Sylvester Williams Scouting Report

January 18th, 2013

Sylvester Williams is raw but has enough to like to be a top 45 pick

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF
Prospect: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 305 lb.
Grade: 7.1 (Grading Scale)

+Incredible raw power
+Impressive burst off the snap which allows him to split gaps with ease
-Too often fails to generate power from lower half and relies on upper body
-Down the line quickness in pursuit less than adequate, more of a north/south athlete

+High motor with aggressiveness and gives great effort on every snap
+One offsides penalty in two seasons
-Discipline level not very high, will run himself out of plays
-Tries to chase down plays to a fault, tires himself out quickly
-Has shown stamina issues
-Struggles with two gap responsibility, wants to penetrate into backfield

Pass Rush:
+Adequate variety of pass rush moves including a swim, club, and spin
+Has excellent quickness on spin move and can go to either side
-Can become too passive as a rusher at times if his initial move fails
-Bullrush is severely underutilized, can become somewhat predictable as a rusher
-Lacks technician qualities needed of an interior pass rusher, often wins on natural ability alone

Run Support:
+Does well to spin back into the hole if initial push is taking him away from the play
+/-Adequate strength to handle a double team but only shows it a few times on tape, too inconsistent
-Slow to diagnose plays and read blockers, reactions delayed often
-Takes himself out of too many plays by shooting gaps and getting too far upfield
-Doesn’t anchor and utilize strength enough, too often wants to chase down plays from snap of the ball

+Started to develop a spin move as a senior, effectiveness was inconsistent at best but is something to build on
+Technique has some untapped potential, flashes extremely heavy and powerful hands
+Quick off the snap, can shoot into contact with low pad level, but too often pops up afterwards
-Overall technique is extremely raw and undeveloped
-Lack of hand placement limits disengage ability, allows blockers to lock him up too easily
-Extremely over-reliant on the swim move, exposes chest to blockers in the process
-Overall pad level is too high, result of him wanting to make every play with athleticism instead of power

Sylvester Williams is that guy who could run you right over on almost every snap, but would rather showcase his athleticism and run around you. Unfortunately, that style doesn’t translate as well as the power game could for him. He’s a high potential prospect with quite a learning curve ahead of him. Williams only played one year of high school football before going the junior college route. So he only has five years of real football experience, only two of which were in Division I. He’s still learning the game and keeps showing improvement. Being so far behind in development is what will keep him from being the top ten pick he could have been otherwise. Even so, his natural ability and drive on the field will catch the eye of a team earlier than some may think. When he gets in the league, it will be all about the adjustment period and how well he can learn schematic responsibilities. He’s proven to be a quick learner throughout his entire football career, which is what may make him a first round pick in April.

Scouting Notes
North Carolina vs. NC State
+Splits double team to make easy TFL
-Bounces straight up out of stance and gets pushed backwards on run
+Loses initial leverage but has enough power to turn shoulders and get into the hole
+Quick swim move easily beats guard, runs past Glennon but gathers quickly and finishes sack
-Tries to spin nearly every time he’s blocked effectively, predictable


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