Johnathan Hankins Scouting Report

February 23rd, 2013

Hankins has outstanding quickness and strength, but questions about his intensity dog his draft stock

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 322 lb
Grade: 7.22 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Incredible athlete for a defensive tackle of his size and stature
+Has the top end speed to turn and chase, makes plays down the line often
+Very coordinated in the open field with ability to redirect like a much smaller defender
+Impressive brute strength generated from a thick lower half, handful for most blockers who don’t get help
+First step efficient enough to get through gaps and make plays in the backfield occasionally

+Very disciplined defender gap control wise, always keeps inside out leverage
-Effort level comes and goes with fatigue, different player late in games
+Relentless fighting through blocks while engaged, doesn’t give up on plays

Pass Rush:
+Power bullrush with ability to press the pocket against single blockers
+Quick first step and ability to plant and change directions smoothly make him an effective speed rusher against slower-footed pass blockers
-Uninventive pass rusher who is reliant on winning with his initial move

Run Support:
+Stands up run blockers at the point of attack with ease, aggressive into contact
+Disengages well with heavy hands to deliver shots to the frame of blockers, creates space for himself at will
+Mirrors backs down the line on edge runs and has phenomenal range to get the ball at a high rate
+Quickly spins back into the flow of plays often if being blocked away from the hole
+High impact tackler who doesn’t miss often when he can get his hands to a ball carrier
-Struggles with double teams and combo blocks, often fails to keep shoulders square, gets turned and then handled by one blocker

-Heavy feet while engaged with blockers, bad habit of stopping them completely from time to time
+Flexible hips allow him to sink his hips to lower pad level or bend around the corner as a pass rusher
+/-Strong hands but can be wild and inconsistent with his usage, dominant he fires them into the chest of blockers
-Has a bad habit of dropping his head and his eyes when utilizing power against both run and pass, negates ball and blocker awareness

Johnathan Hankins entered his senior season at Ohio State as one of the most hyped prospects around. Unfortunately he was unable to match the output of his sophomore season. He recorded 12 less tackles, 7 less tackles for loss, and 3 less sacks as a junior. It wasn’t all about the numbers though. Hankins seemed to disappear during stretches of far too many games. Some of this can surely be attributed to his facing a much higher number of double teams than ever before. He’s going to have to learn to handle the double though, because he’s likely going to be asked to control two gaps at the next level and will see two blockers more often than not. Now, guys with the size, athleticism, and versatility of Hankins don’t come around very often. He quite simply makes plays that other defensive tackles of his size dream of. Hankins even spotlighted as a defensive end in the Buckeyes’ 4-3 defense during his sophomore and junior seasons. Even if he gets pegged as a nose tackle, he’s far from only being a two down player. A move to the nose will take an adjustment period. Hankins also needs to become a more consistent player all-around. He’s still certainly looks the part of a first round pick.

Scouting Notes:

Ohio State vs. California
• Plays off multiple blocks effectively against a toss his way but loses his balance in the open field and goes down
• Forces Zach Maynard to step up after speed rushing the left guard to the outside, spins back to the inside when Maynard moves up
• Sheds the right guard with ease on a speed option to his side, swallows up Maynard after he keeps the ball and freezes
• Chases down a run to the opposite side after playing off a failed cut block attempt with impressive athleticism
• Stacks up the left guard and fights through a combo block to make the tackle in the hole
• Mirrors the back perfectly on an outside zone, keeps outside shoulder free and fights over the top when he bounces the run
• Tries to bend the corner as an edge rusher and is planted face first when he loses his balance
• Redirects well to make the open field tackle on a middle screen, disengages well
• Drives back the left guard and cleanly sheds him to trip up the back as he runs through Hankins’ inside gap
• Throws the right tackle with strong hands on a toss to his side and makes the tackle at the line of scrimmage
• Stands up Brian Schwenke and works down the line before shedding him with ease and getting in on the tackle
• Blows by the left tackle with a quick-footed speed rush to the inside and forces a quick throw from Maynard
• Blows by the left guard with a strong initial punch combined with a quick move to the outside while he’s off balance, sacks Maynard

Ohio State vs. Penn State
• Stacks the right guard perfectly at the line but doesn’t find the ball and shoots inside gap while the back goes to the outside
• Jumps offside from the nose tackle position and allows a free play to happen
• Plays down the line effectively on an off tackle run, unable to shed well enough to make a clean tackle and the back falls forward for an extra yard or two
• Pops the guard with a strong punch to create space against an off tackle run to his side, unable to get lateral quick enough to make the play
• Forces a desperation throw after coming free as a pass rusher, relentless well into the fourth quarter
• Overpowers the center and walks him right into the hole, makes the tackle for loss inside the five yard line
• Swims through a double team as a pass rusher

Ohio State vs. Michigan
• Puts athleticism on display by redirecting on a play action quick screen, makes the tackle on the edge after the receiver dances
• Struggles to control and work down the line on a Denard Robinson sweep, gets locked up too easily
• Works through the blockers inside gap and gets a piece of the back on the goal line
• Consistently neutralized by double teams as a pass rusher
• Takes a false step on a misdirection sweep and gets pinned from the play by the center
• Stands up the left guard at the line and fights through congestion to make a tackle for loss on an inside draw
• Throws a shoulder into the chest of the quarterback as he’s going down and the ball pops out

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