Brandon McGee Scouting Report

April 1st, 2013

McGee had his moments at Miami and could blossom at the next level

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Brandon McGee, CB, Miami FL
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 193 lbs.
Grade: (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report

+excellent short area quickness and lateral agility
+low, controlled backpedal with quick feet and fluid hips to break
+/-has decent speed but doesn’t play to his 4.39 40 time; plays quicker than fast though he doesn’t lack speed
-doesn’t change from backwards to forwards as smoothly as expected
-lacks base strength, does not have much upper body strength either

Man Coverage:
+clearly at his best adn most confident playing press bail technique with inside help
+very quick to get deep in backpedal and turn out of it to run deep
-not a forceful jammer, often just throws out a paw and turns to run
+/-inconsistent route anticipation; sometimes he sees it, sometimes he doesn’t
-needs to be more active with his hands
-athleticism doesn’t translate as well as anticipated with ball in the air

Zone Coverage:
+decent positional awareness; better when isolated w/ one receiver on his side
+flows well with play when QB scrambles or initial routes break down
+clicks and closes with confidence and control
-doesn’t always coordinate well with secondary mates; not all his fault, team really struggled as a whole with this concept
-has a tendency to stare into the backfield and lose track of surroundings, esp. w/ a mobile QB

Run Support:
-not an aggressor vs. the run, lets the runner come to him
-really struggles to hold position vs. blockers, routinely gets pushed around
-feet are slower in run support, doesn’t move feet well to square himself
+has some ability to wrap and drop in the open field
+goes after the ball with conviction, tries for the strip aggressively esp. when he is 2nd player into fray
-hits with little pop, doesn’t sink hips or drive shoulders; plays smaller than his size

+elected team captain as a senior
+missed one game in final three years
+was a very effective gunner on special teams, always first player down the field
+no character concerns or arrests
+came across as mature, grounded, and focused when I talked with him at Shrine Game week

Brandon McGee never quite lived up to the expectations at Miami after being highly recruited, but progressed his game enough to merit a Shrine Game berth. He fared quite well in St. Petersburg, which led me to look deeper into McGee.

What I saw was an inconsistent talent with legit upside but a real need for coaching help. McGee has very good quickness and speed, and he is big enough in stature to handle playing at the next level. The problem is that he doesn’t play “big”. He is not soft, but rather lacks functional strength and exacerbates that issue by sometimes using poor fundamental technique. The effort and desire are there, and he is a player who could wind up being a better pro than collegian. McGee merits consideration in the 5th or 6th round and can immediately contribute on special teams. If the coaching clicks and he improves his on-field strength, he could emerge as a competent starter for a predominantly man-coverage scheme defense. —Jeff Risdon

Game Notes:

Miami vs. Florida State
-slams shoulder into receiver who tries to jump over him, teammate Perriman finishes hit and forces fumble
-gets pushed backwards and outside by WR Benjamin, runner cuts inside for nice gain
-sucks too far inside in short zone, RB makes catch outside
-shows very quick feet to mirror receiver off line while lined up in press/bail coverage
-flies down the field in punt coverage and gets hand on the ball as return man bobbles it, fumble goes out of bounds
-steps deep in bucket to burst forward out of backpedal
-walled off by #80 as he breaks too far inside in run support, Wilder scoots outside for TD run
-takes excellent angle and times blitz perfectly, strip sack on Manuel who never saw or felt him
-excellent hustle to sprint across the field and track down Pryor on opposite sideline

Miami vs. NC State
-avoids the pick on crossing route and sticks with receiver in trail coverage
-flat footed for a full count before reacting to the action
-uses his hips and shoulders effectively in inside technique to run down the field w/ receiver
-gives up too much room and clean throwing lane in red zone to WR on straight slant, Glennon hits uncovered RB on flare for TD
-fights off block, stands up receiver w/ ball near goal line and extricates the ball for a red zone turnover
-patient on outside/in head and shoulder fake, sticks w/ receiver out of break
-quickly breaks on poorly thrown Glennon pass to end zone, breaks it up and nearly makes a one-handed INT
-cannot keep up with motioned WR across the formation, easy TD pass outside on drag
-gets bulldogged out of bounds by TE on screen pass to his side
-even though he bails early, WR #2 gets two steps on him on fly route and catches long pass

Shrine Game Week (seen in person)
-Brandon McGee from Miami showed fluid hips in position drills but was coached up for running stiffly after a rep where UNC WR Erik Highsmith veered inside to get open

-Miami CB Brandon McGee proved a quick study. He got beaten inside on a rep for a completion, but on the next rep he correctly positioned himself and showed fluidity to shut it down. McGee also made an athletic deflection on an underthrown ball, reaching back behind him to swat it down

-One area where (Florida State WR Rodney) Smith stood out was blocking the edge. He flattened Brandon McGee, catching him flat footed and jacking him backwards with a real jolt

-(highlights from 11s) Brandon McGee anticipated a double move nicely and forced (Collin) Klein to look elsewhere by sticking on Erik Highsmith, who has only one speed

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