Rose Bowl Observations

January 2nd, 2013

Badgers C Travis Frederick is a potential Lion

These come courtesy of Will Richards, who will contribute to DLD periodically. Will is a Wisconsin native and Packers fan (don’t hold it against him!) with an attuned eye for detail. Will has contributed at as well. 

Montee Ball (RB-Wisconsin)

Hits the hole hard when it’s there. Nice job picking up the blitz on the obvious passing down. Always falls forwards getting good yardage even when stopped. Got stuck in open space and missed a TD on a screen pass. Grinding out tough yardage, no wide open holes today. Never got the chance to show the down field moves or possible break-away speed.

Stepfan Taylor (RB-Stanford)

Effective runner with good vision. Slippery in tight spaces. Displays adequate power to slip through arm tackles. Nice hands and ability to make some people miss after the catch. Isn’t running away from anybody, longest run was 10 yards.

Zach Ertz (TE-Stanford)

Ertz is a very effective route runner and knows where he wants to go when against zone coverage. Has good enough speed down the field to break Cover-2 looks. Good ball skills to go up and bring down the ball. Taylor has no chance of guarding him. Decent enough as a blocker, not causing my mouth to water but not making me face palm either.

Ricky Wagner (OT-Wisconsin)

Worked well to pick up a stunt. Let Gardner cross his face to stuff White on the Goal line. Doing a good job keeping Phillips clean against whoever Stanford lines up in front of him. Not sure the feet are good enough for Sunday ball on the left side but heavy passing offenses will like him at RT. Expect a Wisconsin lineman to be a better run blocker and a worse pass blocker.

David Yankey (OT-Stanford)

Doing a real good job mirroring the Badgers mediocre pass rushers. Having trouble moving Kohout off the ball. Didn’t look great but not terrible either, uses his hands well to seal guys out of the hole. Not blowing anybody backwards but doing a good job working holes open with angles and toughness.

Travis Frederick (C-Wisconsin)

Second play of the game destroyed Shayne Skov springing Ball for a huge gain. Is doing work on the interior doubling down to LBers. He’s winning the battle against Stanford’s NTs. Stanford’s LBers are getting engulfed. Couldn’t keep Skov locked up in open space on the screen pass. Really struggling with Stanford’s speed on the interior. Parts of his game are great, others are really rough, game plays much better at Guard than Center.

Sam Schwartzstein (C-Wisconsin)

Looks really good today, struggling to open some holes up the middle but doing a good job not getting pushed into Hogan. Looks athletic enough and has cut guys down well on screen passes. Did well reading and reacting to Wisconsin’s Amoeba defense which gave Nebraska fits. Just can’t move the stout Wisconsin DTs to get to the second level consistently

Trent Murphy (OLB-Stanford)

Busted trying to jump the snap count and went off prematurely. Didn’t have much success against Wagner in getting after Phillips. Did very well against Wisconsin’s Jet Sweep and Derek Watt and Jacob Pedersen looked outmatched.

Ben Gardner (DE-Stanford)

Beat Wagner to the inside on 4th and Goal to stuff White at the goal line. Made several big plays at the line of scrimmage to stall Badger drives. Seems really quick with his hands and his get off. Got pushed back a few times too but did a really good job attacking Wisconsin’s offensive Line.

Shayne Skov (ILB-Stanford)

Got enveloped by Frederick second play of the game. Worked his way free against Fredrick to bring Ball down on a screen pass. He’s going to make some 4-3 team extremely happy as a Will backer. Great speed chasing down Melvin Gordon on Jet Sweeps.

Chase Thomas (OLB-Stanford)

Very strong at the point of attack. Drove Pederson into the backfield on the first Badger play of the game. Holding the edge very well against some good Wisconsin players outside. Didn’t see much of him on film, didn’t really stick out for good or bad.

Mike Taylor (OLB-Wisconsin)

Fills proper gaps to force Taylor back inside. Instinctive but not athletic enough to cover Stanford’s receivers when they go 3 or 4 wide or to cover Ertz.  Hogan is exploiting the mismatch. Doesn’t have the speed to get across the field consistently. Maybe a STer with his ability to tackle and attitude.

Josh Mauro (DT-Stanford)

Showed impressive quickness on the inside, gets Montee Ball down for a loss of 5. Does a good job getting his hands up to deflect passes at the line.

Chris Borland (ILB-Wisconsin)

Was the best player on the field for the Badgers and looked like the only guy that had any confidence that he could bring down Taylor in the open field.

James White (RB-Wisconsin)

The Badgers change of pace back who’s quick. Has breakaway speed but struggles finding a hole when it’s not blatantly there.

Levine Toilolo (TE-Stanford)

Got open in the end-zone to possibly seal the game for Stanford except that Hogan threw it over his head. Height and  straight-line speed are elite, looks like the next in a long line of really good Stanford TEs.

Ray Hewitt (FB-Stanford)

Wasn’t particularly effective as a lead blocker and didn’t catch much out of the bigfield. Not a big game for him.

Jared Abbrederis (WR-Wisconsin)

Torched the Stanford Corner to get open deep and then dropped the ball. Doesn’t seem confident in his ability to catch the ball deep. Doing good work getting open on underneath stuff. Showing good concentration snatching up a pair of tipped balls. Wisconsin didn’t throw much at all.

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