Kiko Alonso Scouting Report

February 19th, 2013

Alonso has a lot to offer but a lot of baggage as well

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 242 lbs.
Grade: 7.23X (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Twitchy athlete with an explosive first step to close on the football
+Impressive open field speed with true sideline to sideline ability
+Light feet in coverage and working laterally in the running game
-Lean-framed linebacker who needs to add strength and sheer bulk to play between the tackles

+High motor and energy level as if his hair were on fire
+Decisive linebacker who plays without any hesitation
-Overall discipline level is relatively low, occasionally takes poor angles and loses inside out leverage even more often
+Experience contributing on special teams with the skillset to do so in the NFL
-Off the field rap sheet includes multiple run-ins with the law

Pass Rush:
+Versatile blitzer with consistent production from a variety of different blitz techniques
+Immense timing on blitzes, does so instinctively
+Blows by flat-footed pass blockers with a strong first step and burst through holes
+Occasionally works in a swim move or counter move against a well-positioned pass blocker
-Tendency to try and leap over cut blocks from running backs, unsuccessful on the whole

Run Support:
+Attacks the line of scrimmage with urgency and gets through holes quickly, disruptive force in the backfield
+Frequently wrong-sides blockers with anticipation and quick first step to beat them to spots
-Lacks strong lower body needed when forced to take on big blockers between the tackles
+/-Strong and violent hands when he gets them to the frame of blockers, consistency lacking on overall hand usage though
+Can work through congestion with sudden feet and a natural nose for the football
-Struggles to handle cut blocks, combination of high playing speed and lack of developed hands
-Raw tackling technique as a whole, fails to wrap and goes for the knockout blow too often, drops his head as well

+Fluid hips to turn and run or change directions in pass coverage
+Feels route runners instinctively and positions himself underneath short routes in zone coverage
+Rangy cover linebacker who can man up and run with athletic tight ends well downfield
+Consistently gets himself into great positions and makes the most of opportunities for interceptions, hauled in six balls between junior and senior seasons

Kiko Alonso is a linebacker prospect with incalculable potential. He can affect the game in a variety of ways, whether it’s in run fits, in blitz packages, or in pass coverage. He pairs his impressive natural athleticism with a hunger for the football that makes him a to-the-whistle player every snap. Alonso comes with a number of question marks though. The first being his history of issues off the field. He was charged with DUI in 2010 before being arrested again in May of 2011 and pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges. To his credit, he’s stayed out of the wrong news section since. His injury history is also notable. He torn his ACL in 2010 and missed the whole season. As a senior, he suffered a wrist injury that forced him to wear a hard cast for the last part of the season. These question marks alone will probably be enough to steer a few teams in the other direction. A team willing to take a chance on the potential Alonso has could be rewarded down the road. His best fit is probably as an inside linebacker in a 3-4 after he adds the necessary weight. His athletic ability could also lend itself to a 4-3 outside spot as well. Coach up Kiko Alonso and you can make him into a linebacker who quarterbacks are pointing out to their offensive lines on a high percentage of snaps.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Oregon vs. USC
• Shoots through hole quickly when no blockers get down to the second level, trips up the back in the backfield
• Shows blitz early before beating the block to the outside initially, forces the back to cut the ball back upfield
• Blankets tight end on a flat route, Matt Barkley throws there anyways and Alonso makes tackle for a loss
• Slow to work laterally against an inside run, back bounces it outside and he’s nowhere close, makes the tackle downfield though
• Reads pull and explodes into hole right behind the unaware blocker to make a tackle for loss
• Shows explosive first step again to beat a combo block from the run’s backside and get behind a down blocking guard to make another tackle at the line
• Redirects cleanly after play action to track a Marqise Lee crossing route, Barkley lets the ball float and Alonso jumps in front of Lee for an interception
• Comes free on a well-timed blitz, picked up initially by the blocking back but forces Barkley up into the pocket
• Jumps on top of the ball when Lee fumbles and several Oregon defenders have a shot at it
• Perfectly times an A gap blitz, comes free and is too fast for the back to reach him, forces a hot throw from Barkley
• Mirrors Robert Woods perfectly in man to man coverage in the slot, displays quick feet and sudden movement ability
• Breaks down in space and doesn’t miss on a juke move from a receiver right after he catches a slot route
• Twice tries to throw a shoulder into Woods in traffic instead of wrapping him up

Oregon vs. Kansas State
• Shows discipline to keep from biting on Collin Klein’s fake QB dive, sits on the tight end’s corner route and blankets him
• Times up a blitz perfectly and gets underneath the pads of the center, drives him back to blow up the play from the start
• Sucks inside before the back cuts the run outside, Alonso redirects well and makes the tackle on the outside
• Brings down Klein in the open field after he escapes the pocket with a nice tackle
• Comes in late while Klein is held up in a pile and hits him head to head, went uncalled luckily for him
• Takes a perfect angle on an edge run with great speed through the hole to make a tackle for loss
• Passes outside receiver off into deeper coverage and throws his shoulder into the crossing receiver as the ball arrives to force the incompletion
• Picks up the ball while taking on a block against a QB lead with Klein, scrapes off the block and brings down Klein at the point of attack

Oregon vs. Stanford
• Shoots through backside A gap on a run the other direction, still redirects and makes the play at the line when Stepfan Taylor tries to cut
• Gets crunched by a pull block as a blitzer on an inside trap, squeezes the hole down effectively though
• Mirrors Zach Ertz in the slot against multiple change of direction moves, Hogan escapes the pocket and finds Ertz for a short gain before Alonso tackles him
• Anticipates the outside zone with quick initial read and explodes through a backside hole to make the tackle for loss
• Perfectly times a run blitz and blows up a pull blocker before he can lead up the hole, frees up other defenders to make the tackle for loss
• Changes direction after initial inside blitz against a quick screen to the outside, almost ends up making the play after receiver cuts inside
• All over Levin Toilolo on a corner route in the endzone, runs the route with him the whole way without interfering
• Creates separation with arms and works off the block to tackle Taylor in the hole
• Attacks the edge quickly on an outside zone and forces Taylor to cut it inside
• Tracks back after being stood up on a blitz to make the tackle downfield while trying to punch the ball out, testament to his high motor
• Flies through the line on an off tackle carry to Taylor, fails to break down and make the tackle 5 yards deep but forces Taylor to break it off, still tackled for a loss
• Gets pinned inside on a down block from Toilolo, fails to get his hands into the blocker to control him early
• Gets underneath pads of pull blocker and blows him away before spinning back into the hole to make the tackle
• Tries to leap over cut blocks from running backs twice in the game, generally unsuccessful on both attempts

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One Response to “Kiko Alonso Scouting Report”

  1. Billy G. says:

    He killed K State in that game. You think the arrests make him a no draft for Detroit? He would look real good in the middle.

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