Tyler Wilson Scouting Report

March 4th, 2013

Wilson leaves a lot of evaluators scratching their heads

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Prospect: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 215 pounds
Grade: 7.3 (Grading Scale)

+ Height is alright, but not great at just 6’2
+ A bit light at 215 pounds, but some time in an NFL weight room will improve durability.
- Didn’t run particularly fast, nor does he appear particularly fast on tape. He’s a smart scrambler, not a speed scrambler.
- Needs to protect the ball while scrambling, loose with it as a runner.

Pocket Presence:
+ Capable of stepping up, and sliding laterally to avoid pressure.
+ Extremely advanced instincts to know where to move without taking his eyes away from downfield.
+ Olineman will love playing with him.
+ Will make a few plays by breaking the pocket.
+ Has either the best or second best pocket presence behind Barkley

Arm Talent:
+ Arm is strong enough to play pro ball. It’s not a cannon, but it doesn’t need to be.
- Occasionally devolves into a ¾ delivery, leads to some balls getting tipped at the line.
- Occasionally drops the ball below his waist slowing his release and possibly leading to fumbles.
- Inconsistent throwing off platform due to a lack of pure shoulder strength.
+ Displays good accuracy, everything he throws is catchable (by somebody)
+ Can show elite ball placement, even while moving. Arkansas receivers had a lot of YAC yards.
+ Can make NFL throws. There’s a difference between open in college and open in the pros, and Wilson can (occasionally) fit throws in that only elite NFL QBs can make.
- Struggles with the deep ball

Command of Offense:
+ Visibly goes through the reads of a pro-style offense on time.
+ Does good work with his eyes, ball fakes, and even his legs, to move defenders.
- Had a few instances of tunnel vision, staring down Cobi Hamilton, but with the other talent on the field that’s somewhat understandable.
+ Capable of reading a defense and knowing where he wants to go with the football
- Makes some of the dumbest decisions I have ever seen out of a QB prospect. Quite possibly could have had 10 picks in 3 games just by being stupid with the football.

There are times Tyler Wilson looks like Aaron Rodgers and there are times Tyler Wilson looks like Tony Romo in a big game. His potential is through the roof, higher than Geno Smith’s, higher than Andrew Luck’s even. He can make every throw in an NFL offense, and he can complete throws that good QBs in the league wouldn’t even attempt. There are a few kinks in his throwing motion that need to be worked out, but even with the flaws, Wilson’s got an NFL arm. Getting the motion fixed up will improve his release time and prevent so many balls from getting tipped at the line.

The concern about Wilson is the decision making, because there are times when he looks moronic. At least once a game, Wilson will throw a pass, that’s so ill-advised, Bill Walsh starts spinning in his grave. He’s not surrounded by playmakers on offense, in fact his receivers visibly struggled to gain separation, and that contributed to some of Wilson’s bad decisions, but he needs to be way more responsible with the football if he’s going to be a decent NFL QB.

Overall, Wilson has the potential to be a great NFL QB. When he’s on his game, I like him more than any QB to come out in recent seasons, when he’s off his game he looks undraftable. With none of the QBs in this draft looking like stars, I would have Wilson as my #1 QB. If he gets his head on straight, he’s a guy that will end up in the Brady/Manning/Rodgers tier of QBs. The question is who will want to step and roll the dice. —Will Richards

Scouting Notes:


- Jumpy to start the game, first throw a bit behind his target.
+ Good job reading the blitz and taking advantage of the empty zone.
+ Nice velocity to drive the ball from the hash mark to the opposite numbers, hit his target in the chest.
+ Good athleticism to scramble for a first down.
+ Nice throw moving to his right, pure arm throw that was on target.
- Awful decision made to roll to his right and throw deep without setting his feet. Deserved to have it picked.
+/- Very aware of his checkdown options. Seems almost too aware.
+ Good job moving around in the pocket to find an opportunity to throw.
- Got gun-shy after the pick and way overthrew a receiver deep.
+ Beautiful throw into a tight window for a first down on a crossing route.
+ Nice job sidestepping a free rusher.
+ Very good accuracy and adequate velocity on a shallow out route.
+ Outstanding pocket presence to step up, then slide sideways, then take off running, all while keeping his eyes downfield.
- Got sidearm with his delivery and the ball got tipped at the line.
- Keeps dropping the ball below his waist. Cut the excess motion out and that delivery will be lightning.
+/- Good job stepping up in the pocket, needs to reset his feet so he can throw with accuracy
+ Still got the ball away as Mingo crushed him as a free rusher
- Threw an easily completable ball into the turf for no reason.
- Ball placement is becoming erratic
+ Outstanding play to move in the pocket and deliver a throw without setting his feet.
+ Smart play to recognize the coverage then a good enough throw to exploit it deep down the sideline.
+ Putting nice velocity on throws across the field.
- Let the ball drift high on a skinny post. Recipe for an INT or a dead receiver.
+ Making NFL throws into tiny windows, his receivers just aren’t hanging on to the ball.
+ Hit an 8 yard out route on the hands from across the field. Really good throw.
- Overthrew the seam route again, and the DB almost picked this one.
- Ball got tipped at the line again.

+ Excellent job with his eyes and pumpfake, moving the Safety to complete a throw for a big gain.

Vs. Ole Miss
+ Beautiful throw on a deep crosser for a first down.
- Underthrew a corner route that would likely have been a TD.
- Got happy feet on third down and underthrew the ball.
+ Hit another nice throw into a tight window to convert a 4th and long.
- Underthrew an easy TD because he failed to set his feet while rolling.
+ Got his feet set and completed the same pass he messed up the TD on.
- Threw sidearm and got tipped at the line.
- Threw behind the receiver while rolling away from his target.
+ Dropped a picturesque seam throw in for a TD while getting crushed.
- Bad decision that should have been a pick-6.
- Another bad decision that was almost tipped.
+ Nice checkdown for a completion on 3rd and long.
- Starred down a receiver and almost threw a pick because of it.
- Starred down a receiver and threw it directly to the FS over the middle. Disgustingly awful play.
- Underthrew a deep bomb down the sideline that was almost intercepted.
- Secondary is getting their hand on seemingly every throw.
- Threw the ball right to a hooking LB for an easy pick
+ Brilliant pocket presence to avoid a sack and throw a catchable ball.
+ Nice play to draw the off-sides with a hard count and then hit the TE up the seam for a TD.

+ Brilliant throw rolling to his right and fitting the ball in a tiny window.

Vs. South Carolina
+ Nice throw on a crosser.
- Clowney has him running around, forcing him to check down.
+Showed nice velocity driving the ball from the hash to the opposite sideline.
+ Outstanding touch pass to drop a ball between the LBs and the Safety.
+ Nice throw for a TD while getting hit by Clowney.
+ Good back-shoulder throw for a nice gain.
- Threw a ball blind into the endzone. A more aware linebacker picks that off.
- Ball gets tipped at the line.
+ Read the blitz and hit the receiver running through the open zone.
+ Good job moving about the pocket and escaping pressure.
- Misread the defense and got his throw jumped for a pick-6.
+ Great throw rolling to the right and delivering a strike for a first down.
+ Scrambled for a first down.
- Horrible decision throwing into double coverage deep leading to an interception.
+ Good job scrambling around and buying time to complete a garbage time touchdown

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