Everett Dawkins Scouting Report

February 28th, 2013

Dawkins showed enough promise to earn a Senior Bowl invite

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Everett Dawkins, DT, Florida State
Height: 6’2 1/8”
Weight: 292 lbs
Grade: 6.5 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Adequate speed in pursuit, can make plays on the edge
+Explosive first step off the snap to shoot into contact or through gaps
-Has balance issues related to getting his pads too low and leaning too far forward on contact, ends up on the ground too often
-Lean frame for an interior defensive lineman coupled with a lack of strength in the lower half to match that of bigger blockers

+High energy player to the point of playing out of control occasionally
-Questionable football IQ, struggles to hold gap discipline and has inconsistencies in ball awareness
+Successful in the classroom, graduated in 3.5 years

Pass Rush:
+Impressive speed rusher with ability to get around blockers with a quick lateral step and can bend with plus hip flexibility
+Effective on stunts with speed moving forward and quickness to work laterally first
+Gives a strong first punch to pass blockers and can work combo moves off it
+Has a developed repertoire including a quick and effective spin and a swim move
+Relentless rusher who gets more pressure on quarterbacks than the statistics indicate
+High discipline while rushing to keep mobile quarterbacks in the pocket and not leave running lanes

Run Support:
-Liability in the running game between the tackles, lack of strength the biggest factor
-Unable to anchor and get blockers stood up at the point of attack, often overpowered and driven off the ball
-Inhibited by short arms when trying to create space and disengage from blockers, gets locked up far too often
+/-Has quick first step to shoot gaps and be disruptive in the backfield, doesn’t show up in games often enough however

+Has strong hands and active feet to pick his way through traffic
+Consistently plays with low pad level, gets underneath the pads of blockers
+Plays with a low center of gravity which aids lateral movement

Everett Dawkins may be one of the most overlooked players on the Florida State defense and it’s not tough to imagine why. When you play next to the likes of Bjoern Werner, Tank Carradine, Brandon Jenkins, and Tim Jernigan, you’re likely to be forgotten. While Dawkins doesn’t possess the size and strength to be an every down defensive tackle in the NFL, his pass rushing skills should intrigue teams. He was a very disruptive force from the inside on passing downs for the Seminoles. He may be able to do that on day one against NFL pass blockers. He’s a creative rusher who has developed a variety of moves. His athleticism and flexibility pay dividends as well. Dawkins has a notable injury history, including a season ending injury as a freshman and a thumb injury that required surgery as a sophomore (though he didn’t miss a game). The question is where does a pass rushing specialist fit in the draft. Ultimately, Dawkins makes sense in the late rounds because he’s simply a situational player at this stage in his career.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Florida State vs. Clemson
• Unable to anchor from a head up position on consecutive run plays, gets washed inside each time with ease
• Redirects well when he recognizes a quick screen to the short side, gets in on the tackle after the runner is held up
• Shows impressive burst and lateral movement with an inside rush move across two gaps, beats the center with speed and blows up Andre Ellington’s block, gets his hands up as Tajh Boyd just gets it away in time
• Crashes inside against his gap discipline, leaves a lane for Ellington to cut back into and is out of position when he does
• Sheds the block of center Dalton Freeman quickly but can’t close on the ball to the next gap quick enough to make the tackle
• Slides off the right guard with ease as a pass rusher and chases Tajh Boyd from the pocket, forces a throw away
• Leverages well after being double teamed to track Boyd to the sideline when he leaves the pocket, makes him throw it away instead of picking up yards with his legs
• Tries a spin move to no avail as a pass rusher and gets hit by the pass on the shoulder while engaged with the blocker, right place right time pass breakup

Florida State vs. North Carolina State
• Eventually sheds the block on an edge run and chases down the back downfield
• Gets kicked out by a combo block and fails to stay square, unable to hold both blockers
• Rotates in and out frequently as part of a defensive tackle rotation
• Comes free with a quick spin move as a rusher, ball already out of Mike Glennon’s hand
• Squeezes through a gap on a miscommunication as a rusher and gets tripped from behind on a blatant holding penalty from the right tackle
• Beats the right guard to his inside gap as a rusher with a quick move but stumbles out of contact and goes down
• Shows off impressive spin and swim moves on multiple occasions as a pass rusher, Glennon consistently getting it out quickly though
• Comes free quickly after a deadly swim move but Glennon sidesteps him when Dawkins fails to break down and misses

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