Jordan Mills Scouting Report

March 20th, 2013

Jordan Mills is NFL-ready as a right tackle (photo courtesy

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Jordan Mills, T, Louisiana Tech
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 316 lb.
Grade: 6.99 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

-Lacks sufficient foot quickness when forced to redirect, but makes up for it with anticipation
-Slow to get out of his stance as a pass blocker occasionally, doesn’t have an explosive first step
+Efficient enough mover in space to have an impact in screen game
+Strong upper body to control defenders and give powerful blows as well as a strong lower body to anchor
+Thick and developed frame throughout, pro-ready body

+Experienced at the position he translates best to with 29 career college starts at right tackle, as well as five starts at left guard
+Shows understanding of scheme and football IQ by consistently keeping gap leverage, never gives up his inside gap
+Displays vision to pick up blitzes and is decisive in doing so, works through what he sees and reacts quickly

Pass Blocking:
+Stout anchor against power rushers while absorbing contact with a strong lower half and wide base
-Average range against speed rushers around the corner, not a high-level foot mover when trying to get depth
+Can make up for kickslide deficiencies to a degree by getting his hands to rushers quickly and using his length
+Quick reactions to stunts and blitzes while keeping his feet moving consistently
+Strong hands to keep rushers off his body and negate spin moves

Run Blocking:
+Most effective when working laterally in zone blocking concepts, keeps defenders engaged and will take them where they want to go
-Doesn’t generate much movement up front in power run plays, not a drive blocker by any means
+Sustains blocks extremely well by always having his hands on the defender and doesn’t stop moving his feet
+Strong hands to lock up defenders, tough to disengage from once he gets his hands on the defender
-Frequently takes poor angles to second level targets, limits effectiveness in combo blocking and north/south running plays
+Hits downfield targets square and maximizes contact, not just a wall-off blocker

+Always setting up his blocks with a precise first step, aids ability to leverage defenders gap-wise
+Bends his knees properly and sinks his hips to keep his pads down and make the most of his natural strength
+Consistently gets his hands to the chest of defenders and can keep them off his body as result

Jordan Mills was a bookend right tackle on one of the country’s best passing games as a senior. He often put up long stretches of player where you would have never known he was out there, a plus for pass blockers. He did benefit to a degree from the offensive spread scheme that saw the ball come out of Colby Cameron’s hand quickly on a consistent basis. Mills also made an impact getting to the perimeter in the screen game and made some crucial downfield blocks. He’s a very polished offensive tackle prospects who may be ready to start on day one. He can anchor against the power rush and has pop in his hands to give blows back. Mills is far from special as an athlete and is not a fit for the left side, which holds his draft stock back slightly. In a zone blocking scheme, he may just be the perfect right tackle that a team like the Texans are looking for. As a player without a ton of positional versatility, Mills probably won’t come off the board incredibly early. He’s still a very developed offensive tackle prospect and if the skillset matches up for a team in the third round they should pull the trigger.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Louisiana Tech vs. Utah State
• Fights to the outside shoulder of the defensive end and gets him turned with strong hands to control on a quick screen to his side
• Terrific combo black, drives back the end at the line with the guard before getting into the chest of a second level linebacker
• Steps down and fans out when no outside rusher is present, picks up a stunting defensive tackle and reroutes him well
• Gets across the face of the defensive end to his inside gap to fill for the pulling guard, good first step
• Picks up a heavy blitz package with his right guard perfectly and decisively
• Gets caught lunging and is side-stepped by the defensive end, who forces a quick throw from Colby Cameron
• Pancakes a linebacker at the line with a strong initial punch to his chest
• Keeps separation with arms extended and gives the rusher no access to his body on an ineffective spin move
• Allowed no sacks and only one QB pressure in the game, offensive scheme plays a part, ball always gets out relatively quick

Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A&M
• Doesn’t get his hands into Damontre Moore in time who dips underneath him on a speed rush to get in on a sack
• Caves in Moore on an off tackle run to his side, creating a big hole
• Gets downfield to a linebacker but can’t seal him inside on an edge run
• Slow out of his stance and can’t make up the ground necessary to cut of Moore around the corner, who plants Cameron
• Helps to the inside before spotting a delayed blitz from a cornerback, redirects and makes the block effectively
• Cuts a defensive tackle well on a cut-off block from the backside
• Gets Moore turned and sustains the block well on the corner of an outside zone, ball carrier runs of his block to the sideline

Louisiana Tech vs. San Jose State
• Passes off the stunting defensive end and picks up the tackle to the outside while keeping his feet moving and his inside gap covered
• Not blazing in the open field but gets out into space well enough to pin a cornerback on a quick screen
• Consistently locking up pass rushers and anchoring well, not having to block for extended periods of time with the ball coming out quick
• Gets downfield quickly and crosses a linebacker’s face to pin him inside on a quick screen to the opposite side
• Takes a poor angle to get to an inside linebacker on a draw play and gets no piece of him
• Picks up a linebacker blitz from the edge after identifying the threat pre-snap
• Steps down correctly to pick up his inside threat when the defense brings six against an empty set

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