Matt Patchan Scouting Report

March 12th, 2014

Prospect: Matt Patchan, OT, Boston College

Height: 6’6¼”

Weight: 302

Grade:  5.67 D (Grading Scale)

Measurements taken from the NFL Scouting Combine

Scouting Report:

Strengths: Highly impressive raw numbers from the combine…Terrific athlete in the straight-line with some explosive characteristics…Can lead block down the field with the mobility of most tight ends…Takes sharp angles down the field and is very rangy…Plays with eyes up to see moving defenders, aids effectiveness as a combo blocker or handling stunts in pass protection…Places hands well to keep them inside the frame of defenders…Is a sticky blocker who’s tough to disengage from if he stays balanced on contact…Explodes off the ball as a power run blocker and can drop pads well enough into contact…Can deliver highly impactful blocks with a heavy punch…Will finish by driving defenders into the ground, great mentality…Son of an NFL offensive lineman.

Weaknesses: Lean build as a whole with a lack of adequate bulk below the waist…Stiff and limited movement ability to slide laterally or move backwards…Not overly flexible in the knees…Plays too upright and struggles to keep pads down…Struggles to slide and get depth to handle speed rushers…Has heavy feet and poor balance to change directions and mirror…Comes off balance point quickly against combination rush moves…Gets knocked onto his heels too easily by rushers convert speed to power…Can be pushed back into the lap of the QB by bull rushes far too easily…Will hook defenders when he loses a step and draw holding penalties…Inconsistent pad level into contact as a run blocker…Poor lateral movement skills, limited to north and south running schemes…Very hit or miss at the second level because he doesn’t break down, going for the knockout blow regularly…Only started 21 games in college due to a laundry list of injuries and a transfer from Florida to Boston College.


Matt Patchan turned heads with one of the more impressive combine performances of all offensive line prospects.  His final measurements all check the boxes of a starting offensive tackles.  His work in drills was less stellar and a true snapshot of where his skills are at.

There are big concerns about how Patchan translates to the NFL that go beyond durability concerns, which are glaring in their own right.  His stiffness to slide, change directions, and mirror finesse rushes will give him trouble against NFL rushers.  His inability to bend at the knees and keep pads down to anchor power rushes only add to it.  Basically, Patchan is a train wreck waiting to happen in pass protection.

Run blocking is where Patchan is right at home.  Unfortunately, offensive tackles who can only run block don’t last long on the outside.  Patchan is the type of tackle you hope to bring in for depth and let him develop his skills while staying healthy for a longer stretch.  He isn’t the type of prospect you can slide into your lineup as a rookie.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes

Boston College vs. North Carolina State

  • Drops pads into contact and drives back the DE to pin him on the edge and spring a long run

  • Terrific combo block with eyes up, slides to inside to pick up a run blitz to his inside

  • Heavy-footed in his kickslide and looks likely to struggle with true speed rushes

  • Quick to second level targets, can make an impactful hit but doesn’t really break down if LB’s move

  • Blocks with a bit of a bully’s mentality, strikes with a heavy punch

  • Overwhelming opponents as a 1 v. 1 drive blocker, moving DE’s off the ball, latching w/ hands

  • Slow to slide back to the inside and pick up a blitzing LB on a combo block, lets LB thru his inside gap

  • Lines up in the backfield of a heavy set and leads downfield like a fullback, burying a safety to finish off an easy touchdown run, + athleticism to work up the field:

  • Gets his feet reset and locks out to absorb a power rush and lost his feet initially

  • Very concerning footwork in kick slide and lack of depth from the line of scrimmage, gets overextended having to turn hips to a speed rush

  • Has obvious power just doesn’t play with enough leverage as a run blocker

  • Bails himself out of some pass sets against speed rushes with length, bends but doesn’t break

  • Lets his hands get high and hooks the rusher around the neck on multiple pass sets

  • Has some “stickiness” to him as a run blocker, just needs to keep shoulders from getting too far forward and keep hands inside more consistently

  • Tends to lunge into blocks at the second level going for the knockout blow, very hit or miss


Boston College vs. Clemson

  • Gets hands to Vic Beasley well and flattens him when he loses his balance on the edge as a rusher

  • Can’t reach the backside linebacker on a cutoff block of an off tackle run, LB makes the tackle, opts not to cut him at the second level

  • Sufficient job to mirror when Beasley spins back inside off a chip, balance redirecting could be better

  • Struggles to drop his pads and drive block in power running game, gets stood up at the POA

  • Doesn’t get out ahead of the play to make a block on an LB on a WR screen, open field work still leaves a lot to be desired

  • Whiffs a block on a charging LB on a quick pull and kick out, unable to adjust to moving target

  • Doesn’t break down at the second level at all and completely whiffs the LB on a shovel pass

  • Gets caught flat-footed and with a lack of awareness against a delayed rush, gets his QB hit hard from the blind side, poor vision to pick up the rusher

  • Allows Beasley to win to his outside shoulder and rip thru for a big sack, unable to negate the power with high pad level


Boston College vs. Florida State

  • Looks explosive off the ball getting to the second level as a run blocker

  • Struggling to play under control, loses his balance with his shoulders out ahead of him multiple times

  • Shows athletic coordination in space to lead block downfield on a throw-back screen pass

  • Frequently shifts over to an extra tackle spot on the right side of an unbalanced set

  • Improves effectiveness as a run blocker as game wears, sinking hips better, sustaining

  • Speed and burst to get out ahead on a swing pass and make a timely block to open a lane

  • Poor vision and indecision to not block a CB after releasing on a swing pass, keeps back from making a big gain

  • Shows range to kickslide and pick up a cornerback blitz on the edge

  • Sustains block on the inside well to seal an edge on a quick screen to a WR

  • Has his anchor compromised and loses ground on successive pass sets, lacks lower body build or strength to consistently anchor, not a ton of knee bend to sink either


Other games reviewed: North Carolina, Wake Forest

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