Sharrif Floyd Scouting Report

February 19th, 2013

Floyd has fantastic potential but needs some technical refinement

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 303 lb.
Grade: 7.25 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Rangy enough in the open field to make plays down the line or turning and running
+Has flexible hips shown occasionally as an edge rusher
-High center of gravity due to pad level and allocation of weight, struggles to stay balanced out of contact
+Exceptionally strong upper body displayed by ability to handle blockers without generating power from lower half

+Very gap-disciplined with an understanding of the scheme
+Positionally diverse player with experience all over the Florida defensive line
-Struggles to anticipate blockers from other directions, has narrow-vision
+High energy player with a relentless drive to get to the football
-Wasn’t an every snap defensive tackle for the Gators, rotated out periodically, stamina may be an issue
+Succeeded despite stacked odds coming from an impoverished background, testament to his perseverance

Pass Rush:
+Relentless rusher who never gives up, often makes plays on the quarterback after he tries to escape the pocket
+/-Very swim move reliant pass rusher who exposes his frame to blockers and loses leverage quickly
-Lacks exceptional repertoire of moves after a swim move, simply tries to outwork pass blockers
-Bullrush ability entirely negligible, due mostly due to high pad level

Run Support:
+Can fire his hands and gain control of blockers off the snap
+Sheds blocks violently with heavy hands and accelerates to the ball well
+Gets off the snap quickly and into the backfield, disruptive to many a running game
-Prone to being over aggressive and opening himself up to kick-out blocks between the tackles
-Struggles to stay square and anchor against the power running game, awful habit of turning a shoulder on contact
-Inability to stay square limits ability to control two gaps or absorb double teams with any effectiveness
-Lacks an explosive burst through gaps to split consistently despite doing so in college

-Often wins on natural ability and high motor, far from a technician
-Plagued by high pad level as a run defender and pass rusher, pops up after the snap and fails to recover
+Is able to keep his chest clean from the hands of blockers by batting them away with active hands of his own
+Naturally creates separation by extending his arms and giving strong punches to blockers

Sharrif Floyd proved to be a big play producer for a highly rated Florida defense as a junior. He posted 13 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks. His relentless style of play and high energy level left many blockers in the dust. Floyd showed off immense versatility over his final two seasons with the Gators by playing from a defensive end position all the way inside to a situational nose tackle. He best slots in as a 3 technique in a 4-3, but could translate to a 5 technique in a 3-4 if asked to be a one gap player. Since declaring for the draft as a junior, he’s been slowly working his way up virtual draft boards as more and more evaluators got a longer look at him. Floyd’s natural athletic ability and strength cannot be denied. He really struggles with pad level though, which affects his game against both run and pass. He’s largely been winning on high effort and strength. That works in college, quite well in fact. When he gets drafted, he’s going to have some developing to do in order to become a more consistent, every down defender with improved technique. Sharrif Floyd may not be the instant impact defensive tackle that is often assumed of him. He still has a nice skillset that can be developed and is great value in the middle to end of the first round.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Florida vs. Louisville
• Anchors well against a double team from a 5 technique position, off tackle run goes for no gain
• Consistently seeing double teams in passing situations early on
• Shows burst off the snap and splits the A gap with ease to put pressure on Teddy Bridgewater on play action
• Benefits from a blown down block and follows the pulling guard right to the play, makes tackle for a loss
• Blows back the left guard off the snap and grabs ahold of the back for a tackle for loss, called for a facemask penalty though
• Too quick for a cutoff block and gets through the blocker’s inside gap from the backside on a run
• Comes free on a left to right stunt but fails to break down and runs right past Bridgewater, forces him into a sack elsewhere though
• Swims blocker and quickly recognizes screen, tracks the back into the flat but unable to make the play with lack of speed
• Picks up the ball on an off tackle run quickly, disengage from the right tackle to make the tackle in the hole
• Too quick for another cut off block from the right tackle and almost chases down a run from the backside
• Too strong for Mario Benavides on an outside zone and gets a piece of the ball carrier in the backfield
• Swims Benavides and splits the double from the left guard from a nose tackle position, gives the ball carrier no room to operate
• Fights off a blocker with terrific hand usage and makes first contact with ball carrier in short yardage, too high to keep him from first down

Florida vs. Florida State
• Blows past right guard to the inside with a swim move but fails to break down and misses Manuel who gets the pass away
• Collapses inside from the left side and past the cutoff block of Menelik Watson, makes the tackle for loss
• Shoots hands into the right guard and sheds violently and puts himself right in the hole to make the tackle
• Gets too far upfield on a trap play and is kicked out easily by the pulling guard
• Works down the line while overpowering the right guard on a veer concept give to the outside, forces the back to cut inside where he trips over the feet of the guard
• Gets pushed back by a double team from the outside and tries to spin off the block uneffectively
• Lets pad level get too high and gets pushed back by another double, having trouble anchoring
• Gets pancaked by a second blocker after trying to swim the first as a pass rusher
• Relentless rush on an outside stunt and wraps up E.J. Manuel as he tries to escape the pocket
• Splits a gap against indecisive pass blockers on a stunt and comes free, plants Manuel as he lets it go

Florida vs. South Carolina
• Gets cut blocked too easily as a pass rusher before Shaw pulls it down and runs
• Lets outside blocker go past against a double team and swallows up Marcus Lattimore in the hole
• Disengages well on an inside draw and makes the play at the line of scrimmage
• Throws a run block aside and crashes inside to make the tackle
• Fails to recognize the throwback screen with the frozen line, chases Shaw as he takes off
• Shows too much of his chest on multiple pass rush attempts and fails with swim moves
• Comes free on a blown assignment and swallows up a sweep
• Effectively rips underneath a block but stumbles and goes down coming out of contact

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