Morgan Moses Scouting Report

March 20th, 2014


Prospect: Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 314

Grade:  6.86 (Grading Scale)

Measurements taken from the NFL Scouting Combine

Scouting Report:

Strengths: Absolutely massive player in every sense of the description…Wide shoulders with terrific bulk throughout…Uncommon length with arms right around 35 inches…Utilizes his reach to keep rushers off his frame or aid his ability to ride out speed rushers…Has heavy hands that can deliver a blow and are difficult to budge after he has them placed…Snaps hips off the line of scrimmage and into his slide quickly, has little problem with depth in his sets…Calm feet in pass sets, doesn’t panic and come off his balance point for combination moves…Light feet and quick to change directions to mirror inside moves…Extends hands to keep rushers off his frame Width of frame and length make him difficult to work around with finesse rush moves…Does a fine job keeping his hands inside the frame of rushers…Immovable anchor once he resets his feet on contact against power rushes…Destructive down blocker in the run game, brings out the road grader qualities in him…Can engulf linebackers after moving up to the second level…Has collegiate experience at both left and right tackle.

Weaknesses: Not as dominant a player as he could be considering his physical traits…Too much of a finesse player, doesn’t get the most out of his size and strength…Lacks much flexibility in general, more of a waist-bender than a knee-bender…Not an overly explosive mover…Won’t win leverage battles at the point of attack, a high-padded blocker through and through…Lumbers in the open field with little speed or fluidity…Sloppy footwork in terms of angles get him into trouble and he resorts to holding…Guilty of lapses in concentration related to gap discipline and assignments…Imprecise with his hands and doesn’t latch well as a run blocker…Doesn’t bring hips through to body defenders as a run blocker and gets slid off of too easily as a result…Effort and willingness to finish as a run blocker comes and goes for stretches…Was far from immune to false start penalties at Virginia.


Morgan Moses looks the next in line of Virginia Cavalier offensive tackles who will get a left tackle gig in the NFL.  After making the shift from right tackle to left prior to his senior season, Moses grew into the role and thrived on the blind side.  Now he looks the part of a legitimate left tackle prospect.

Don’t let body type deceive you.  Moses is far more of a pass blocking specialist than a mauling run blocker.  The lack of true dominance he exhibits is more frustrating than anything, as Moses doesn’t display the type of finisher’s mentality to make the most of his physical tools.

There’s a silver lining though.  A pass blocker with the skills of Moses has a lot of value.  He handled the likes of Jeremiah Attaochu and Vic Beasley in 2013, two rushers who combined for 29 sacks on the year.  His impressive pass protection skills should make him a long-term starter in the league, but he won’t ever be a truly game-changing offensive tackle that you build an offensive line around.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes

Virginia vs. Miami

  • Strong on initial contact early as a run blocker, but doesn’t latch with his hands to control & sustain
  • False starts a long with a few other players on a first and ten
  • Leans into his kickslide on 3rd and long a few plays later and gets away with a false start
  • Striking well with his hands both in pass set and as a run blocker, keeps them inside defenders’ frame too
  • Is a bit labored as a mover but slides to second level and walls off a LB on a combo block
  • Not as dominant at the point of attack as he should be as a run blocker, high pad level a big reason, also bends at the waist and limits ability to drive through defenders
  • Shows smooth footwork in his kickslide, but really bends at the waist to put hands on rushers, gets easily swam once
  • Does a consistently poor job leveraging blocks by getting his head across, easily slid off of
  • Is far from a finisher of blocks even when he jolts defenders and has them under control, even stopping entirely too soon on one occasion
  • Utilizes his significant length when he gets his hands on pass rushers
  • False starts on third down in Miami territory


Virginia vs. BYU

  • Makes an effective combo block to the second level on a toss, crunches a linebacker who goes low
  • Anchors the initial punch of Van Noy but allows him to slide off as Moses gets a bit flat-footed
  • Struggling to generate movement as a run blocker in the early going, letting his pads get too high
  • Looks like a waist bender more than a knee bender, movement is generally stiff
  • Adjusts well to stay balanced against a rusher’s spin move back to the inside, redirects effectively
  • Looks very uncomfortable as a mover in space trying to get to the second level, heavy feet
  • Fails to get out of his stance on third and long and lets a rusher comes free to force a hurried throw
  • Shows impressive length to lock up pass rushers with his hands
  • Maintains leverage to his inside gap while he has help on the edge against Van Noy, who tries to spin back to the inside, to no avail
  • Makes an effective block on a cornerback pulling out around on a toss
  • Keeps his feet moving & shows good vision to pick up a blitzer on the edge, gives a heavy punchtoo


Virginia vs. Georgia Tech

  • Comes completely off his balance point to lunge into a run block, ends up on his knees and unable to sustain the block in any way
  • Moves up to the 2nd level and jolts the inside linebacker before controlling him with a single hand
  • Fluid movement with light feet to slide and get depth in pass sets, very calm lower half
  • Slides down just quick enough to wall off the DE stunting to the inside, fine job changing directions to mirror
  • Completely engulfs the DE and drives him off the ball on a few occasions, inconsistent effort though
  • Does a great job letting the rusher show his hand and then reacting, doesn’t panic with his feet and come off his balance point to defend initial moves
  • Gives ground on initial contact from multiple bull-rushes but doesn’t lose leverage and resets quickly
  • Overwhelms LB’s at 2nd level on multiple plays while staying under control and squaring them up well
  • Lands his hands well to extend with length and negate the hands of rushers
  • Moves over to the right side in an unbalanced goal line set, buries a linebacker on a down block
  • Gets away with sloppy angles and imprecise footwork on a few plays, falls back on sheer size and length
  • Not the most flexible tackle in the knees, doesn’t play with naturally low pad level
  • Handles the speed of Jeremiah Attaochu around the corner with ease throughout, snaps hips to get off the line of scrimmage and get proper depth very well
  • Doesn’t break down well enough leading to the outside on a screen and gets slipped past by a CB
  • Not enough of a sustainer in either run or pass games, likes to deliver a few blows with his hands and then let up, not a to-the-whistle type


Virginia vs. Clemson

  • Long strides at the second level and fails to break down, whiffs on a pursuing linebacker
  • Very quick out of his stance to get depth and negate the speed of Vic Beasley, doesn’t give the edge
  • Too high on space blocks when he climbs to the LB level and can’t square up his targets
  • Light feet with quick change of direction when Beasley presses his inside gap after setting up outside
  • Consistently calm with his feet in his pass sets, doesn’t take himself out of position or off balance
  • False starts on third and long in the third quarter
  • Slow to the perimeter leading for a wide receiver screen, cumbersome mover in space
  • Drops his eyes while engaged with Beasley and doesn’t spot a blitz from the edge, QB releases quickly though


Other games reviewed: Pittsburgh, Oregon, North Carolina ‘12.


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