Stedman Bailey Scouting Report

February 4th, 2013

Stedman Bailey showing off his excellent hands (Photo courtesy

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Prospect: Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 195 (projected)
Grade: 6.97 (Grading Scale)

+Consistent deep threat as a college receiver, long speed merely average though
+/-Size limitation for a boundary wide receiver, plays like a much bigger receiver than he is though
-Struggles to highpoint due to lack of height and negligible ability as a leaper
+Adequate quickness to separate in tight spaces

Route Running:
+/-Can separate in a phone booth, but lacks long speed to create space on deep routes
+Wins out of breaks and on double moves with ability to accelerate quickly and create early separation
+Tracks the deep ball extremely well with ability to maneuver his body between the ball and the defender
+Always working back to his quarterback when plays break down, smart receiver
-Route tree lacking with little experience out of the slot for a smaller receiver
-Occasionally falls prey to balance issues as a route runner, stumbling out of the blocks
-Inconsistent ability to ward off contact and concentrate on the football on traffic

+Consistently catches the ball with only his hands, drops are very few and far between
+Can pluck the ball away from his body with an adequate radius despite his size, extends well for the ball
+Has ability to catch the ball over his outside shoulder comfortably, keeps defenders from the ball
-Lacks upper body strength to fight through contact on contested balls, will drop balls when taking hits

Running/Return Ability:
+Creates extra yardage after the catch with subtle cuts and ability to elude defenders in one on one situations
-Lacks dynamic ability after the catch that is often desired in smaller receivers
+Can manufacture tough yards in short yardage situations with strength and toughness
-Has scarce experience as a kick returner, mostly used as a blocker for Tavon Austin

+Had significant chemistry with Geno Smith as a receiver, reliable target with a proven record in the redzone
+Drops his pads, gives great effort, and sustains very well as a blocker
-Short history of off the field issues including being cited, but not arrested, for shoplifting cold medication in January 2012

Very few wide receiver prospects can match Stedman Bailey as far as collegiate production goes. The Mountaineer man totaled up a per game average of 9 receptions, 125 yards, with an unrivaled 25 total touchdown receptions. While his more flashy teammates Tavon Austin and Geno Smith were getting all of the media attention, Bailey was really the driving force behind one of the country’s most productive offenses. The question that will come with Bailey’s game will relate to his lack of impressive athleticism or run after catch ability for a smaller receiver. Teams should not be scared off due to those reasons there. Bailey makes up for his deficiencies with a nuanced feel for the wide receiver position. His always being on the same page as his quarterback will be huge as far as his professional production goes. Stedman Bailey can be a quarterback’s Mr. Dependable if he can branch out his ability to run a variety of routes and can learn to play from the slot as well as the boundary. There’s no reason to believe he can’t do these things, which is why he’s a solid option for a wide receiver needy team on the draft’s second day. -Darren Page

Scouting Notes:
West Virginia vs. Iowa State
• Engaging and sustaining defensive backs very well as a blocker
• Runs a delayed route from the slot, patient to let outside receiver clear space, catches ball in open field but stumbles before he can create after the catch
• Protects the ball well from the defensive back with his body on a deep in-breaking route, adjusts to it well after it dies in the air
• Lulls defender to sleep with a patient five yard out route in the redzone, extends ball over pylon for a touchdown
• Lacks much burst on 3rd quarter kick return, makes a nice cut back with vision and has a decent return
• Timing and chemistry evident with Geno Smith on a comeback route, lets the ball into his body though
• Has coverage beat on a deep crossing route, ball is out of Smith’s hand too late and safety bats the pass down
• Clears Tavon Austin on 75 yard touchdown run with a great block on the safety in the open field

West Virginia vs. Baylor
• Draws pass interference after beating defensive back on deep sideline route
• Shows strength to drag a defender for a first down after a quick hitter
• Tracks ball perfectly after winning over the top on a post route, slows down to keep defender on his back and away from the ball
• Finds space in back of the endzone for a touchdown, goes uncovered by over-the-top safeties
• Catches the ball perfectly over his shoulder on a corner route in the endzone for a touchdown
• Makes multiple defenders miss with subtle cuts after a quick hitter
• Sees the ball in over his shoulder after winning on a deep sideline route
• Left wide open on a wheel route, has enough speed to outrun defenders to the endzone
• Beats corner and safety over the top on a post route for a wide open touchdown

West Virginia vs. Texas
• Times a delayed slant route well to break as Smith throws the ball for a touchdown
• Bobbles the ball on a comeback route but regains possession with one fit still in for a catch
• Spins out of a Carrington Byndom tackle to create extra yards after a quick hitter
• Catches touchdown pass at full extension in the back of the endzone
• Instinctively adjusts a goal-line slant route to squeeze in front of the safety for another touchdown
• Caps off his night with a perfect back shoulder catch and toe tap on the boundary


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