Shrine Game Notebook: West Squad Day Two

January 15th, 2013

Zach Sudfield, Nevada: Decidedly mixed bag for the very tall tight end. On a couple of occasions he snuck down the outside seam nicely, but he’s not sudden in getting there. Not much fast-twitch muscle and he really rounds his cuts. His best asset is his catch radius, which is easily the biggest of any receiver on the West. If he can reach it, he catches it. While lined tight, he missed a block on former Nevada teammate Duke Williams, and the safety easily crashed the backfield for a tackle for loss on a helpless Kerwynn Williams.

Josh Hill, Idaho State: His routes are visibly crisper than Sudfield, and he has better quickness off the line as well. He made a nice adjustment on a ball thrown low and behind him and nearly made the difficult catch. He was much sharper in the “find the hole in the zone” exercise, and the linebackers watching noticed it.

General Notes:
Came away very impressed with South Carolina LB Devonte Holloman. I stood next to the LBs on the sideline as they were rotating in and out of drills and was standing with a former NFL LB coach. Holloman was reading the plays from the sidelines and barking them out to the safeties and LBs, and he only missed the call twice out of about 25 times. It was very impressive, and he also showed real leadership and positive encouragement to his mates. Because he’s very good in space, this venue suits him incredibly well. His lateral quickness and closing burst are as good as most of the safeties here, and he showed good awareness in zone coverage. He looks bigger than his listed 6’2” height. He also was rocking some sweet Under Armour shoes with mirrored logos and SC graphics for you shoe aficionados.

Ohio State CB Travis Howard once again looked great in positional drills but lousy when facing off against actual offensive players. His ball location and field awareness skills are not pretty at all. He did make a diving breakup on an out route where the ball was not thrown outside by Doege.

Portland State K Zach Brown was really nailing the kickoffs deep, and he never kicked it right down the middle either at the coach’s request. I wasn’t really paying attention to him but I did see him sneak a 45-yard FG inside the left upright.

West Texas A&M T Manasi Foteki sat out practice with a strained calf and he will not be available the rest of the week. Bummer, because he needed the exposure.

I spent a lot of time watching the LBs in pass coverage. Aside from Holloman (see above), here are my notes:
AJ Klein, Iowa State–not getting deep enough in zone and his eyes never leave the quarterback, completely oblivious to the receivers around and just behind him

Keith Pough, Howard–loaded with quick-twitch muscle and very loose ankles, he can really change direction quickly and close on the ball. On one occasion he ran right with Sudfield down the seam and had to decelerate to about 75% to do so. In 11s drills he destroyed a quick screen to Williams, nearly beating him to the ball. Very active and impressive athlete.

Albert Rosette, Nevada–sorry but the only note I have is “took poor angle on outside run” in the 11s drill. Did little to grab any attention

Nathan Williams, Ohio State–I wrote in my notes “day late buck short”, which translates to a guy that reads the plays well but lacks the great athleticism to make the play right away. In one zone situation he just turned Sudfield loose down the sideline with no deep help behind him, and the big TE made an easy catch on a throw from an astonished Carder.

Steve Greer, Virginia–in zone he failed to get wide enough and allowed completions outside, which is where he needed to be. He also got too shallow a couple of times. Like Holloman, he was good at quickly seeing the plays when on the sideline, but he’s not near the athlete.

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  1. Billy G. says:

    You think the Lions are looking WR early? Bumphis sounds like someone we can use.

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