Tyler Bray Scouting Report

January 30th, 2013

Tyler Bray is far from a finished product (photo courtesy of BuffaloBillsDraft.com)

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 213
Grade: 6.4 (Grading Scale)

-Plays with very slow and heavy feet, struggles to reset them when moving through options or after a pump fake
-Can’t create space for himself in the open field, very rarely picks up yardage with his feet
-Very slight of frame with a thin lower half

Arm Talent:
+Generally an accurate passer, but ball placement severely lacking
+The deep ball is his specialty, can make “bucket” throws down the sidelines with adequate arm strength
+High velocity bails him out of traffic throws at times, can rifle the ball in with a clean pocket and proper mechanics
-Velocity inconsistencies arise due to mechanical issues, will leave some short passes in the dirt, then laser one in 30 yards downfield
-Mechanics worsen the farther downfield he wants to throw, elongated wind-up gets longer and longer
+Has enough natural arm talent to make throws from multiple arm angles even with poor footwork
-Ball comes out low despite height, prone to batted passes at the line

Pocket Presence:
-Very poor decision maker under pressure, game speeds up too much for him
-Incredibly squeamish about hanging in late to deliver the ball, will not sacrifice himself to wait for receiver to break in his route
-Often feels pressure that’s not there and continually backs farther and farther away
-Allows his lead shoulder to fly open when trying to get rid of it quickly under pressure, steps to the side throws with all arm
-Drops his eyes quickly when trying to elude pressure
-Poor handler of the football, very loose with it even when eluding pressure; very fumble prone
-Footwork falls apart if he’s not able to get it out on time with his drop
-Threw the ball up into double coverage late if pressure was on its way on numerous occasions

Command of Offense:
+Flashes anticipation skills for receivers moving in and out of defender’s zones
-Locks eyes onto receivers too often which defensive backs can easily follow
-Really struggles when initial reads fail and is forced to improvise outside of the pocket, unable to cover ground to create space or reset his feet on the move
+Showed a developed ability to anticipate and place a back shoulder throw as a junior
-Offensive scheme at its most complex was an either-or read with a check down, field often cut in half
+Showed ability to make pre-snap reads occasionally, especially with blitzers
+Very emotional player, will ride the highs and lows of the team
-Benched in the Vanderbilt game for what the coaches deemed to be “too amped up” causing poor play
-Didn’t improve at the rate most expected since getting 5 starts as a true freshman

Tyler Bray smartly declared after his top weapons Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson decided to bolt for the league. That’s saying something considering how raw Bray is as a quarterback prospect. His natural ability to sling the ball all around the field is undeniable, but so are his inconsistent results. Even in an offense with more talent than most quarterbacks are afforded, Bray is incredibly up and down. One play he places a seam route right between a linebacker and a safety on a rope. The next his footwork fails under pressure and a simple hook route lands in the dirt. To make matters worse, he’s shown signs of immaturity and lets his emotions get the best of him all too often. Quite simply, he’s not read to see the field against professional defenses any time soon. He needs to sit and learn behind a seasoned veteran while fixing some mechanical issues that will take time. Because the quarterback position is so highly valued and Bray has impressive natural ability, he still warrants a pick early on Saturday.

Scouting Notes
Tennessee vs. Georgia
• Drifts back against pressure that’s not actually there and gives up on a screen pass far too quickly
• Shows off velocity on deep corner route to Zach Rogers, buzzes it past the breaking Bacarri Rambo
• Locks his eyes onto Cordarrelle Patterson on a dig route, Alec Ogletree follows his eyes and bats the ball in the air, eventual interception
• Lays in a perfect bucket throw on a go route to Patterson who has it go right through his hands
• Tries to force the ball very late to his covered fullback after double clutching on a swing route, Ogletree gets his hands on it first but can’t haul it in
• Climbs pocket well and finds Mychal Rivera on a seam pattern for a long gain
• Goes to pre-determined destination when he sees a cornerback blitz coming, Patterson is well covered and Bray’s ball placement is awful, Sanders Commings intercepts

Tennessee vs. Alabama
• Drops in a perfect ball over the top of Robert Lester in man coverage to find Patterson in seam route
• Dee Milliner baits him into throwing the seam to Justin Hunter in the redzone, breaks on it and nearly intercepts it
• Has a disconnect with Marlin Lane on curl route out of backfield, throws wrong side and right into C.J. Mosley’s hands
• Reads both linebackers blitzing A gaps pre-snap and snaps a quick one off to Rivera in their absence, good run after catch as well
• Leaves a deep ball too far inside for an open Justin Hunter who has to reroute and can’t make the play, despite getting his hands to it
• Throws very late on a seam route in the endzone, lacked anticipation, easy interception for Lester

Tennessee vs. Florida
• Throws late into double coverage on a Hunter go route, easy interception broken up by a nice hit from Hunter
• Bails early when a rusher comes free, throws crossing pattern to Patterson without looking, right into waiting arms of Lerentee McCray dropping in zone blitz
• Poor ball placement should have another throw intercepted on a Hunter hook route, defensive backs cannot hold on
• Does well to avoid McCray coming free before slinging an accurate sidearm throw to a crossing Rivera
• Delivers accurate deep ball to Hunter who has a step on back in man coverage
• Tries to throw a crossing route absolutely flat footed after a pump fake and it goes right through the hands of Matt Elam
• Shows touch on a play action pass on goal line, Rivera comes free and Bray dumps it over the top of a couple Florida defenders
• Really struggles to accurately place the ball on multiple slants, almost always behind
• Throws terrific back shoulder sideline throw to Patterson in 1 on 1 coverage
• Intentional grounding when rusher comes untouched and he throws it to the flat, nobody there
• Follows up a rinse and repeat back shoulder throw to Patterson with a well-placed deep throw to him on the sideline


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