David Quessenberry Scouting Report

March 20th, 2013

David Quessenberry drew a mixed review from Darren and Jeff (photo courtesy NCAA)

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: David Quessenberry, OT/OG, San Jose State
Height: 6’4⅞”
Weight: 302 lb.
Grade: Quessenberry has a divided grade. Darren Page, who is responsible for this write-up, graded him at 6.40. Jeff Risdon, who edited it a bit, gave him a 6.85 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+/-Average athlete as whole, combine numbers par for the course
+Frequent feet with impressive lateral quickness to mirror
-Lean frame that lacks needed bulk in the lower half, struggles to generate power from his legs
+Very large hands with adequate arm length, frame you can build on
-Top-heavy blocker with poor balance, ends up on the ground too often as a result

+High experience level with 37 career starts at left tackle for San Jose State
-Too many glaring miscommunications on blitz pickup with his left guard
-Has plays where you have no clue what it was he intended to do, completely loses responsibilities occasionally
+Sufficient effort level, always looking to throw a block on defenders in his area

Pass Blocking:
+Always moving his feet in pass protection with sudden, choppy steps, aids change of direction ability
+Gets proper depth in his kickslide and has good range against speed rushes around the corner
-Poor anchor against the power rush, gives ground quickly against rushers who get under his pads
-Gets jolted by rushers with a strong first punch and knocked off balance too easily
-Struggles with spin moves due to inconsistent ability to keep rushers off his body, can get knocked on his heels and beaten by combination rushes
+Passes off and receives stunting rushers well by keeping his feet moving and maintaining gap leverage
-Locks his eyes onto initial rushers and fails to spot blitzers occasionally, doesn’t always play with his head on a swivel

Run Blocking:
-More of a wall-off blocker than one who can generate movement up front, lacks power in the lower half to drive block
-Poor feel for combination blocks due to indecision, either leaves a defender unblocked or engages the initial double for too long and can’t get to the second target
-Lacks ability to finish off defenders in the running game who often slide off his block
+Quick to the second level and takes proper angle to downfield targets
+Polished fold/pull blocker and looks comfortable moving in space on screen passes

+Controlling hands with ability to lock up defenders without holding, generally places his hands properly
-Limited ability to sustain blocks long enough due to balance issues and a tendency to get lazy with his feet while engaged
-Struggles with high pad level in both running and passing games, lacks knee bend and doesn’t sink his hips

David Quessenberry played a big part in the resurgence of the San Jose State football team. The Spartans were a 1-11 team just two season ago in his first season as a starter, with a lone victory against an FCS squad. In 2012, they went 11-2 with a bowl victory. As a four year contributor and three year starter on the blind side, Quessenberry is a highly experience offensive tackle. He also got a high number of reps at the guard spot during Senior Bowl practices and the game. Long-term, the offensive guard spot may be the best fit for Quessenberry. No matter the position, his game needs a lot of work. He struggles to anchor in pass protection, which is a huge no-no for offensive tackles. He needs to become much stronger in both upper and lower body before he’s ready to contribute as well. As a whole, Quessenberry is a depth player as a prospect who shouldn’t come off the board until the late rounds.—Darren Page

I agree with Darren about the lack of strength and the communication issues, but I like his versatility to move inside and the tenacity he showed during Senior Bowl week. His pad level was consistently better and he showed more ability to transfer power behind his blocks. I like him as a 4th-5th round fit for a predominately zone blocking team and believe at worst he’s a quality 6th lineman.—Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes:

San Jose State vs. Bowling Green
• Is indecisive against two rushers and essentially blocks neither trying to block both, had help from his running back, should have picked up the inside threat
• Has his anchor tested on third and long and effectively gets pushed right back into the lap of his quarterback
• Showing impressive hand control to lock up pass rushers on the edge and limit their moves
• Pancakes a pass rusher after gaining control of his chest plate, continuously driving his legs
• Takes a poor angle to the second level on a quick screen and gets no piece of the linebacker as a result
• Completely whiffs on a pass block, gives up his inside gap to the defensive end on a mental lapse, who sacks the QB and forces a fumble and turnover
• Runs right past a linebacker at the second level to double another, first backer makes the tackle in the hole
• Gets jolted by a strong initial punch and gradually gives ground against a bullrush despite low pad level
• Mirrors an attempted spin move perfectly, rusher unable to get into his body and spin off
• Steps inside quickly on a draw but inexplicably doesn’t fan back out and the defender is able to chase down the back from behind
• Shows downfield range to get out as a lead blocker on an edge wide receiver screen, doesn’t make much contact on a cut block of the linebacker out wide but occupies him enough
• Consistently giving ground to bullrushes from the outside gradually, keeps his feet but just can’t match up with strength
• Folds around on a toss and throws a good block on a cornerback to seal the edge

San Jose State vs. BYU
• Keeps his head up an finds a blitzing linebacker after helping to the inside at first, redirects and absorbs the initial contact to stone the blitzer
• Lunges into a block despite only needing to fan out on an inside draw, whiffs on Kyle Van Noy who makes the tackle for loss
• Slow to spot a blitzing linebacker and can’t adjust his feet in time once he sees him, backer flies through his inside gap and forces a quick throw
• Quick to get to the second level but tries to just wall off the linebacker instead of hitting him square
• Unable to get to the second level on a combo block while being held by the doubled defensive end, could have fought through it though
• Shows quick feet to redirect and length to get just enough contact on a blitzing cornerback who delayed his rush
• Mirrors the rush end around the corner but has overextended a bit and let his pads get high and loses ground, end forces the QB to leave the pocket
• Gets driven off the ball on a quick screen when Van Noy gets underneath of his pads

Senior Bowl Game
• Plays high number of snaps at both right guard and right tackle spots
• Gets out ahead of the back on a screen pass but meets a linebacker with high pads and gets knocked on his heels on first contact
• Jolted and knocked off balance by the initial punch of a defensive tackle
• Pins the defensive end to the inside on a reverse before working upfield as a blocker with great timing
• Gets play side of Ziggy Ansah on an inside lead play and walls him off just long enough
• Unable to hold off Ansah in pass protection despite getting a chip from the running back, lets Ansah get to his outside shoulder and can’t wedge him off his arc after, recovers the fumble that Ansah’s sack causes
• Gets to the edge well on multiple fold blocks

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