Kevin Reddick Scouting Report

February 14th, 2013

Reddick in action during Senior Bowl week

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Kevin Reddick, LB, North Carolina
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 246 lb.
Grade:6.35 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Thickly built with lots of muscle mass all over
+/-Has decent straight line speed but very poor lateral agility
-Stiff in the hips and very stiff in his ankles
-Cannot stop his momentum once he gets going, lacks good body control
-Bends at the waist, often with stiff knees, including his pre-snap lineup posture
-Measured shorter and heavier at Senior Bowl than expected, was listed by UNC as 6’3” and 238

+Shows decent pre-snap recognition and the ability to line up the front of the defense
+Goes hard to the whistle on every snap
+Enthusiastic special teams player
+Lines up in the middle, at defensive end, and outside backer positions
-Not as instinctive as expected for a 4-year starter at inside backer
-Will bite and/or get frozen on play fakes and misdirections

Pass Rush:
+His best attribute, very enthusiastic pass rusher
+Shows good timing on blitzes and delayed rushes
+Can rush from the inside or line up at end in a 2pt stance
+Closes with power and a relentless approach
+/-Has a nice shoulder-dip move from the outside, but struggles to flatten once gains the edge
-Struggles to use his hands to break free from blockers, consistently high and slow with his hands

Run Support:
+Shows good power to his hits, not afraid to fill the hole with authority
+Keeps his head up nicely and finishes his hits
-Poor body control makes him attempt lots of arm tackles and sideswipe efforts
-Takes long strides and doesn’t have quick feet, really struggles to make the tackle if he isn’t squared to the target
-Often seems too content to take on the blocker and very seldom sheds a block to get to the ball

+Shows good burst to the ball and timing with his hits on a receiver
-Consistently fails to get proper depth in zone
-Struggles to change direction and chase receivers crossing him
-Poor awareness of what is not happening right in front of him

Overall: Kevin Reddick has seen a lot in his four years at North Carolina. He played right away as a freshman and has been teammates with several NFL talents. 2012 was set up to be his year to shine, but instead he played more tentatively and wasn’t as effective. His Senior Bowl week was nothing special either, outshined by several lesser-regarded talents.
Reddick’s at his best attacking downhill from the inside, shooting gaps and filling holes with authority. He is a big hitter and solid tackler when he gets square to his target. Problems arise when he has to flow laterally. He cannot easily stop his momentum or change direction, and he is not good or comfortable in coverage situations. His best fit is in an aggressive 3-4 front as an inside backer, moving forward and attacking gaps or blitzing. He should make an excellent core special teams player, which adds to his value. I could also see him being a decent player in a blitz-heavy 4-3 scheme. Reddick should be drafted in the 4th or early 5th round, though the 2011 version merits at least one round higher.—Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes

North Carolina vs. North Carolina State
-lined up at LDE, quickly discards TE and ducks under RT for a QB pressure on Glennon
-completely still for a full count before blitzing late, takes himself out of zone and ball is completed where he should have been
-anticipates the cut but can’t gather himself to sit in the hole and can’t make the tackle
-shows great patience in waiting for blocker to clear, attacks the runner for a TFL in the A gap
-shows blitz in B gap, drops quickly into coverage but doesn’t get good depth, ball completed behind him
-gets met by the blocker and unsuccessfully tries to spin off; I have this in the notes 9 times
-explodes through A gap on blitz, avoids truly awful cut block attempt and chases down Glennon for the sack after initially running past him
-times blitz well and lifts Glennon off the ground before planting him for a sack

North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech
-gets to Logan Thomas with a nice dip move but cannot bring him down from the ankles
-misses tackle on punt return because he couldn’t stop his momentum
-reads the hole but gets too high and cannot adjust to cut, misses tackle
-quickly sheds block and gets a hand in to trip up Thomas on a scramble
-explodes thru B gap and hammers RB for TFL
-lines up offsides
-shows good patience in waiting for trash to clear and chases down Thomas for a sack across the formation
-can’t stop himself in the hole and flails at the inside cut
-times blitz well but hits Thomas in the head just after he releases the ball
-plays spy on Thomas in red zone, slow to get to him outside and he completes the TD pass
-chases down Thomas on sideline run and strips the ball for fumble + recovery

Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina (2011)
-a step late to react to stretch run, misses arm tackle as back runs past him
-crashes definitively inside and wraps up after big hit for TFL
-keeps his legs clean and flows with motion back to make stop at the line
-quickly reads the dive play and squares up the runner in the hole, big hit and TFL
-lines up at line on 3rd & 1 and gets blasted 5 yards downfield by the tackle
-takes a false step and overruns a cutback

Senior Bowl practice

-in pass rush drill, gets stood up and turned by Jonathan Franklin
-beats Nick Kasa with a strong punch that catches him high, gets to the QB
-caught inside on stretch run, second guy into tackle
-cannot turn and run with Jack Doyle, who avoids his jam and easily blows past him down the seam

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