Datone Jones Scouting Report

February 28th, 2013

Jones impressed at the Combine and Senior Bowl

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
Height: 6’3⅞”
Weight: 283 lb.
Grade: 7.39 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Explosive first step with ability to accelerate through holes and into the backfield
+Limitless raw power which shows up on an every-down basis
-Open field speed and pursue ability that of an interior lineman more so than that of an edge defender
-Struggles to stay under control occasionally and technique suffers as a result

-Not a highly disciplined player, takes himself out of plays by getting too far upfield often, rarely spins back into the flow of plays
+Decisive reactions to what he sees, not a hesitant player in the least
+/-Relentless drive between the tackles but will motor it down at the end of plays he doesn’t think he can get to
+Highly experienced defender with 43 career starts
+Positionally versatile player who was used all across the defensive line

Pass Rush:
+Has a considerable repertoire of pass rush moves that come natural to him from the interior
+Effectiveness much higher when rushing from outside in than from inside out
+Packs a powerful first punch and can work in moves effectively after jolting blockers and knocking them off balances
+Combines a powerful club with a quick lateral step to win to the inside, utilizes power with a strong rip and swim move as well
+Has explosion off the snap to run past slow-footed pass blockers
-Lacks edge rush ability despite first step quickness, unable to finish around the corner with speed

Run Support:
+Gap penetrator who has disrupted many a backfield, has the upper body strength to ward off the hands of blockers from either side
+/-When he shoots his hands well on first contact he can control blockers well, lacks consistency though
-Ability to shed blockers quickly and thoroughly is limited by lack of proper technique from his hands
-Effectiveness of stacking run blockers at the line and controlling multiple gaps limited due to want of shooting gaps and lack of discipline
-Often fails to break down after getting into the backfield and misses tackles as a result
+High impact tackler who hits quarterbacks and ball carriers with force while wrapping
-Target for kick out blocks due to his tendency to get too far upfield when left unblocked initially

+Strong hands mean high potential in his hand usage
+Consistently keeps his pad level down and wins leverage battles at the point of attack
-Loses hand battles at the point of attack more often than not and can’t keep the hands of blockers off his chest as a result
-Lacks technician qualities that usually come with a player of his experience, can be attributed to winning with natural ability

Datone Jones is simply a bully to offensive linemen. His strength and quick first step make him a handful for any offensive line. In 2013 he put together an extremely productive senior season with 57 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, and 6 sacks. He has ability to fly through gaps and leave blockers in his wake or to win with a powerful punch and a strong lower half. The scary part is that he hasn’t really hit his true potential yet because he still plays with reckless abandon and technique that needs to be refined. He’s a perfect fit for any defense that likes to get creative with their front 7, because there’s so much he brings to the table. Jones should be highly sought after by teams that run a hybrid scheme because of his versatility. He has all the natural tools to contribute and be disruptive on day one. If Datone Jones can continue to develop into his body and learn to make even better use of his strength and athletic ability, there’s no doubt that he can become one of the league’s best defensive linemen.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

UCLA vs. Oregon State
• Shoots the inside gap and wins past the right tackle with a quick first step, can’t reach the quarterback before he gets it out
• Takes himself out of multiple plays by shooting gaps and not reacting to where the blocker wants him to go
• Blows by the right guard after striking him with a club and ripping through quickly, center comes over and just gets enough of him to prevent a sack
• Engages both the center and left guard on an inside stunt, frees a blitzing linebacker for a sack
• Swims a poor, lunging block from the right tackle but whiffs on a the running back in the backfield
• Consistently dominating one on one blocks in the running game, getting into the backfield, but not quite being able to make plays on the ball carrier
• Drives blocker to the outside on a sweep, forces the back to cut it inside for no gain
• Puts the right guard on skates with a powerful bullrush right back into the quarterback who has to step up and gets sacked by oncoming rushers
• Frees himself to the inside as a rusher with another powerful club, gets chopped down by the running back right before he hits the quarterback
• Stands up a blocker at the point of attack and collapses inside to get in on the tackle, never truly disengages though and is slowed down by it

UCLA vs. Washington State
• Swims a lunging run blocker and makes a strong tackle for loss after breaking down in the backfield
• Shoots to the pass blocker’s inside gap and is too strong to be affected when he gets his hands on Jones, chases the quarterback from the pocket
• Beats the block with an inside rip as a pass rusher but can’t explode through to free himself, can only move the QB off his spot while the blocker rides his hip
• Comes through the line all too easy on a field goal attempt and blocks a very low kick
• Drives back the right guard on a power move and slides off well, gets his hands up when the QB starts his motion and forces an errant throw
• Gets underneath the pads of the run blocking guard and quickly pursues down the line on a backside sweep, makes the tackle for loss while breaking down in space
• Blows by the center with an explosive first step, forces a duck from the quarterback as he tries to throw while being dragged down
• Stays home against a misdirection play, waits in the hole for the ball carrier to cut back and tackles him for a loss when he does

UCLA vs. Stanford (Pac-12 Championship Game)
• Shows open field speed by tracking down Stepfan Taylor on a swing pass, redirected well to chase
• Slides off the down block from the right tackle after starting from an inside shade position, wins to the inside with strength and makes a tackle for loss
• Overpowers the tackle to his outside on a speed option, forces an immediate pitch from the quarterback
• Reads a pull from the guard he’s head up on, takes a quick lateral step in the direction he’s going and gets play-side of the down block from the center and into the hole, comes in too hot and whiffs on the tackle attempt
• Too quick through the A gap for the right guard to down block him and forces an immediate checkdown
• Blows by the right tackle to his outside with a strong rip move and smartly lays off the quarterback when the ball is already out
• Allowed to come unblocked and shoots well upfield, cannon fodder for the kickout block coming from the pulling guard at that point
• Shows high motor to continue pursuing the QB after being rooted off his initial rush attempt, plants him after a lengthy scramble attempt in the backfield
• Stood up on initial rush attempt and jolts the running back as he goes out into his route in the flat

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