Caleb Schreibeis Scouting Report

February 10th, 2013

Caleb Schreibeis won the Buck Buchanan Award as the top defensive player at the FCS level in 2012 (photo courtesy Great Falls Tribune)

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Caleb Schrebeis, DE/OLB, Montana State
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 252 lbs at Shrine Game
Grade: 6.25C (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Strongly built with thick torso and developed calves
+Good base strength and reinforces it with quick, choppy steps
+Has decent speed and a real chase gear
-Has some tightness to his hips and ankles
-Not an explosive short-area player

Pass Rush:
+Has a quick jump off the snap and good-not-great first step
+Shows very strong use of hands for a FCS-level player
+Closes with power and an extra burst of juice, can make the sack without getting a clean shot
+Has an innate feel for leverage and can quickly counter what the blocker is trying to do to him
+Really drives his feet and shows good bull rush ability, explosive power in first contact
+Relentless hustle, often plays past the whistle with a passionate intensity
-Needs an extra step to turn the corner when rushing wide
-Doesn’t stop momentum or change direction quickly to catch more agile QBs

Run Support:
+Quick to diagnose the play pre-snap and position himself better to make the play
+Squares to the hole with balance and low center of gravity
+/-Loves to hit but can go for the kill shot instead of the form tackle
-Lateral range was fine at FCS level but looked merely average during Shrine Week practices
-Gets out of balance and control in pursuit, vulnerable to over-pursuit and sharp cutbacks

+Keeps excellent pad level, sinks hips very well and drives thru tackle
+Has a jolting hand punch
+Has a variety of countermoves to get off blocks
+Possesses a well-developed club move and targets the football well; forced eight fumbles as a senior
-Was admonished during Shrine Week for dropping his head several times in pass rush drill

+Former walk-on who worked his way into FCS Defensive Player of the Year
+Honor student majoring in Mechanical Engineering
+Shows relentless hustle on every snap
+Has done missionary trips to Brazil
-Was suspended for a game for a questionable hit that left opposing WR unconscious. Hit was not a head shot but was very late on defenseless receiver

Overall: Every year there is someone who comes from out for nowhere to catch my fancy. This year that player is Caleb Schreibeis, who stood out at the first Shrine Game practice and never relented. I was impressed all week with his intensity, his power, and his ability to make impact plays in team drills. I saw a great deal of potential on the field in St. Pete, which sent me scrambling for some game tape.

After watching two games of coach’s tape and highlights from two others, I still have a shine to Schreibeis. I believe his power will translate well to the NFL, and he’s got enough anticipation skills and a hot enough motor to somewhat compensate for being an average athlete. His game is similar to Jarret Johnson, a powerful hybrid OLB/DE who makes a good strongside edge-setting complement to a dynamic pass rusher on the other side. I like Schreibeis a little more as an all-around player than Kroy Biermann, who was a 5th round pick out of rival Montana. That’s about the range Schreibeis should be drafted, and he could emerge as a starter on the left side in a couple of years while contributing on special teams and sub packages early. His coaches will love him. –Jeff Risdon

Scouting Notes

Montana State vs. Montana
-lines up on both sides at end and also standing in B gap just behind the DT
-shoots the C gap quickly, gets to the ballcarrier almost untouched for TFL
-draws a holding penalty by using swim move to get past right tackle
-gets stymied on edge rush, jumps up and deflects pass
-uses a false half-step inside to create space and get around the edge, but can’t gather in time to get to QB
-diagnoses swing pass but cannot catch up to RB at the sideline
-shoots into B gap and gets washed further inside, QB escapes outside
-catches the tackle flat footed and explodes to inside to rack up sack before QB hit the top of his drop

Sam Houston State vs. Montana State
-brushes aside lunging guard and stones Flanders in the hole, drives feet to stand him up
-moves inside pre-snap to avoid obvious double team, assists on tackle in opposite B gap
-blows up Flanders run on goal-line stand
-frozen on read option, Sincere gets outside past his diving arm for TD
-double-teamed, gets stuck at line on wide rush
-tries to avoid double team by going wide, takes himself out of play
-uses a violent down swipe with inside arm to get off block and make tackle on edge run
-was double teamed vs. run more often than not, did not get much opportunity to make plays

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