Jamie Collins Scouting Report

March 2nd, 2013

Collins changed numbers from 22 to 8, but he didn’t lose his amazing athleticism

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Miss
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 250
Grade: 7.13 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+well-developed physique with excellent core strength
+lots of explosive quick-twitch muscle
+led all LBs in vertical jump (41.5”!!) and broad jump at 139”, or eight inches longer than any other
+speed is on the high side of average (4.64 40) but has very good initial burst (1.56 10-yard split)
+gained 22 pounds between October and February and still put up those awesome workout numbers
-shows some tightness in his hips and shoulders

Pass Rush Ability:
+generated good power rush for playing DE at 228 pounds
+consistently explosive off the snap, beats tackle to the point of attack
+/-has demonstrated the ability to quickly flatten around the edge, though it is inconsistent
+keeps feet moving and uses his legs and core strength to leverage much bigger tackles on bull rush
-doesn’t use his hands to disengage quickly very often
+stays under control in pursuit in space, can adjust to QB movement and still make a play
+goes for the ball and strip sack, good at attacking the football itself
-doesn’t handle chip blocks from TE effectively, absorbs it and must restart. Also doesn’t anticipate it well all the time

Run Defense:
+thumping tackler with real pop to his hits
+keeps his head up and drives shoulder through the tackle with nicely sunken hips
+dodges blocks and sifts through the trash better than average
+can disengage with good hands, keeps his eye on the prize while blocked
+showed some ability to anchor the edge despite giving up more than 80 pounds to the blocker at times
-doesn’t always decipher run vs. pass quickly on plays, gets caught in pass rush mode on some run plays
-will overrun backside and edge containment at times

+locates the ball well and closes quickly on it
-doesn’t have a good feel for depth or width of his coverage responsibility
-gets caught staring in the backfield
+good at timing hits and getting hands on the ball to dislodge from receiver
-3 INTs in four seasons, dropped at least twice that many according to a USM coach

-tends to start plays too high and rigid in his 2 pt. stance
+consistently shows good hand placement with real jolting power
+takes smart, direct angles to the football
+excellent form tackler that squares his target well and closes with power
-has an alarming tendency to get stiff and flat-footed when dropping in coverage

+relentless hustler from first snap to final whistle
+consistently chases down plays run to the other side and down the field
+lauded by Golden Eagles teammates and staff for his work ethic and practice habits
+played on all four special teams units despite being the star player on a bad team
-will lose sight of the ball at times and get frozen on pump fakes and play action

Overall:Playing on a winless team in a non-BCS conference has obscured Jamie Collins, but scouts who have been thru Hattiesburg know him well. Collins played 4-3 defensive end at under 230 pounds and still showed good power and ability to beat pass protection with both speed and strength. His play earned him a Senior Bowl berth and he looked fantastic at the weigh-in, though he missed the week with an injury.

His Combine performance dropped jaws. Collins bulked up to 6’3” and 250 pounds with the shredded physique of a professional wrestler. He ranked at or near the top in just about every drill, which sent teams clamoring for more information. Here’s what they’ll find: Collins has an explosive first step and excellent closing burst. There is real pop to his hits and he is an excellent tackler that plays every down with equal intensity. The pass rush repertoire is more limited than many in this draft, but the athletic potential is off the charts. I talked to a position coach who interviewed Collins at the Combine and he advised me that Collins aced the interview, showing quick understanding of schemes and a strong football IQ. Collins best projects to the NFL as a 3-4 OLB even though he played as an undersized end almost exclusively at USM. His on-field résumé says 45-64 overall range, but the athletic prowess could push Collins into the top 35, even the late portion of the first round.—Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes

Southern Miss vs. Nebraska

-uses outside shoulder dip to beat tackle and record a QB pressure
-makes good decision to not hit QB after throw
-loses outside contain on swing pass, chases play down well down the field
-spins inside off block and meets the RB in the hole, hits high but makes the tackle
-not fooled on bootleg, squares up Martinez and slams him for big loss/sack
-makes hustle tackle on final play of blowout loss

Western Kentucky vs. Southern Miss
-quickly gets off block and lifts the RB off the ground for a reverse suplex TFL
-exposes his shoulder to the block and gets pushed outside
-loses TE Doyle in his zone coverage and allows outside completion for 3rd down conversion
-quickly slides into 5-technique just before the snap and knifes into backfield thru B gap for sack
-diagnoses the slant and gets his hand up to deflect the pass
-jumps offside, penalty declined
-uses quick hands to push blocker outside, quickly cuts back inside and gets pressure on QB, forces incompletion

Southern Miss vs. Rice
-strings out stretch run, spins inside off block and makes initial hit on cutback
-attacks the QB on the read option and slams him at pitch point, forces awkward pitch and TFL
-stays patient on read option and closes with speed and power on the ball carrier for tackle at LOS
-frozen by play action fake, cannot shed block on ensuing end-around
-gets great jump off snap and flattens quickly around the tackle for sack and forced fumble
-twists inside, beats guard’s reaction and draws holding penalty as he forces QB to scramble
-leaps up and swats away extra point attempt

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