Dion Jordan Scouting Report

January 10th, 2013

Dion Jordan ready for action (USPresswire)

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Prospect: Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 241
Grade: 7.42 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:
+Outstanding quickness for a man of his height
+Very good top end speed for the position
+Has enough speed and burst to handle playing over the slot receiver
+Excellent get-off when lined up in 2pt stance on the line of scrimmage
-Looks tight in the ankles; doesn’t flatten around the edge well
-Doesn’t always appear coordinated, has high center of gravity when he runs and will look clumsy at times
-Lacks great lateral agility, especially when not anticipating the move
-Needs to add upper body strength, but has strong hands and fires out with some violence
-Lacks anchor strength

Pass Rush:
+Great upfield burst off the snap
+Has shown he can dip inside and crash the B gap
+Uses his long arms to disrupt the throwing options as he closes from the front of the QB
+Closes quickly in a straight line
+Keeps his eyes on the prize nicely, adjusts on the fly quickly in reaction to QB
+Can bull rush effectively on a passive tackle that lets him get a running start
-Tends to get very far upfield and take himself out of the play
-Struggles to flatten around the edge; needs three steps to turn the corner
-Gets off balance when he tries to change direction and easily gets redirected or pushed down

Run Support:
+Flows quickly to the ball
+Has ability to jolt with arm extension
+Good at stripping the ball, uses his long reach to get at the ball from surprising distance
+Very good as the second man in to finish off a play
+Has good spatial awareness in coverage
-Will take poor angles to get around blocks
-Can be broken down by quicker backs in space, stiffness shows

+Has improved using his hands and keeping his pads down when engaged
+Extends arms nicely on power rush
+Uses quick hands to disengage from blocks
-Relies too heavily on initial burst to win
-Gets high in stance when in space

+Never quits on a play, has relentless motor
+Avoids penalties for roughing and unnecessary roughness, knows when to say when
+Worked hard to improve in the classroom, showed maturity and dedication
-Can be slow to diagnose play
-Gets fooled by play action and chicanery

Dion Jordan is one of the toughest evaluations I’ve ever done. There is so much to like here: his length, his speed, his hand usage, his motor and attitude. Many of his attributes are special, even rare, and that brings tantalizing potential. Jordan has proven he can translate that potential at times as well, showing he can make the splash and impact plays in every game. He’s likable, works hard, and carries himself with confidence and posture that can intimidate. He has the potential to be an ideal fit in a hybrid defense, or as a Wide 9 pass rusher, or even a SAM backer in base defense that turns into a stand-up DE in passing situations if he can get a little stronger.

But there are serious issues with Jordan as well. Elite NFL edge pass rushers all show the ability to flatten around the edge, something Jordan simply cannot do and will never be able to do because of his upright gait and stiffness in his lower body. He sorely lacks strength to set the edge or handle close-quartered combat that is more common in the NFL than the PAC-12. Despite being fast and having quick arms and hands, his ankles and hips are stiff and his lateral agility is subpar.

Teams will have to weigh the good with the bad. Because he can legitimately do special things in a skill in chronic demand (rushing the passer), Jordan will be highly valued. There is some room for improvement, as Jordan has only played defense since 2010 and is still learning the nuances and intricacies of the position. Yet he is certain to be a liability at times and that is extremely unlikely to ever change. His rare length, speed, and growth potential dictate that Dion Jordan will be a top 20 pick, perhaps in the top 5. He is an extreme boom/bust prospect that will either notch double-digit sacks every year or be released by his drafting team before his second contract.

Scouting Notes
Oregon vs. Arizona
-lined up between slot & tackle beyond Wide 9, turned & ran with slot receiver
-blew past LT & forced QB to scramble into run for short loss
-as part of 3-man rush, flew around RT and pressured QB to force an INT
-overpursued from the backside and allowed QB to circle back and break containment
-made a nice outside-in stutter step move to shoot B gap, used his right arm to ward off the guard
-chased RB out of bounds from across the formation, dodged a cut block nicely at start of play

Oregon vs. USC
-ran upfield 3 steps before trying to turn the corner around RT
-correctly diagnosed screen, dropped into passing lane
-easily pushed far wide by LT
-great hustle to produce fumble after Barkley avoided initial rush
-took quick step upfield then turned and ran in stride with wideout in coverage

Oregon vs. Stanford
-lost balance trying to turn corner
-strong bull rush walked RT into the center
-quickly flowed outside to make tackle on quick screen
-pushed way wide as first steps were straight upfield
-turned down contact, tried to run around block & took self out of play
-fooled by play fake, lost backside contain that led to big gain
-consistently showed excellent hustle in pursuit
-jammed slot receiver, then sat in zone and closed quickly on out pattern

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