Draft Sites Google Hangout: Combine Wrap-up

February 27th, 2014

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor
Instead of just reading our efforts, some of your favorite Draft Sites Network folks got together and chatted it up on a Google hangout.

Here are myself, Darren Page (appearing as a Vikings guy), Dan Hope and Joe Marino of Buffalo Bills Draft, and Mike Loyko of New England Patriots Draft discussing Combine winners and losers, late-round guys we like, misconceptions about our franchises, and who we want with our first pick in the draft.

We’re hoping to do more of these as the draft season progresses, so let us know what you want us to talk about in the future!

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3 Responses to “Draft Sites Google Hangout: Combine Wrap-up”

  1. The Strategy Expert says:

    Maybe a mock draft, but for every pick each person suggests a trade option for that pick so we have a lot of guesses as to what possible trades might happen. You never know when a trade will occur and it could happen with anybody, so I’d like to see every team given a trade-up and a trade-down option. That way if only one trade happened in the first round, we can go back and see what each person was thinking for moving either way. Just trying to think of something different in predicting who will be a buyer vs a seller and which speaker comes closest to sniffing out the trade in advance.

    Also I would like to see every GM in the team thoroughly evaluated and then given a grade of Needs to Be Fired, Can Stay I Suppose, or Give Him a Raise. I’d like to see how multiple people would evaluate the Decision Makers of these teams so I can compare that with my own assessment and evaluating GMs is the most interesting thing to me since it’s a broader and more complex thing beyond just evaluating draft prospects.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Why is it that Brandin Cooks isn’t seeing more love after blowing up the combine? He looks like a more polished, yet just as explosive Percy Harvin/Tavon Austin. Maybe a better comparison would be Antonio Brown, one of the best WR in the game right now. Honestly, I think he merits consideration at 10, last year he would have been a lock and likely first receiver chosen.

    • The Strategy Expert says:

      Because he’s 5’10″, and that scares the heck out of people. Stafford would never be able to hit him.

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