Alec Ogletree Scouting Report

February 14th, 2013

Alec Ogletree showing off his impressive athleticism and ball skills (photo from Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 232 lb.
Grade: 7.19X (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Impressive all-around athlete with game centered around open field speed to cover sideline to sideline
-Lacks short area-quickness, more of a long strider
+Tall linebacker with a lean frame, nowhere near maxed out as a converted safety
+Strong player despite his frame with likelihood that he becomes even stronger

-Hesitant defender who doesn’t trust what his eyes tell him due to a combination of lack of experience and below average football IQ
-Struggles with gap discipline as a run defender, related to the slow read and react
-Motor runs cold occasionally, quitting on plays that he feels he can’t make
–Was suspended for the first four games of his junior season after failing drug tests (plural!) during spring practice

Pass Rush:
+Frequent blitzer with experience off the edge and between the tackles
+Impressive burst from a standing position to delay blitzes effectively and catch pass blockers out of position
+Surprisingly effective hand usage as a rusher with high potential as an impact blitzer

Run Support:
+Can click and close on the ball very quickly moving forward or laterally
-Big target for run blockers because he doesn’t lower his pad level or use his hands to keep his body clean
-Very poor hand usage to shed blockers, throws his shoulder into blocks occasionally instead of firing his hands to create separation
-Struggles to pick his way through traffic due to lack of hands and poor technique
-Prone to taking poor angles working from inside out on boundary runs, often cuts back inside second level blocks and tries to chase from behind
+/-Very high tackler without proper leg drive, has all the power you look for though
-Often fails to break down in space, continues long strides and doesn’t drop his pads, leads to missed tackles

+Rangy in coverage with ability to get depth quickly, loose hips to turn and run
+Very long arms which he gets into passing lanes to good effect, high number of deflections
+Impressive ball skills as expected of a converted safety
-Struggles to redirect on play action, slow recognition skills

Alec Ogletree is a linebacker prospect who will draw a high variety of reviews from good to bad. He does have some injury history after missing half of the 2011 season with a broken foot. As a converted safety, his athletic ability is second to none. Linebackers who can run like Ogletree don’t exactly grow on trees. His potential in pass coverage is substantial, an aspect of the game he had a high impact on as a college linebacker. The problem comes when he’s asked to defend the run. Quite frankly, he was a bit of a liability for Georgia and certainly will be early on in his NFL career. He struggles to take on and shed blocks with any consistency and is slow to diagnose plays. Where he best fits scheme-wise is unclear at this point. His range as a sideline to sideline defender means you’d love to let him play from the middle and get to the ball at a high rate. Combine that with his ability to get after the quarterback as a blitzer means his highest upside is probably as an inside linebacker in an odd front. His best bet may be to play weak-side linebacker in an even front though. It would simplify his reads and do more to keep him working in space instead of playing off blocks. Either way, there is so much uncertainty when it comes to projecting Ogletree to the NFL. With the quality of linebackers in this year’s draft, he really should be on the board at the start of the draft’s second day. He won’t last that long, however.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

Georgia vs. Alabama
• Warmack leads up the hole, Ogletree shoots inside the block and bends quickly to just get a piece of the running back
• Takes a good ankle to the outside on a Lacy screen pass, ends up making the tackle by outrunning the block of Barrett Jones
• Comes free as unblocked defender from right edge, chases down the run to the opposite side effectively
• Doesn’t overrun play when Yeldon cuts back and reverses field, accelerates to the ball quickly and drags him down while trying to rip out the ball
• Pops up quickly after a cut block in pursuit and gets in on the tackle
• Breaks on McCarron as he scrambles, ball comes out and Ogletree gives him a clean bit very strong hit, called for roughing the passer
• Takes on Warmack’s block too high on the goal line and gets pushed back with ease
• Fills hole quickly on next goal line play and matches power with Eddie Lacy, who doesn’t get in
• Breaks in front of a hook route in the endzone, ball thrown elsewhere
• Takes on a Michael Williams block with his chest, eventually slides off but can’t hit Yeldon square and he slips out of the tackle
• Blocked field goal bounces right into his lap, returns it for a touchdown, impressive speed
• Gets caught unaware by a Williams block at the second level, didn’t see it coming, easily pinned from the ball
• Comes free and meets T.J. Yeldon in the hole with a strong, but high tackle
• Consistently exposing his chest to blockers with negligible hand usage to shed
• Handled at the second level by Warmack often in the second half, has no answer
• Gets inside of a Williams block with great anticipation and burst to the ball, meets Yeldon in the hole to make the solo tackle

Georgia vs. Tennessee
• Gets cracked inside on a toss from an outside linebacker position on the line of scrimmage
• Flows with Tyler Bray’s eyes and gets arms up to tip a ball on a deep in route, ends up being intercepted
• Breaks effectively with Zach Rogers on an in route on the goal line, gets his inside arm across the ball as it arrives but unable to break up the pass
• Changes directions cleanly on a reverse, gets to the sideline to get in on the tackle
• Consistently hesitating to fill holes, doesn’t seem to trust his eyes
• Shows his burst to close on an out route, has the ball go off his hands, could have intercepted it
• Stops his feet and lunges to make a tackle in space, whiffs on a hard Cordarrelle Patterson cut
• Jumps across the ball pre-snap on an A-gap blitz, offsides
• Runs with Mychal Rivera the whole way across the field in man coverage, gets a hand in between his as the pass arrives

Georgia vs. South Carolina
• Loses eye contact with the football while taking on a blocker, Lattimore runs right past him
• Shows range in coverage, gets to sideline on an out route and bats the pass away
• Delivers a huge blow to Connor Shaw on the sideline right before he steps out
• Quick to shoot the inside gap of a tight end and tackle Lattimore for a tackle loss, came from a wide position
• Hesitates when unblocked on a power coming right at him, would have beaten the pulling guard to the ball carrier had he anticipated it, instead forced to take on the block
• Consistently slow to find the ball on read option plays

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