Scouting Notebook: Nebraska vs. Wyoming

September 2nd, 2013

The Cowboys put a real scare into the Lincoln faithful (logo from

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

Both teams opened their 2013 season in Lincoln. The host Cornhuskers held off a game challenge from the Cowboys of the Mountain West, prevailing 37-34. It was 93 degrees and humid at kickoff in front of a sellout crowd of over 91,000.


RB #8 Ameer Abdullah (Jr.)
-quickly attacks the hole on the Huskers’ first offensive play, good leg churn to pick up seven while taking the handoff near his own goal line
-nowhere to go on a read option where Martinez made a poor decision to give him the ball. Dances around and loses three yards instead of darting forward and cutting his losses.
-plows into the back of his LG, kept legs churning but head was down and he missed seeing a cutback lane inside
-takes the off tackle run and hits top gear as he bursts around the left edge. Very upright as he sprints down the sideline, gets caught by the pursuing safety after a 62-yard run
-finds the cutback lane and makes a quick bounce step, turns it upfield and finishes his run falling forward
-explodes into the hole and makes a quick jab step move to get outside and pick up extra yards

WR #80 Kenny Bell (Jr.)
-first guy down the field in punt coverage, forced a fair catch on a booming punt
-shows good vision and acceleration after fielding the kickoff at the one and almost out of bounds, hits the hole at full stride, breaks an arm tackle and gets out to the 38.
-flows with his quarterback across the formation on a broken play and worked himself open nicely
-misses on a block on 3rd & short that gets Abdullah hammered off the edge for a loss
-throws a strong stiff arm to pick up extra yards on a short catch, gets facemasked for an extra 15 yards. Powerful YAC on this one.
-aggressively fires out and blocks his man with inside leverage to keep the crease
-exceptional open field tackle on punt coverage, stays low and squared up the runner as he juked, dropped him with his head up and shoulder to the thigh
-bulls his way for a couple of hard yards after quick out

WR #10 Jamal Turner (Jr.)
-strong hands on quick screen, falls forward nicely as he’s tripped up
-gets great depth on crossing route, attacks the ball and rips it in for a first down. Extended out to catch the ball while at full stride, didn’t downshift to make the catch.
-good shoulder fake sells the corner route and he gets both feet down while making the catch deep in the end zone. Flipped his hips very quickly. Nice tracking of the high ball in the corner.
-ran away from a scrambling Martinez, unaware of the play going on around him

LT #76 Brent Qvale
-came in on 3rd series as the left tackle
-showed excellent knee bend as he swallows a bull rush
-falls off a seal block and falls to the ground
-fires out to second level and nails the WLB in space
-picture perfect kick step as he walls off a wide rush, perfectly squared his shoulders and hips and erased the pass rusher
-seizes the leverage battle quickly and drives his man out of the way on the long Abdullah run
-loses his footing and falls into the hole on the first Cross TD, but Cross had already burst through the pile

LT #71 Jeremiah Sirles
-very quick and balanced out of his stance on a run; already pulled inside and out to the second level before the DE has taken two steps
-pushes DE from 7-technique wide around the outside with a quick kick step and good arm extension
-moved to RT when Qvale came in at LT
-powerful leg drive on clear out block but couldn’t stay engaged as the run broke to his outside shoulder
-feet look slow as he tries to engage in space as Martinez scrambles to his side
-poor arm extension allows defender to control the movement on edge run
-back at LT in 3Q, nice seal block with good leg drive, turns the shoulders and opens a wide hole for Abdullah
-shows good patience as he waits for the rusher to declare his path, then reacts quickly with a slide step to wall it off
-gets too high initially but sinks his hips and drives with his legs to move the defender backwards

RG #61 Spencer Long
-hands too high on a run block, doesn’t generate movement
-gets low and pushes the pile forward on tight interior run by Cross
-rocked initially by club to the shoulder but keeps his balance and engages in strong anchor position
-falls off a block and winds up on his butt when pushed from the side by DE he never saw
-standing around in space as Martinez scrambles
-gets rocked back on strong bull drive, unable to anchor
-pulls across the formation and runs into his own man, looked lumbering while moving
-dives at feet in space to create a cutback lane. Good effort produces great result.

DE #9 Jason Ankrah
-typically lined up at end on wide side of field
-popped straight up out of stance
-nicely sidestepped the initial block, held contain on edge and crashed inside to help on the tackle
-playing 5-technique RDE, runs straight into the line and gets stood up, shows no creativity or lateral footwork on the pass rush
-at LDE in 4-man front, shows no ability to use his hands to shed, gets stood straight up on initial contact on the 1st Wyoming TD
-strings out a play where Smith rolls to the left, nicely mirrored and stayed under control to force a no gain
-avoids the initial block and locates the ball quickly to make tackle for no gain

CB #17 Ciante Evans
-mis-times a blitz from the slot and flagged for the offsides penalty
-sticks nicely with his man on crossing route
-cannot shed a block that allows Smith to scamper for extra yards around the corner
-shows good depth and awareness in short zone
-runs with receiver on cross and undercuts to eliminate passing angle
-excellent shoe-top catch to make the INT on throw from WR Norman, not fooled by deception on lateral and throw

CB #16 Stanley Jean-Baptiste
-solid position to make an open field tackle but just lowered his shoulder and got bulled backwards
-couldn’t get off a block as wideout turned up the field
-in position to make a tackle just after the catch but needs help to get WR to the ground
-picks off a jump ball pass from Smith near his own goal line, makes a quick transition to runner and shows some elusiveness on a quick return up the sideline
-sheds the outside leverage block on a quick screen and closes quickly and balanced to make a nice open field TFL on last play of 1Q
-flashes quick closing speed and excellent zone recognition, breaks up a pass


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