Trevardo Williams Scouting Report

March 18th, 2013

Williams is an under-appreciated pass rusher in this draft…ask Mike Glennon and Teddy Bridgewater!

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Trevardo Williams, OLB, Connecticut
Height: 6’ 1 1/4”
Weight: 241 lb
Grade: 6.82 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Put athleticism on display at the combine with 4.57 40 yard dash, 38” vertical, broad jump over 10’
+Closes quickly in pursuit, impressive long speed with a second gear
+Explosive first step off the ball in both two and three point stances
-Doesn’t have the flexible hips you look for in an edge rusher who likes to turn the corner, struggles with balance occasionally as well
+Quick feet to beat blockers laterally after engaging them
+Impressive strength from both upper and lower body, chiseled build
-Lacks the height and length preferred in pass rushers, frame may be maxed out as well

+Natural feel for timing up snap counts, often off the ball before offensive tackles were
+Significant ball awareness and play recognition, quick to pick up moving parts around him even while engaged
-Not always an extra effort run defender, got the ball at a relatively low rate, may be due to scheme partly
+Relentless pass rusher with a nose for the football

Pass Rush:
+Speed rush specialist who wants to win around the edge with a quick first step and speed to finish
+Finishes corner rushes by batting hands of blockers away with active hands of his own
+Will set up his speed rushes with a step to the inside before darting outside, is a pass rusher with a plan
+Rushes with disciplined arcs, keeps leverage on quarterbacks and doesn’t take himself out of plays
+Strong initial punch to jolt blockers but can’t drive back pass blockers onto their heels
-Unable to convert speed to power without space to work with due to size limitations
-Lacks hand strength to control a blocker when initial speed rush fails, lacks combination moves
+Deadly coming from outside to inside on stunts, handful for interior lineman with his speed and lateral quickness, keeps pads low throughout

Run Support:
+Consistently stands up offensive tackles at the point of attack with low pads and leg drive
-Stacking at the line seems to be his only objective, often uninterested in shedding to pursue unless the ball comes through his gaps
+Sets the edge very well when asked, a much more engaged run defender on the edge, plays to his skillset
-Raw tackling technique when he arrives at the ball, fails to wrap often and tries to take down ball carriers on power alone
-Very little experience coming forward from a position of space as a run defender or reading keys and diagnosing plays from the second level

-No notable experience in pass coverage, was used exclusively as a pass rusher with Connecticut
-Footwork, reading quarterbacks, route concepts, and coverage schemes all part of a massive transition ahead if asked to cover at all

Trevardo Williams may have been the most explosive pass rusher that nobody seems to be talking about. He put up an impressive showing at the combine, aided by the fact he was grouped in with the defensive linemen. Williams was an incredibly productive pass rusher throughout his time at Connecticut, recording 30.5 sacks in his 30 career starts. He also filled up the statsheet with 40.5 career tackles for loss and 5 forced fumbles. He combines speed and an explosive first step and penchant for timing snap counts to terrorize quarterbacks in the backfield. Williams completely took over multiple games, recording 2.5 sacks against North Carolina State and 3 against Louisville. He’s still an incomplete pass rusher due to a lack of move variety and power. He will really benefit from a move to a wider alignment in a 4-3 or to the outside in a 3-4 defense. If he gets drafted into a 3-4, you can expect him to play on the strong side and not be given coverage duties any time soon. Williams may just be one of the most slept-on prospects in the draft this year. His production and athletic ability are going to be hard to overlook and are truly deserving of a pick at the end of the second round or early in the third.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Connecticut vs. South Florida
• Redirects outside mid-bullrush when B.J. Daniels begins to leave the pocket, forces him to get it out quickly
• Quickly plays off a cut block but momentarily quits on the play when Daniels starts to pump fake
• Forces an early pitch from Daniels as the unblocked defender on a speed option, QB is his responsibility on the play
• Showing good resilience as a pass rusher, never lets himself get locked up, creates space
• Slowplays the run after the back bounces outside, sheds quickly and sets the edge, forcing the ball carrier to cut back inside for a limited gain
• Blows by the right tackle with a quick first step, swats away his hands as he bends around the corner, takes down Daniels with a powerful sack
• Redirects back upfield quickly after he reads the QB draw, but loses his balance and whiffs trying to make the tackle
• Beats the tackle with an inside move but allows Daniels to escape the pocket in the process
• Wins to the inside on a stunt with a strong rip move, chases Daniels from the pocket before he gets sacked
• Getting no push on bullrush attempts despite low pad level, unable to convert speed to power
• Production falls off in the fourth quarter, not getting off the snap as quickly or around the corner as a rusher

Connecticut vs. North Carolina State
• Blows back a tight end off the snap with a strong initial punch and swallows up the running back in the backfield
• Crashes inside decisively as the unblocked defender on a read option look, good understanding for the ability of Mike Glennon as a runner
• Loses gap discipline on an inside stunt and ends up shoulder to shoulder with the tackle stunting to the outside, leaves a big lane for Glennon to escape which he does
• Times up the snap perfectly from a two point stance on the edge and wins around the corner with pure speed, forces an erratic throw from Glennon
• Wins to the inside with a rip move to free himself from the left tackle, forces Glennon to check it down
• Frees himself around the corner by clubbing away the hands of the left tackle, chases down the scrambling Glennon for the sack
• Forces Glennon to step up into pressure with an easy speed rush around the corner
• Left tackle is left flat footed after the snap and Williams takes advantage, gets around the corner and plants Glennon from behind at the back of his drop
• Works a successful up and under move after the right tackle overextends, gets in on a sack while Glennon tries to stay up

Connecticut vs. Louisville
• Redirects back inside after an unsuccessful speed rush when Teddy Bridgewater escapes the pocket, makes the tackle a few yards downfield
• Squeezes through two blockers on an inside stunt and reaches out to grab Bridgewater around the legs for the sack while falling
• Sets up a speed rush perfectly by rushing directly at the chest of the blocker before stepping to the corner right before contact, dips the edge and sacks Bridgewater
• Wraps up Bridgewater with a relentless rush around the corner when he holds the ball too long, Bridgewater escapes his grasp before being sacked by Sio Moore
• Struggling to counter offensive tackles who cut off his speed rush, lacks size to overpower in a phone booth
• Allows himself to get locked up by the left tackle on multiple occasions and gets stoned at the point of attack
• Sets an edge after playing off a kick out block on a Bridgewater naked bootleg, sacks him when he’s indecisive
• Hips get a bit stiff trying to flatten out around the corner and loses his balance

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