Terron Armstead Scouting Report

March 25th, 2013

Armstead blew up the Combine after impressive turns during Shrine Game and Senior Bowl weeks

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Height: 6’4 ¾ “
Weight: 306 lbs
Grade: 7.01 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Incredible athlete in almost every way possible, put in one of, if not the most impressive combine performance ever for an offensive lineman
+Gets to the second level in a flash with a combination of long speed and an explosive first step
+Nimble and frequent feet, redirects very quickly and impresses working laterally
+Tall with sufficient arm length, very defined body type
-Bulk and strength needs to be developed in the lower half, would aid functional strength and anchor ability

+Shows good scheme understanding by setting up his blocks well with a precise first step
+Instinctive feel for leveraging defenders from the ball and maintaining gap discipline
+High effort player who is always looking for someone to block and does so until the whistle
-Drops his eyes while engaged and is prone to getting beat by stunts, indecisive against heavy blitz packages occasionally as well

Pass Blocking:
+Extremely swift kickslide with nimble feet, can get depth in hurry
-Struggles to anchor against power rushers who are often able to get underneath his pads and drive him backwards
+Extends arms and keeps pass rushers off his body with consistency, negates spin moves with ease
+Quick feet moving laterally to mirror finesse moves
+Uses length to wedge pass rushers off their arcs if they are able to gain a step around the corner
-Overextends to block initial targets against stunts and takes himself out of position for the incoming rusher

Run Blocking:
+Consistently gets to the correct shoulder of defenders as a run blocker and walls them off from the ball
+Can seal the corner quickly on sweeps and tosses and does great work moving laterally in outside zone plays
-Not a dominant power run blocker, pad level is relatively high
+High impact blocker at the second level with sideline to sideline range and well downfield
+Uses speed and burst to get to downfield targets in a flash before breaking down and driving legs through contact, maximizes contact against quick-footed defenders very well
+Nasty disposition when it comes to finishing blocks, productive pancake blocker who will drive defenders into the turf when possible
+Used effectively pulling around the corner or leading up holes, keeps his head on a swivel and identifies defenders quickly

-Struggles to sink hips and sit low in pass protection, pad level can get high as a result
+Sustains blocks well consistently with length to keep his hands on defenders and non-stop churning of his legs
+Consistent with his hand placement, more than makes up for relatively light hands that lack a strong punch

Terron Armstead drew all the headlines at the NFL Scouting Combine and for good reason. He set a new record for the fastest 40 yard dash by an offensive lineman with an official time of 4.71 seconds. He also put in solid numbers in agility drills and totaled 31 reps on the bench press. Armstead really should have been getting attention long before his masterful performance at the combine. Though he played against weaker competition in the FCS, he did the only thing he could do by dominating play-in and play-out. That natural athleticism and strength really shows on tape and should not have been a huge surprise. It’s impossible to argue that Armstead’s potential isn’t through the roof, which will really his value on draft day. He will have a transition to make to the NFL that’s bigger than other offensive tackle prospects. He won’t be able to dominate on natural ability any longer and will need to develop his technique more. Confidence will be key for him as well, with a belief that he belongs with the class of players in the league. Armstead is a great fit for a zone blocking scheme or a spread heavy team that can utilize his ability in space. He’s a high ceiling player, but he’s not as raw as most think and should be a lock for the second round.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Jackson State
• Gets a hand into the chest of a pass rusher and plants him into the turf with ease
• Quick to the speed rush of a blitzing linebacker and doesn’t bat an eye at the spin move, keeping the rusher off his body by extending his arms
• Gets his hips into the hole on an inside give and drives his legs to pancake the end
• Quits on a play while picking up an outside stunt after suffering a shoulder injury mid-play, reenters the game soon after
• Drives a defensive end off the ball by getting his hands into the defenders chest and churning his legs
• Plants a pass rusher into the ground as he starts to lose his balance
• Unaffected by multiple spin move attempts in the same pass rush, keeps his hands active and feet moving to mirror
• A bit slow to pick up a stunting rusher, gets enough of him to send him into the turf somehow but he was beaten, throws an extra effort block into a pursuing rusher as his QB takes off
• Swims the end to get to the perimeter on a quick screen, shows off impressive speed and gets a cornerback pinned to the outside
• Gets his hands into the chest of a pass rusher but stops his feet momentarily and is slow to a spin move as a result
• Is lined up as an eligible tackle and catches a throwback screen, even giving a stiff arm to a defender after running for good yardage
• Walling off pass rushers consistently in the second level by batting away the hands of rushers, extending arms effectively
• Effective combo block, gets the inside target sealed off and redirects quickly to the second level and walls off a safety

Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Alabama State
• Flies into the open field on a slip screen, breaks down effectively in space and locks up a safety at the second level
• Works up to the second level when no immediate threat presents itself on a draw play and pancakes a safety in the open field
• Pulls from left to right and leads up the hole on a power, kicks out a linebacker effectively, though his running back free-lanced around the corner
• Peels back from the backside on a quick screen to the opposite field and throws a strong block on defensive tackle
• Beats the rest of his line off the ball by a step on the goal line and crashes down on a combo block, clearing a big hole off tackle
• Pancakes a linebacker on a down block in a goal line situation, churns his legs through contact
• Gets too engaged with the defensive end stunting to the inside and loses his balance, makes him slow to redirect to the outside stunt even though he spots his quickly, can’t get to it
• Pulls from left to right and leads up the hole in front of the back, linebacker goes low on him instead of trying to get to the ball
• Setting up defenders by giving his outside shoulder on multiple draw players, let’s them get upfield before walling them off
• Slow to anticipate a stunt when the end crashes inside, drives him inside and turns his shoulders, takes himself out of position to react to the incoming rusher
• Throws a shoulder into a pinching defensive end while pulling on a kickout block, sends him straight into the ground

Senior Bowl Game
• Whiffs on an easy fan out block from the backside of a sprint out pass, may have been confused by the play call
• Gets pushed back onto his heels trying to anchor against Datone Jones, ball comes out while Armstead is gradually getting pushed back
• Allowing Jones to get underneath his pads too easily in pass protection
• Keeps separation with arms extending against Margus Hunt, deals with his spin move with ease
• Quick to redirect back inside and mirror Hunt after he spins to the inside using the momentum of a chip block, Armstead showing off quick feet moving laterally
• Shuffles up the field on misdirection, reroute Khaseem Greene but could have totally walled him off
• Expects more help than he gets from the running back against a Sio Moore speed rush, Moore splits the two to make the sack

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