that nobody else on this roster has been able to make since #20 left the building. Alas his 2nd carry was quickly snuffed out in the backfield. Still, Bush is a better version of the weapon we all hoped Jahvid Best could become. Thumbs up for the pass protection too.

5 Things I Want to See in Camp

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Will Jason Fox step up and seize the right tackle job? (photo from MLive)

Jeff Risdon
I’m typing this in a moving car and the battery life on my laptop stinks, so I’ll keep these brief.

1. The emergence of Matt Stafford as a more vocal, dominating leadership presence. (more…)

Perception vs. Reality: How the Nation Sees the Lions

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Houston fans perceive the Lions differently than most, and Glover Quin is a big part of the reason why

Jeff Risdon

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks relocating from my 3-year sojourn in Houston back to the Grand Rapids area. Along the way I’ve stopped in New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville, and Indianapolis after also spending a couple of recent weekends in Dallas. As I am almost always wearing a Lions hat, I am privy to a lot of unsolicited opinions about our beloved team. And there is a real discernible difference between how Lions fans see the team and how “outsiders” perceive both Detroit and the Lions. (more…)

Breaking Down the Stafford Extension

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

A new extension gives Matt Stafford a lot to smile about (photo courtesy basketfootball)

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

The Lions and Matt Stafford have reached an agreement on a contract extension. According to multiple sources–and if you care who got it first I pity you–the extension is for three years and $53 million. That is tacked onto the end of his existing deal, which carries two more years at $23.5M, putting the entire value over the next five years at $76.5M.

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