Reid Fragel Scouting Report

March 19th, 2013

Fragel switched from tight end late in his Buckeyes career.

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio State
Height: 6’7⅝”
Weight: 308 lb.
Grade: 6.57 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Converted tight end, shows in his movement and athletic ability
+Impressive lateral mover whether shuffling to mirror or moving down the line on zone concepts
+Gets to downfield blocking targets quickly with an explosive first step and open field speed
+Tall and super lean build with adequate length for the position
-Still filling out his frame, packed on 20 pounds between junior and senior seasons, still small in thighs and glutes
+Much stronger in the upper and lower body than his body indicates

+Has an attitude and tenacity about him, likes to scrap a bit after the play
+Is a to-the-whistle blocker with a high energy level, out there to prove himself on every snap
-Only a single season of starting experience on the offensive line, playing only right tackle
-Still learning to communicate up front and misses assignments in blitz pick-up with undisciplined eyes
-Picking up the intricacies of the offensive tackle position relatively quickly, was always a blocking specialist as a tight end

Pass Blocking:
+Plays on his toes as a pass blocker predominantly, meets rushers early with an attacking style
+Rangy against speed rushers running the circle, covers ground quickly in his kick slide
-Inconsistent foot frequency as a pass blocker, will stop them occasionally and get caught flat-footed
+Keeps his frame free from contact by meeting rushers first his hands and extending out away from his body
+/-Adequate ability to anchor by quickly resetting his feet, will improve with technical development and adding bulk to his lower half
-Struggles picking up stunting rushers and linebackers in intricate blitz packages, part of the learning process

Run Blocking:
+Continuously churning his legs as a run blocker, can generate push as a result, never settles for just walling off a defender
+Sustains blocks well with high effort level and strong hands, difficult for defenders to shed completely
+Finishes runs blocks with aplomb when he shoots low into contact and gets to the chest of run defenders, very high number of pancake blocks to his name
+Strong feel for combo blocking with ability to redirect quickly from one target to the next
-Occasionally loses balance while engaged due to high pad level and an exposed chest to the hands of defenders as a run blocker
-Has an alarming number of plays where he takes a poor angle to second level linebackers and gets no piece of his targets as a result
-Loses gap leverage often by not getting play-side of defenders, aiming to simply block them head on and move them back

-Hand placement incredibly inconsistent to put it kindly, unable to lock up or control defenders as a result
-Lets his hands get too wide often and is prone to holding calls as a result
-Pad level is a mixed bag like the rest of his game, lowers them more successfully in the running game
-Lacks knee bend and flexibility to sink his hips which limits ability to drop his pads, more of a waist-bender

Reid Fragel truly came out of nowhere, not only as a big-time contributor for the Ohio State Buckeyes, but also as an NFL prospect. After toiling away at the tight end position for three seasons with little production in the passing game to show for it, he made the switch to offensive tackle and won the right tackle spot immediately. Fragel had his ups and downs in his lone season in the trenches and is obviously still learning on the fly. He has the kind of body type and athleticism that coaches will believe they can mold. With his impressive lateral quickness, he may be a perfect fit in a zone blocking scheme and has the potential to play either tackle spot down the road. Fragel is a developmental prospect who surely won’t be asked to contribute right away, and rightfully so. But with some time to polish up the skills he’s shown in only a single season plying his trade up front, the potential is quite high. When you pop in the tape of Reid Fragel, you see a guy who’s anxious to prove himself on every single snap until he hears the whistle. Coaches will love that in a guy who still needs development, because it means he’ll come to practice every day with a chip on his shoulder. Fragel is a solid day three target for teams looking to get deeper at offensive tackle.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Ohio State vs. Michigan
• Shows impressive speed getting to the second level, makes a block on a safety on an inside draw
• Has a miscommunication with the right guard, leaves the end he’s blocking for the guard as the guard leaves to pick up a blitzer, leads to a Braxton Miller sack
• Extending arms well early in pass protection to keep his frame clean, not giving any ground to pass rushers, impressive mirroring
• Steps down correctly to block inside rusher when Michigan brings six against five, forced to let the edge rusher free who sacks Braxton Milller when he doesn’t see it
• Pass rushers consistently keen to mirror the movements of Miller and keep him in the pocket, not trying to rush past tackles on the edge
• Gets rocked back on initial contact against a bullrush attempt but resets his feet quickly and anchors to hold strong
• Slow to redirect to the linebacker after a successful first push on a combo block
• Shows lateral quickness on an outside zone keep with Miller, works down the line and turns the end with the help of a tight end
• Unsuccesful attempt to cut the defensive end who gets around the corner and sacks Miller after playing off Fragel with his hands
• Lunges at a linebacker at the second level on a combo block and doesn’t make full contact, LB slides off and makes a tackle for no gain

Ohio State vs. Michigan State
• Recovers a fumble on a swing pass, right place right time
• Gets underneath the pads of the defensive end on an inside run and negates his attempt at a swim move
• Caught flat-footed and indecisive against a blitz package and lets a rusher right through his inside gap
• Drives William Gholston 5+ yards downfield on the backside of a Miller sweep
• Slow to react to an inside stunt & incoming blitzing linebacker, gets very minimal contact with the LB as he chases Miller from the pocket
• Absorbs the power rush of Gholston and pancakes him in pass protection after the guard chips his shoulder
• Stops his feet and loses his balance on a down block, tackle easily slides off the block
• Bit slow off the ball and gives Gholston the edge too easily on a sprint out from the backside, Miller freelances and Gholston almost sacks him
• Gets to the second level and walls off a linebacker despite not hitting him square initially
• Completely whiffs on the rushing linebacker as an edge rusher even after the tight end chips him before he goes out in his route
• Caught flat footed against a methodical swim move from Gholston who wins around the edge
• Drops pads and latches onto Gholston as a run blocker, drives him before pancaking him as he tries to disengage and make a tackle
• Illegally chop blocks an engaged defensive tackle, goes uncalled
• Shoots off the ball low into the chest of a defensive tackle on midirection and drives him into the ground as he tries to swim the block

Ohio State vs. Illinois
• Stones a linebacker downfield on two consecutive plays, quick to get downfield
• Drives Akeem Spence into the ground on a down block, strong to finish blocks
• Steps down and covers his inside gap when he anticipates a blitzing linebacker on a draw play
• Wedges Michael Buchanan off of his speed rush arc around the corner, shows good range
• Takes a poor angle to a linebacker on a speed sweep and can’t make the block, throws himself into the legs of a pursuing safety instead
• Mirrors a Buchanan speed rush all the way around the corner, shows off his lateral foot quickness
• Spots a blitzing cornerback quickly and picks him up, sustains the block while Braxton Miller improvises
• Gradually loses ground against a power rush, doesn’t sink his hips to counter
• Can’t get to the chest of the defensive tackle on a down block in pass protection and can’t reroute the rusher enough to prevent a sack
• Crosses the face of a defensive end and gradually works upfield to a linebacker on an inside run
• Leaves the game early in the fourth quarter with a minor injury

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