Eric Fisher Scouting Report

February 4th, 2013

Eric Fisher is a top 10 talent

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 305
Grade: 8.15 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Has great length with long arms and broad shoulders
+Light on his feet, moves very fluidly for a 305-pounder
+Possesses excellent upper body strength, especially in shoulders and chest
+Exhibits good balance and flexibility
+In excellent condition with stamina and no serious injury history
-Is right at the top of acceptable height range, must bend at more than just the knees to reach smaller targets

Pass Blocking:
+Has the anchor strength to take on power rushers
+Excellent mirror skills and a polished kick step outside; his footwork and coordination are exceptional for the position
+Good anticipation of moves and quick reaction to countermoves
+Has shown he can quickly cut the end and bounce right back up
+Maintains control of the action once he gets his arms extended. I watched 6 games and he did not get beat once when he got both hands on a defender
-Will let the defender dictate the action at times; can be passive off the snap, especially to defenders lined up well to his outside shoulder
-Much better blocking to his outside than inside, doesn’t keep pad level as well when attacked to his right

Run Blocking:
+Innately squares to his defender with feet and shoulders, seldom gets beat to the punch
+Aggressively drives with quick, choppy feet and demonstrates plus power when engaged
+Does a good job finding targets and engaging in space
+Blocks down adequately and has some ability to combo block
+Tenacious, combative effort
-Will get his hands too high and/or wide at times on initial punch

+His footwork is what coaches use as the ideal example
+Uses his length and jolting punch effectively
+Plays with good pad level and sinks his hips naturally
-Tends to absorb contact by arching his back instead of with his lower body
-Defenders with strong, quick hands can beat him, particularly to his inside

+Possesses excellent positional awareness
+Was flagged for just four accepted penalties in his final two seasons at CMU
+Was instantly respected by peers during Senior Bowl week

Eric Fisher was well-known in the Great Lakes area as his senior season progressed, but after an outstanding Senior Bowl week the rest of the football world knows his name. He is a late-blooming athletic marvel with excellent length and strength for a tackle. His best attribute is his near-impeccable footwork, but teams will also love his tenacity and flashes of churlishness. There is a significant leap between the level of pass rush competition in the MAC and what Fisher will see in the NFL, but he has the physical ability and mental mindset to make the jump with fewer bumps than most top-tier tackles. If he can fix his flaw of arching his back, which does provide a legit injury risk, there is little doubt that Fisher can quickly become a Pro Bowl-level tackle. He will absolutely be a top 12 pick, perhaps a top 5 pick–Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes

Central Michigan vs. Michigan State
–pancakes defender inside on run to his outside
–stonewalls defender making a bull rush and pushes him backwards
–fires out with his arms and pushes DE back into the LB, opening a hole for a big run by Tipton
–initially gets beat to the inside with a dip move but recovers quickly and winds up planting defender into the back of the center
–locks down Marcus Rush with quick arm extension and pushes him far outside
–lets Gholston take himself too far up the field and pushes him away well behind the QB

Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan
–easily mirrors outside rush and pushes end well past the QB
–blocks down and turns the defender into the scrum, opening hole at goal line for an easy Tipton TD plunge
–forklifts outside blitzer, lifts both his feet off the ground and throws him to the side
–pushes his man down into the defensive tackle in goal line situation to allow another Tipton TD
–did not allow a QB pressure the entire game

Northern Illinois vs. Central Michigan (2011)
–throws defender to the ground on three of the first four plays
–executes a quick cut block on Progar on a screen, gets up and makes a block 11 yards down the field on middle backer
–Progar crosses his face and gets low to the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage
–I counted 6 pancake blocks and just two defeats

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