Travis Frederick Scouting Report

January 13th, 2013

Frederick has played both guard and center for the Badgers

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF

Prospect: Travis Frederick, OL, Wisconsin
Height: 6’4”
Weight:340 pounds
Grade: 6.8

Scouting Report:
+Holds several Wisconsin weight room records
+Exceptional power in close range combat
+Quick off the snap
-Slow-footed after the initial burst
-Lacks range and speed to operate in space

+Started as a true freshman, a rarity at OL factory Wisconsin
+Academic All-Big 10 as a Computer Engineering major
+Very adept at making line calls quickly
+Not afraid to mix it up physically or play past the whistle

Pass Blocking:
+Very stout against interior power rushers, excellent anchor strength
+Uses his size and powerful arms to stonewall interior rushers
-Struggles with quickness because he doesn’t move his feet well (see Penn State game)
-Will lunge out to reach defenders in space and gets compromised in balance
-Has poor recovery skills if he gets beat initially

Run Blocking:
+Devastating initial punch can rock even the heftiest DTs
+Works well in tandem blocks
+Has a good understanding of football geometry
+Has the brute strength to steer defenders and move them from the hole
-Has a nasty tendency to stop moving his feet when engaged
-Is strictly a one-block guy, cannot disengage and seek a secondary target
-Struggles to locate and engage moving targets beyond one step in any direction

+Sinks hips well in run blocking and when anchoring in pass protection
+Keeps hands inside and very seldom holds
-Struggles to keep his feet moving
-Will rise up while engaged, causing leverage issues that he attempts to counter with raw power instead of good technique

Frederick is not going to be every team’s cup of tea. He doesn’t move all that well unless the direction is straight forward. Put him in the right system however, and some team may find themselves with a Pro Bowler. He opens holes in the run game and has room to get even better. He’s immovable once he gets anchored which will help to ensure a QB a clean pocket against many opponents. He’s physically ready to play every interior spot and is good enough that he wouldn’t be a complete disaster at any of them his rookie year. Quicker guys are always going to give him problems but he’ll go toe to toe with the power guys and walk away fine.

In most classes, Frederick would be the best blocker in a phone booth, but Chance Warmack is in this class. Frederick is a limited player, as he just isn’t an elite athlete. If his skill set fits a team’s scheme he could be an elite player, but he has some bust potential because of his feet. He may have been better off returning to Madison for his senior season but he’s been in college for four years already. Look for him to go in the third round with teams placing more emphasis on an ability to fight inside.

Scouting Notes
Wisconsin vs. Ohio State 2012 (Center)
+Hammering NT Garrett Goebel as the hammer on a double team, opening up holes for Montee Ball and working his way to a Linebacker.
+Turned Goebel 1v1 to spring Ball for a solid run.
-Missed his block on the second level but Ball managed to avoid it and get the first. Stoned Goebel at the line in pass protection.
+ Pinned Tommy Schutt to the ground in pass protection. Occupied Zach Boren on a run up the middle.
-Got called for a questionable hold after succesfully reaching Goebel to lock him out of the hole, that’s an incredibly difficult block.
+Got into a bit of a shoving match with Hankins.
-Miscommunicated with the RG and allowed John Simon to destroy the QB.
-Appears slow and indecisive as a puller.

Wisconsin vs. Ohio State 2011 (Guard)
+ Did a very good job working double teams with Peter Konz.
+ Locked Jonathan Hankins out several times, showing an impressive anchor against an NFL ready player.
+ Drove back Hankins on a run up the middle.
-Tripped in the trash on a pull causing a gain of nothing.
+ Took advantage of the OSU DT’s over-aggressiveness, sealing him out of the play.

Wisconsin vs. Nebraska (Guard)
+ Consistently pounded Baker Steinkuhler and Jared Crick, driving them off the ball.
-Got over extended and beat by Crick on a speed rush.
+ Engulfed Lavonte David on several runs up the middle.
-Gave up a pressure to Jared Crick on a play action pass. When Frederick plays with sound fundamentals he’s destroying Crick, when he doesn’t move his feet, Crick is winning.
+ Popped Lavonte David on an excellent pull.
+ Did an excellent job turning his man out of the hole on several Ball runs up the middle.

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