Kwame Geathers Scouting Report

February 27th, 2013

Where’s the Beef? Kwame Geathers has a lot of it. (Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated)

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Kwame Geathers, DT, Georgia
Height: 6’5 3/8”
Weight: 342 lbs.
Grade: 6.17 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

-Long speed negligible, far from a pursuit player
-Has heavy feet that lack any short-area quickness, steps are infrequent at the point of attack
+Stays well balanced through contact despite his height, handles his weight and frame commendably
+Massive lower half with a well-built frame, strength to match it

+High effort player with a to-the-whistle motor
-Lacks anticipation of blockers, overall reaction speed to what he sees is slow, almost always a half step behind
-Often puts his head down and loses sight of the ball, awareness level lacking

Pass Rush:
+Strong bullrush and ability to move the pocket effectively
+Relentless rusher who is more disruptive to passers than the statistics indicate
-Very inefficient on stunts due to lack of acceleration and lateral movement skills
-Rushing production due almost exclusively to size and strength, has no developed pass rush moves or speed rush ability
-Gets his hands into passing lanes infrequently even when unsuccessful with initial rush, affected by reaction speed and ball awareness

Run Support:

+Space eater on the inside who can engage and hold his ground against a double team effectively to free linebackers
-Gets locked up easily by run blockers despite his strong hands, lack of foot quickness hinders ability to get away from blocks
-Struggles to react to directional “wall-off” blocks often because of a slow first step
-Inability to disengage consistently limits ability to control two gaps against single run blockers
-Lacks range working down the line against edge runs, not a high tackle numbers defender by any means
+Strong tackler when he gets there, limits yards after contact with strong hands and technique

+Strong initial punch to rock blockers onto their heels, impossible to handle if he can gain the upper hand
+Does well to keep pad level low considering his height, credit his flexible hips for a big bodied defensive tackle
-Often takes a lateral first step instead of one forward into contact, holds back ability to dictate blockers

Kwame Geathers is a massive man and an immovable object on the inside. Between that size and impressive bloodlines, he’s piqued the interest of anyone looking for an anchor for the middle of their defensive line. Geathers’ father, uncle, and brother have all played in the league, which is something the league’s decision makers quickly take notice of. He has three seasons of playing experience on the Georgia defense but was heavily rotated in and out. Geathers is a run down specialist due to his ability to take up space and control blockers at the point of attack. But even for a true nose tackle, he gets to the ball at a low rate and lacks the feet to maneuver down the line. He’s a perfect fit for a 3-4 defense looking for a two down nose tackle in the middle. The problem is that his upside isn’t high, which has shown in his lack of development over the last couple of years in college. Because of his low ceiling and schematic deficiencies, he’s more of a middle to late round pick than a player you would consider before the draft’s third day.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Georgia vs. Nebraska
• Sheds the right guard on a read option and tackles Taylor Martinez for a loss
• Stacks well at the point of attack on a run to his outside gap but gets pancaked trying to shed the block, stops his feet
• Gets spun around by a double team and can’t in time to a delayed shovel pass
• Slow to get off the snap, gets popped from an outside blocker who combos him and gets walled off from the play completely
• Drives the right guard backwards with a powerful bullrush, fails to keep his eyes up and the ball carrier runs right through his inside gap on a draw
• Comes free after a missed assignment up front, redirects quickly enough to drag down the back on an off tackle run to the opposite side, called for a facemask penalty
• Gets turned backwards against only one run blocker, squares up again before trying a very slow spin move that got him nowhere
• Peels back and tracks Taylor Martinez upfield when he takes off with the ball, gets in on the tackle ten yards downfield
• Engages a double well enough to allow an inside linebacker to shoot through the hole and make the tackle

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
• Plays off a cutoff block with strong hands and pursues a run to the edge, makes the tackle 15 yards downfield after the back is hung up
• Struggling to handle the low blocks he consistently faces from the center early on
• Chases a back all the way down the field after a long run and gets in on the tackle, has ahold of his left arm as he goes down, Baccari Rambo rips the ball out of his right arm to force a fumble
• Blows the center off the ball on a play action pass, fights through help from the fullback and forces a hurried throw from the quarterback
• Plays off the cut block better and better as the game goes on with anticipation and better balance
• Keeps pads low and absorbs initial contact from center on an inside give to the fullback, puts him on his back and makes the tackle
• Gets high/lowed on multiple occasions, taking up blockers well
• Blows up the center off the snap and wraps up the quarterback after he keeps the ball on the fake
• Forces a holding call after a strong club and lateral step to get by him as a pass rusher

Georgia vs. Tennessee
• Engages multiple blockers effectively on a Wildcat keep, linebacker scrape over the top
• Stands up the center well on an inside draw from shotgun, fails to locate the ball and can’t shed to control the gap to his right
• Bullrushes the center effectively, gets hands up as he closes on Tyler Bray who gets the ball out in time
• Swallows up the back in the backfield after a shovel pass, disengages well to make the tackle
• Stands up the center at the point of attack, locates the ball early enough but fails to disengage and can’t make the tackle to his outside gap
• Quick off the snap and plays down the line against two blockers, gets in on the off tackle run at the line of scrimmage
• Sniffs out a screen but doesn’t have the burst or speed to get down the line and make the tackle
• Engages and absorbs a double team while holding his ground on an inside draw, inside linebacker free to fill the hole quickly

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