Scouting Notebook: Nebraska vs. Wyoming

September 2nd, 2013

Brett Smith is nothing if not entertaining (photo from wyomingnews)


QB #16 Brett Smith (Jr.)
-operates exclusively out of pistol-length shotgun
-lowers his throwing platform and delivers a short sidearm strike to hit a crossing wideout
-went through his progressions after the pump fake failed to create anything, threw the ball safely away after his third read
-catches a high snap and keeps active feet in a clean pocket, but he stares down his receiver and delivers a ball a count late into a small window over the middle that gets his wideout blasted as he’s sandwiched between defenders. That drop is on Smith even though the ball placement was on the money.
-shows active feet in pocket, up on his toes as he goes through progression. Nothing is there and the rush forces him to his left. Resets his feet on the run and delivers a strike to Herron on a nice comeback as two defenders were closing in for the sack.
-made the pre-snap read that the middle was open, took the snap and immediately darted up the gut for a nice gain. Stumbled and tackled himself in the open field. Play wiped out by penalty.
-on 1st & goal he loses control of the ball as he tried to tuck and run. Recovers his own fumble. Apparent miscommunication with WR #21 forced the tuck, and Smith chewed him out as they set up for the next play.
-niftily ducks out of crowded pocket and throws a sidearm bullet to #1 for the touchdown. Squared his shoulders nicely and stayed balanced while throwing on the run
-scrambles out to his left and lofts a ball up for grabs into double coverage that is easily picked off. Abhorrent decision and he pays the price.
-on designed keeper, bursts through the right A gap and accelerates away from the defense for a long run
-throws off his back foot and across his body but hits the wide open target 12 yards down the field
-another back foot throw delivered a half-count late gets broken up on a 3rd down
-steps into his throw and puts good mustard on a deep throw across the middle to Herron
-falls away from his through on follow through and misses his target on a short slant in tight coverage
-can’t flag down the high snap but keeps his composure and throws a catchable ball to a surprised back that gets dropped
-doesn’t step forward far enough from the edge pressure and gets sacked. Bailed out by penalty on Gregory on sack for hitting Smith in the neck
-excellent touch on sideline wheel route
-overshoots a wide open receiver in the end zone as he delivers the ball awkwardly from his hip and across his body
-hits Rufran in stride vs. tight man coverage
-nice job of resetting his feet and delivering a pinpoint strike to the sideline
-very quick release rolling to his left, hits Herron on the sideline. Throw was high but where it needed to be to avoid coverage
-perfect strike to Herron along the sideline for the 37-yard TD, delivered from ideal platform and mechanics
-throws open his receiver with a perfectly placed ball away from the good man coverage
-remained poised and in tight command as the team pressed for a comeback from way behind

WR #6 Robert Herron
-note that it’s pronounced “Herr-Ron” and not like former Buckeye RB Boom “Her-un”
-beautiful job coming back to help a scrambling Smith, extends arms out and seizes the ball from the air to make a jumping catch for a first down
-excellent edge seal block on a run that stayed inside
-gets away with a block in the back
-shows excellent concentration as he snares a pass with his hands between two converging defenders. Maintains his balance and fights for a few extra yards

LG #51 Tyler Strong
-stones an uncreative rush from Ankrah, who tries again to just blast through him and Strong once again stands him straight up
-down blocks effectively on nose, maintains strong leverage and contact as defender tries to spin free
-lunges out over his toes and falls off a block
-false start reaction to a DL flinch
-chips on the nose effectively and quickly peels off to engage and seal off the LB that allows Miller to score the 2nd Wyoming TD
-pancake block on short Wick run
-flashes quick feet as he shuffles to his right to help pick up a late rusher. Looked smooth in space here
-arches his back and straightens his legs vs. bull rush
-rightfully flagged for a hold on final drive

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