Bennie Logan Scouting Report

February 25th, 2013

Bennie Logan must improve his pad level to make it in the NFL

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Prospect: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU
Height: 6’2”
Weight:309 lbs
Grade: 6.58 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

-Adequate open field speed for a tackle, but not a great athlete in the sense of redirecting or overall foot quickness
+Obvious power generated from a lower half with adequate girth
-Stiff hipped lineman who struggles with pad level as a result
-Prevalent balance issues, often stumbles out of contact or loses feet when trying to lower his pad level

+Fiery leader on the field who wears the prestigious #18 for the Tigers defense, a symbol of leadership on and off the field
+High effort defender in pursuit or when fighting off blocks
+Clearly understands scheme and is assignment sound
-Struggles with gap discipline as a result of deficiencies in anchor ability and hand usage, ball awareness not the issue

Pass Rush:
-Low impact pass rusher who quits early and resorts to getting his hands up too often
+Productive batting passes and has a knack for timing his hands up with the motion of quarterbacks
+/-Average bullrush ability due to high pad level, productive pressing the pocket if he can lower his pads
-Hasn’t shown any ability to counter a power rush with a combination move

Run Support:
+Quick off the snap and has burst to split gaps and be disruptive in the backfield
-Gives up his chest to blockers too easily on initial contact and is forced to fight off blockers from behind with extra effort
+Strong hands to jolt offensive lineman and create space to disengage
-Unable to anchor double teams, ends up on the ground on most occasions
-Does a poor job working laterally down the line after shedding blocks, limited ability to accelerate to the ball
-Struggles to finish tackles when he arrives at the football, often comes in too high and fails to break down

-Struggles to bring his natural power to fruition due to consistently high pad level
+Can give blockers fits with strong hands and heavy punches, more consistency needed
-Will stop his feet while engaged occasionally and resort to using only his hands to free himself

Bennie Logan is next in the line of LSU defensive tackles who shined in college. He’s trying to buck the trend of disappointing production that the others have put up. Unfortunately, Logan didn’t progress in the way most expected from his sophomore to junior season but declared anyway. Some of that can be attributed to the increased number of double teams seen without the services of Michael Brockers. Logan is your prototypical 3 technique who does best when given a gap to control. He’s quick off the ball and into contact, often shooting past blockers before they’ve had a chance to set up. He’s far less effective when playing head up and being asked to control two gaps. He doesn’t control blockers at the point of attack as well as most tackles his size and is forced to guess a gap early on. Bennie Logan has obvious limitations that restrict him scheme-wise and should keep him from being drafted until the third day.—Darren Page

Scouting Notes:

LSU vs. Alabama
• Shoots inside gap of Chance Warmack effectively on an off tackle run but can’t clear the block in time to redirect and get to the football
• Too quick and too far inside for Warmack to cut him off with a down block, gets too far upfield and doesn’t break down though, allows a huge hole for Eddie Lacy to run through
• Locked up by Warmack on a run to his outside gap, creates just enough space to get an arm to the back in the hole
• Flows over the top of Warmack’s “box out” block and gets to Lacy in the hole but Lacy bounces off his poor tackle attempt
• Stoned and eventually pancaked on a down block from Chance Warmack, struggling with pad leverage
• Stops his feet while locked up with Cyrus Kouandjio and ends up on his knees while trying to shed
• Gets underneath the pads of Barrett Jones from a nose tackle spot and pushed him back into the hole, forces T.J. Yeldon to bounce the run outside
• Creates separation from a Warmack run block and gets into his inside gap, unable to penetrate enough to make the tackle in the backfield though
• Bats away a pass while engaged with Barrett Jones as a pass rusher, lacks repertoire of moves but gets hands up well
• Beats Jones moving laterally down the line and makes a tackle for a loss
• Loops around to chase A.J. McCarron after he scrambles but fails to break down in space and whiffs on the tackle attempt

LSU vs. Ole Miss
• Bats away a pass on the first third down after a meager power rush attempt
• Creates space on an inside hand off out of a shotgun set but simply doesn’t disengage and redirect to the ball in time
• Works down the line from the backside and waits perfectly for the cutback, there to make the tackle
• Avoids a cut block well and gets in on a tackle for loss against an inside run by the quarterback
• Flashes power from lower half by driving run blocker back right into the hole, gives ball carrier nowhere to go
• Controls blocker with one arm extended and makes an easy tackle at the line when the quarterback runs right into him
• Loses balance on an outside stunt and goes to his knees trying to power rush
• Gets locked up on an outside sweep and ends up disengaging by shooting the inside gap which effectively takes him out of the play
• Comes free as a pass rusher when the center expects help from the left guard, makes the sack but is called for a facemask penalty

LSU vs. South Carolina
• Gets hands into the chest of the left guard and when he loses his balance and goes down Logan is sitting in the hole to make the tackle
• Throws the guard as a pass rusher to come free, has Connor Shaw dead to rights but freezes his feet and falls down when Shaw jukes from the pocket, ends up sacked anyways
• Swims through a double team and shoots the gap on play action, stumbles out of contact, regains his balance but gives Shaw too much time to get rid of it
• Shows discipline to hold the edge against Shaw as a pass rusher on an outside stunt, keeps him contained
• Eventually wins to the inside on a relentless pass rusher and chases Shaw from the pocket

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