Senior Bowl Notebook: The Weigh-In

January 21st, 2013

Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

These events always strike me as bizarre. Hundreds of men gathered in a large conference room to watch young men parade forward in their underwear and get weighed and measured, taking meticulous notes about builds and what strikes their fancy.

Here are some things that caught my completely hetero eyes…
South Team:
Winner of the body building competition is Georgia DE Cornelius Washington. He measured 6’4”, 264 with a physique that most fellow athletes would pay good money to obtain. He reminded me physically of Lebron James.

At the other end of the spectrum was Kentucky G Larry Warford, who was a very sloppy 333 pounds with discernible rolls of fat around his midsection and shoulders.

Winner for the worst tattoo award goes to Tennessee TE Mychal Rivera, but calling them “bad” is too harsh. There are just a lot of them all over his upper body. A lot. Well-built athlete though.

Missouri LB Tavares Gooden was very impressive at 6’1.4” and 233 with rippling musculature all over. What made him stand out was the definition in his calves, which not a lot of other players seem to possess.

I was very excited to see Southern Miss LB Jamie Collins–a personal favorite heading into this week–measure out at 6’3.3” and 245 pounds. He was listed by USM as 6’1” and 228 and played a lot of defensive end pretty effectively at that listing. He is poised to crash the bottom of the first round at that size, and there are several 3-4 scheme teams in that range that could use an OLB like Collins.

Two safeties drew a lot of impressed nods for their weights and physiques. Georgia’s Bacarri Rambo tipped the scales at 215 and doesn’t have discernible fat anywhere, while Robert Lester from Alabama hit 212 and carries it nicely.

Stanford RB Stepfan Taylor looks very solid at 216 pounds on his 5’9” frame. Very naturally thick athlete, carries his weight well, You can see the power in his thighs when he walks.

Alabama tackle DJ Fluker is one seriously massive hombre. 6’4.7” and 355 pounds of both muscle and some excess fat. He walks like someone with chronic lower back pain, very deliberate side to side gait. Teammate Michael Williams stood out amongst the tight ends at 6’5.6” and 269 with very broad shoulders and a small waist. Williams is a guy who figures to help himself this week and this was a good start.

Louisiana Tech WR Quinton Patton came in at just 6’ even. He was listed at 6’2” and his game is somewhat predicated on his size, so that was disappointing. He’s not as thickly built as Hines Ward, whose game his resembles when Ward was coming out.

Also disappointing was Georgia DT John Jenkins, who came in at a very sloppy 359 pounds. He has little upper body definition; all his weight is jumbled between his ample breasts and the bottom of his butt.

BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah was not present. It was announced he was at the doctor’s office but we got no further explanation.

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson hit the 6’2” mark and bears a strong physical resemblance to Aaron Rodgers. Note I said physically similar!


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