Corey Lemonier Scouting Report

February 10th, 2013

Corey Lemonier really fell off as 2012 progressed. How much promise is left?

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Prospect: Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB, Auburn
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 253 lbs (per his Twitter on Jan 16th.)
Grade: 6.75 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:
+Very impressive physical specimen, well-muscled in both upper and lower body
+Decent short area quickness, has some ankle flexion and natural bend
+Has plus speed for his position and does possess a chase gear
+Coordinated and balanced in space, good economy of motion
-Doesn’t have great functional bulk or anchor strength in lower body, slim hips and butt
-Has a tendency to play on train rails at times, makes himself more straight-linish than he should be

Pass Rush:
+Possesses an excellent first step and he can take off from either foot, an underrated and uncommon attribute
+Has strong ability to flatten around the edge once he gets his inside shoulder past the tackle
+Good closing burst and stays in control as he approaches the QB, doesn’t give easy escape routes
+Shows a quick spin move that he can take inside or outside, feels the leverage of the tackle well
+/-Was not asked to rush from a 2-pt stance often but showed some ability to press the edge from a pseudo OLB position
-Tries to bull rush but really lacks the strength to be effective
-Has limited ability to get off when the initial move fails

Run Support:
+Locates the ball pretty adeptly and never stops attacking in trying to get to it
+Has some pop to his hits
+Generally shows good fundamental hit and wrap technique with head up
-Lacks anchor strength to set the edge
-Doesn’t shed well when the play is being run at him; gets his shoulders turned and driven backwards too frequently
-Overruns his containment more than he should, gets overaggressive and loses his gap/lane integrity

+Generally has good pad level to try and leverage blockers
+Extends arms quickly and consistently shows good hand placement
+Good at disengaging to get cross-field and downfield pursuit on run plays
-Doesn’t have great foot frequency but keeps them chopping
-Gets overly reliant on his speed, tries to out-quick the blocking too frequently

+Very tenacious defender who plays to the whistle on every snap
+Not afraid to take on bigger players
+Consistently shows good ball location ability and anticipates plays
-Tends to get easily frustrated if he is not faring well
-Takes himself out of too many plays by being over aggressive
-Flagged for five roughing penalties in two seasons
+No off-field or character flags

Overall: Lemonier is an interesting draft study. He was highly regarded entering his junior season and played very well in the opening loss to Clemson. After that, he spiraled downhill with the rest of the Tigers program. It’s hard to separate Lemonier from the struggles around him; he did not have a great deal of talent around him and it appeared he tried to do too much at times. He is an emotionally charged player and tends to press and struggle when things aren’t going his way. He was actually benched late in the year after a series of legitimately lousy games where you wondered how anyone would consider drafting him at all, let alone in the top 50 as he was (and is) being mocked by so many.

But there is legit promise with Corey Lemonier. He is speedy and relentless after the passer. I looked back on my notes from 2011 and they were much more positive than this past season. He has some decent pass rush moves and has room to fill out a little more and gain more functional strength, which is one of his biggest weaknesses. His size and speed should allow him to play both DE in a 4-3 or stand up and play more in space as a 3-4 OLB. That is probably a better fit for Lemonier, at least early in his career, as a sub-package pass rusher who can press the edge and flatten quickly. Those abilities and his motor will get him drafted by the end of the second round, perhaps even in the first round. That seems very high to me for a player with his limitations and prolonged stretch of inadequate play.–Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes
Auburn vs. Mississippi State
-Tries to beat LT Blaine Clausell wide on first three dropbacks, Clausell easily stymies him with good mirror skills
-Gets bulled backwards on cutback run
-Uses a nice inside spin move to get past tackle but QB threw ball before he could get pressure
-Avoids a poor cut block and closes quickly for the sack
-Crosses the tackle inside and fills the hole for a tackle at the line
-Shows good pursuit to chase a stretch to the other side
-Gets caught going too far upfield and gives up QB scramble past his abandoned containment for a 1st down conversion

Auburn vs. Georgia
-Lines up in Wide 9, gets pushed wide as Murray completes TD pass with no pressure
-Stays active in driving feet, makes tackle on cutback run
-Crashes inside, Murray takes off around his (left) end for big gain, Lemonier cannot catch him in pursuit
-Crosses the face of the tackle and gets a pressure, but Murray stands and delivers a TD pass just before the hit
-Hits Murray in the head late, gets roughing penalty
-Tackle turns Lemonier’s shoulders out of the hole
-Uses a quick stutter step move to beat tackle inside
-Shows excellent downfield pursuit to make tackle on run that started to right side

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt
-Tries a straight bull rush, gets shoulders turned outside by tackle
-Gets cut, regains balance and gets his nose in on the tackle
-Lines up Wide 9, tacks too far upfield to get to Rodgers. This note could be repeated multiple times
-Uses inside spin move but runs into guard on first step off spin
-Dips inside shoulder to get under tackle, forces a pressure
-Pushed backwards on run to his edge, Zac Stacy cuts it inside for nice gain
-Gets too high on tackle attempt, Stacy wiggles out underneath
-Tacks wide around tackle but gets to Rodgers two steps after ball was released

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