Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Week Edition

January 24th, 2013

17. Pittsburgh Steelers,
Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas–Pittsburgh is very old and fragile at safety, but what makes Vaccaro even more attractive here is that he has the cover ability to line up in the slot. He disappointed a lot of people by not attending Senior Bowl week, choosing to let his play speak for itself. The Steelers were not shy about watching the safeties in Mobile.

18. Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU–Long term potential with Ansah is the gamble, but there is enough freak speed and length to make a couple of impact plays a game right away. He would make good insurance for a free agency departure of Anthony Spencer and eventual replacement for Demarcus Ware.

19. New York Giants
Tyler Ertz, TE, Stanford–I feel strongly that Ertz will be the first TE drafted and anyone that wants him will be intimidated enough by the TE-desperate Bears picking next to move and get him here. This is more of a player/slot pick than a team/player pick.

20. Chicago Bears
Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State–Brown pulled out of the Senior Bowl with an injury but showed his intelligence and dedication by sticking around and being part of the team even though he couldn’t participate. His lack of height is the only real issue anyone can find, but the league is trending in his favor.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee–The first wide receiver comes off the board to be the second receiver in Cincinnati, which desperately needs a complementary threat to AJ Green. Patterson is a classic high-risk/reward talent; he’ll either be changing NFL games or the oil in your used Nissan in 4 years.

22. St. Louis Rams (from WAS)
DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins, WR, Clemson–This is the playmaker the Rams offense needs to put a scare into defenses. Nuke is electric with the ball in his hands and is a more polished receiver than I expected when I reviewed some Clemson film.

23. Minnesota Vikings
Keenan Allen, WR, California–Allen has gone forgotten a bit thanks to his injury but if you watch Cal tape, he’s quite literally always open. The Vikings need someone who can get reliably open, catch, and create.

24. Indianapolis Colts
Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia–Ogletree brings closing speed and ranginess to the defense, and he has the ability to play inside or outside in Chuck Pagano’s 3-4 look. He is another high risk/reward talent with too much upside to fall out of the first round.

25. Seattle Seahawks
DJ Fluker, T, Alabama–The goliath is one of the most proficient, nastiest run blockers to hit the NFL in years. His deficiencies in pass protection are mitigated in Seattle thanks to Russell Wilson’s mobility and creativity.

26. Green Bay Packers
John Jenkins, DT, Georgia–Jenkins had an interesting Senior Bowl week. He looked very sloppy at weigh-ins but is surprisingly fast and agile for a legitimately fat man. Jenkins would make a dangerous pass rushing option as a nose or 3-technique in Dom Capers’ ever-changing defensive fronts.

27. Houston Texans
Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia–The Texans learned the hard way late in the year that Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster are not enough to beat good teams; they need a playmaker in the slot. Austin’s excellent quickness and versatility make him a great fit in Houston, though this might be a little high to take him.

28. Denver Broncos
Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State–When he’s duly motivated Hankins is the best defensive tackle in this draft, a gap-crashing behemoth with cat-like quickness. John Fox had a lot of success with a similarly motor-challenged talent in Julius Peppers and will believe he can with Hankins too.

29. New England Patriots
Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina–He’s on the lighter side for a guard but Cooper is as technically sound as they come and doesn’t lack strength.

30. Atlanta Falcons
Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU–Because John Abraham cannot play forever. Because no one else on the roster is capable of more than 6 sacks. Because Montgomery is a better all-around player than credited.

31. Baltimore Ravens
Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB, Georgia–I’m of the strong belief that his neck issue and age (he’ll be 24 in October) will cause him to drop a lot further than what his havoc-wreaking pass rushing at Georgia would portend.

32. San Francisco 49ers
Alex Okafor, DE, Texas–One of the big winners of Senior Bowl week, Okafor showed explosive power and better-than-expected use of his length all week. There is room on his frame to add more bulk and fill the 5-technique hole facing the Niners, who do not have a DL under contract beyond next season.


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9 Responses to “Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Week Edition”

  1. maeby says:

    ughh…Mingo has been my guy for the Lions for a while now. This is one of the first mocks I’ve seen that has him going in the top-four. Needless to say, I’d be disappointed if that happened.

  2. Barry Lewis says:

    This mock draft is off by a wide margin.

  3. Jagsman says:

    for the jags id go with Damontre Moore whos Productive and athletic over mingo and in the 2nd round id go with Rhodes because rhodes seems like the Best corner in the Draft that fits Bradleys defense hes bringing over.

  4. Billy G. says:

    The Jets get Glennon? Don’t you hate that guy? I like the second and third for Lions.

    • adminLions says:

      What I think of players doesn’t matter. I’m trying to guess what the teams are going to do. It’s not my fault if they make an egregious error like that.

  5. frank ribble says:

    trade down in the 1st round for the missing 4th round pick

    1. travis fredrick c wisconsin
    2. ezekiel ansay de byu offer titus young to trade up
    3. devin taylor de south carolina
    4. robert lester s alabama
    5. dwayne gratz cb connecticut
    6. lerentee mccray olb florida
    7. chris mcdonald og msu

  6. steve earle says:

    Interesting mock. I see lots of mocks have KC taking the OT. I’d be surprised if they pass on best QB available, their desperate. Other option is try to get Alex Smith from SF but that would take their 1st plus.
    Another is NE taking Cooper OG @ 29. Seems unlikely Pat’s needs are DB, DL, WR. then OL. With only 3 picks above 7th rd something has to slide.

    • adminLions says:

      A lot of what KC does depends on what they decide with free agent LT Brandon Albert. If he goes then Joeckel is certainly more likely at #1. I doubt they even know at this point but I do know they were charting Tyler Wilson’s passes in every practice and nobody does that unless they’re very interested. I do very strongly believe Kansas City will have two new QBs next season, one a veteran and one drafted in 1st 35 picks.

      Not even the Patriots own coaches know what they’re going to draft before the card gets turned into the podium. I always expect them to trade, this one is no exception.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree but your stating the obvious with NE. No one knows but that changes nothing regarding needs. Better pick for Pats #1 Xaviour Rhodes cb Fla St.
        As for Albert at KC if they have no decent qb does it really matter. You need a qb that can win. Wilson is an option team must decide. If Albert goes have you thought of Chris Faulk LSU with your 2nd? IR in 2012 but great value/

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