William Gholston Scouting Report

February 10th, 2013

Is Gholston a good fit for the Lions? (Picture from Freep.com)

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Prospect: William Gholston, DE, Michigan State

Height: 6’7

Weight: 280lbs

Grade: 7.2  Grading Scale



+ Very naturally strong player

+ Frame to add significantly more weight in the pros. Could play at 300+ pounds

+ Very straight line fast

+ Very long arms with enough upperbody strength to lock out.

+ No bad weight on him

+/- Occasionally shows very impressive quickness off the ball, just not often enough to call it a strength

- Height causes him to have balance issue, high center of gravity

- About as flexible as a fire hydrant, very stiff



+ Very good at anticapting where the ballcarrier is going off of the snap.

- Occasionally loses the ball in a mess of play action

+ Hustles and makes tackles downfield.

+ Shows a very good understanding of knowing when he’s not getting to the QB and putting his hands up.

- Majoring in human development and family studies


Pass Rush:

+ Effective power move when he utilizes it legally.

- Is going to get called for a plethora of “illegal hands to the face” penalties in the NFL if he rushes like he does in college.

+ Has an effective spin move and will occasionally rip through with great effect.

- Terrible bend around the corner. I’ve never seen him win with it.

- Closing speed is below average

+/- Inconsistent get off, doesn’t anticipate the snap well


Run Support:

+ Uses long arms to lock out defenders and shed blockers. Very advanced for a college player.

+ Has enough speed to threaten a gap

+ Has very solid anchor strength and rarely gives up ground

+ Enough lateral speed to close down holes away from him

+ Good motor to chase down plays from the backside

- Not sure if he has the mass to hold up inside in a 4-3

- Occasionally loses the leverage battle because of his height.



- Lines up in a bit of a weird stance with a bent back to stay low

+/- Excellent hand usage except for his propensity to get them jammed in his opponent’s facemask

- Fails to turn and bend properly when pressing the corner

+ Good job of staying low and holding ground despite his height.



Anyone who thinks William Gholston is a 4-3 End is in for a disappointment. His value is going to come as a traditional 5-technique in a 30 front. Much like his infamous cousin, Vernon, William is a very linear athlete. He can’t turn in space and his balance is very poor. He’s never going to be a sack artist in the NFL. Unlike Vernon, William has a physical skillset that will allow him to play as a 3-4 End. There are very few players in the NFL, much less in this draft class, that have the physical tools that Gholston does to play as a 5-technique. Guys with his anchor and his ability to stack in shed are very rare. He was put in a bad spot by Michigan State, asked to be their primary pass rusher.  His draft stock would be much higher had he played for a team like LSU that could have made good use of his physical skill set. A 3-4 team like the Steelers will snatch up Gholston in the middle rounds and be perfectly content with the production that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.–Will Richards @WillRichards19

Scouting Notes

William Gholston vs. Wisconsin
- Very poor bend around the corner
+ Excellent power rush and hand usage to get a sack on the QB in the pocket
+ Got a hustle sack off of a late spin move
+ Doing a very good job holding the Point of attack
- Keeps getting pushed past the QB around the corner
+ Beat Rob Havelstein with speed to the inside to take Ball down for a loss
+ Did a good job collapsing the line and forcing Ball to bounce outside
+ Is aware of what’s going on and is getting his hands up
- Getting stone walled by Havelstein too much
+ Came on a slant and took Ball down for another loss
- Keeps losing the ball on play action
- Got “whammed” and gave up a short gain
+ Did a good job getting his hands up and knocking down a pass

William Gholston vs. Michigan (Taylor Lewan)
- Lewan matched his speed easily
- Got put on his back while filling gaps
+ Held his ground and forced Denard Robinson inside
+/-Rocked Lewan out of his stance but Lewan reanchored and held him off
+ Got chipped by a TE and Lewan had help from a Guard. Michigan respects him.
- Had no chance of escaping once Lewan got his hands on him.
- Lewan matched his spin move easily
+ Did a good job holding point against a double team.
- Got away with an egregious facemask/illegal hands to the face
- Keeps getting his hands in Lewan’s facemask. Lewan doing an excellent job fighting through it
+ Worked well on a stunt to knock Denard off of his spot and force a bad throw
- Jumped offsides with 1:20 remaining in a one point game


William Gholston vs. Central Michigan (Eric Fisher)
+ Torched the RT and hit the QB on the throw
+ Pushed the RT four yards into the backfield to force the running back to cutback
- Fisher sealed him inside on a running play
+ Tackled a receiver 12 yards downfield
+ Got a nice hit on the QB off of a stunt
- Fisher matched his power and then switched off to the stunter, very impressive
- Got nothing on a speed rush against Fisher
+ Good job extending his arms to lock out the RT and then disengage to tackle the ball carrier
+ Got his hands up and deflected a pass at the line
+ Really fast pursuit allowed him to chase down a run from the backside
- Rocked the RG into the QB with a strong bullrush. Got called for illegal hands to the face
+ Ran right by Central Michigan’s LG totally untouched on a stunt

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