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Lions vs Cowboys: Six Hidden Matchups

Saturday, October 26th, 2013


Graphic from, a great Dallas fan site

Kent Lee Platte, DLD Writer

Fans are always just a little less excited coming off a loss.  Even when that loss was by a last second buzzer beater against a perennial postseason contender.  Sure, the Lions had their flaws against the Bengals.  For the most part, though, they performed very well as a unit, and with only a few exceptions that was the case last week.  The Lions were simply outcoached and never adjusted their game plan to compensate.

This week, they face the cream of the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys.  Both teams are 4-3, both boast strong QBs and top flight WRs, and some sketchy defensive play.  The teams are far from similar, however, and the under the radar match ups this week have a theme of not necessarily being match ups if the teams had played each other week one.  (more…)

Six Hidden Matchups Vs. the Redskins

Saturday, September 21st, 2013


Kent Lee Platte, DLD Writer

The Lions are hoping to end one of the worst streaks in football, travelling to Washington where they have never come away with a win.  Although the Lions were unable to come out of Arizona with a win, sitting at 1-1 puts them on par with roughly half of the league.  The season is still very much in play (It’s week 4, have hope!), and leaving Washington with a win would mark the second 2012 playoff team the Lions would have won against in 2013.  Reggie Bush and Nick Fairley’s availability are both in question and the Lions will be without speedy receiver Patrick Edwards (Ankle) and starting RT Jason Fox (Whatever injury it is this week).

Still, there’s plenty to be excited about given the Redskins verging-on-historically-terrible defense they’ve fielded so far this season.  Rather than go with the obvious, I’m once again delving into the hidden matchups to look for in the Lions Week 3 matchup with the Washington Redskins. (more…)

Five Quick Thoughts on the Lions/Vikings game

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Darius Slay wasn’t good, but he wasn’t all that bad either (Photo G. Smith/Detroit Lions)

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

I’ve now watched the triumphant opening performance three times. Here are some thoughts that I probably tweeted or touched on in some other venues that I think need further exploration.

Desperate People

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Jim Schwartz is showing his desperation, a direct result of his personal failures as a coach (photo courtesy

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

The Lions have been quite active on the transaction wire in the wake of their disappointing playoff performance in Cleveland. Four new defensive players have joined the team since Thursday. (more…)

There Will Be Blood

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece advocating that Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham get fired. While the prospect of Cunningham being the sacrificial goat for the incredibly frustrating and disappointing season is still up in the air, we got a glimpse into the mind of Head Coach Jim Schwartz about who is not the goat.

Auf Wiedersehen Gunther Cunningham

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Lions Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningam

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor
On the heels of the embarrassing loss in Arizona, I’ve been ruminating on what can be done to get the Lions pointed in the right direction going forward. Falling from the playoffs to 4-10 and getting thumped by a team that lost 58-0 a week earlier dictates that changes must be made, and those changes must go beyond the shuffling of players. Someone has to take the fall for the Lions’ own fall. I strongly feel that person should be Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham.

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