Jon Halapio Scouting Report

February 19th, 2014


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Prospect: Jon Halapio, G, Florida
Height: 6’3 ½”
Weight: 320
Grade: 6.28 (Grading Scale)

Measurements taken from official Senior Bowl weigh-in

Scouting Report:

Strengths: Has prototypical size and thick build desired for a right guard…Excellent strength in both upper and lower body…Delivers a real jolt with his punch…Explosive power in his shoulders, chest, and hands…Generally has good hand placement and doesn’t lose contact easily…Drives power up thru his hips and transfers his weight very well, plays stronger than he is in the weight room, where he’s no slouch either…Naturally low in his stance…Very adept at absorbing bull rushes, does not get moved backwards very much…Has a good feel for combo blocking…Scrappy, has some ability as a recovery blocker if beaten initially…Experienced starter with over 40 career starts…Played through a partially torn pectoral muscle, only missed two games…

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have much range beyond one step in any direction…Will rise up out of his stance at the snap in pass protect at times…Can struggle to engage defenders to his outside shoulder…Heavy feet…Will overextend in trying to get to targets that aren’t right in front of him…Vulnerable to quick spins and twists coming from his outside…Can’t gather himself quickly after his initial punch, shoots it all out off the snap…Lacks positional versatility, strictly a right guard and a misfit for zone blocking schemes…Has had some injury issues, the torn pec in ’13 and a medical redshirt in ‘09

Overall: What Jon Halapio does well, he does extremely well. His initial punch and ability to drive power from his base through his shoulders and hands is truly a treat to behold. Anyone who can physically lift 350-pound Dan McCullers off the earth has immense strength. He is a mauling run blocker at the line, able to seal open holes and collapse defenders.

Unfortunately, he’s limited otherwise. His lack of agility and quickness rule him out for teams that use zone blocking schemes that require a lot of movement and second-level attacking from the guards. When his mark lines up beyond his initial reach–especially to the outside–Halapio struggles in pass protection.

His game is similar to Richie Incognito’s, just as a football player and minus all the off-field and personal foul issues. In the right system, one that values heads-up blocking and inside-out running, Halapio can be an effective starting right guard. In other systems, he’d struggle to hold the backup guard role. His mauling power will endear him to line coaches and old-school fans. Should be a late 3rd-mid-4th round pick, will likely go in the late 5th-7th round. —Jeff Risdon 

Scouting Notes

Florida vs. Georgia
–sustains contact as he absorbs bull rush, throws hands up to show he’s not holding at release in end zone

–brilliant play on long pass to #1; sees his assignment pulling away so he goes and flattens the DE on a legal peel-back. Pancake with syrup and whip cream on top

–falls off down block vs. 5-technique, falls down

–strong initial punch gets him the inside shoulder, run follows behind for 1st down

–gets high in stance and juked inside by #47, pressure forces bad throw that should have been picked

–effectively plays cat and mouse with G. Smith as QB rolls out to right, eventually engages & gives a throwing lane. Looked awkward but he got the job done.

–pops up out of his stance & fails to engage the defender on run to his side

–doesn’t read the blitz inside and stays locked up on RDE, allows QB to get crushed after the release


Florida vs. LSU
–decent balance and footwork in shuffle back to fan out and pick up rusher

–pancakes #91 with a vicious shoulder heave

–another pancake as he flattens Johnson across the formation on pull

–shows good pad level in absorbing bull rush from Johnson, redirects him inside as Murphy scrambles outside

–nice choppy feet on pull across the formation, locks up #94 and generates movement

–pulls the chair on Johnson as he overextends and then plops on him smartly

–initially wins vs. Johnson but gets whipped by a quick swim move and gives up the sack

–sit slow in his stance and shuffles to his right with knees bent


Senior Bowl Practices (seen in person):

–first rep of Monday practice, gets into Dan McCullers chest and lifts him off the ground

–pancakes Will Sutton with great leg drive and upward thrust

–easily pushes McCullers backwards and ultimately falls on top of him

–Sutton initially beats him with first step but Halapio recovers and pushes him past the pseudo-QB

–explodes power thru his hips and stands up bull rush, keeps knees bent

–establishes leverage on Caraun Reid, rocks him off course as he tries to cross his face and puts him on the ground


Other games viewed: Florida State, Louisville ’13 bowl game, Vanderbilt, Georgia ’12, Ohio State ’11 bowl game


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2 Responses to “Jon Halapio Scouting Report”

  1. Jeremy says:

    So basically not a fit with the Lions as they seem to be inexplicably transitioning to a zone/stretch scheme similar to what the Saints run. Do the Lions even have the personnel for that style? Seems like most of the offensive line is suited best for a power man scheme. So I don’t know what to think about Lombardi’s forthcoming offense. Any insight anyone?

    • adminLions says:

      First, I don’t think you’ll notice much of a change. The interior line did a lot of movement and zoned-based attacking under Linehan. Might see less combo blocks on the inside and more solo/angle movement blocks there.

      It’s a similar offensive system to what LaAdrian Waddle played at Texas Tech, though it attacks more down the field. Reiff should be fine; the Lions rarely run left and his pass protect won’t change much if at all. Warford is The Man, no worries.

      Raiola is a better blocker on the move. The biggest question is Sims at LG. I’m not worried.

      And no, Halapio is not a fit. He belongs in Pittsburgh, Oakland, or Minnesota, maybe Carolina.

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