Dan Buckner Scouting Report

January 9th, 2013

Buckner changed his number from 15 to 4 to honor his grandfather

QB / RB / FB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF

Prospect: Dan Buckner, WR, Arizona
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 218
Grade:  6.43 (Grading Scale)


Scouting Report:
+Big frame and long arms
+Has excellent strength for the position when he extends his arms
+Good leaping ability and strength when fighting for a jump ball
-Lacks great burst off the line
-Average quickness for a bigger wideout in changing direction
Route Running:
+Able to effectively use arms and hands to get off jam
+Has a change of speed to set up moves
+Does a good job creating space for himself on the sidelines
+Shows good coverage recognition and is able to adjust accordingly
-Straight line speed, not much lateral agility while running
-Often takes an elongated step to change direction, not very crisp
-Doesn’t always get proper depth on routes on 3rd downs

+Has good strength to snare the ball in traffic
+Can extend his arms to make the difficult sideline catch
+Can absorb contact and keep control of the ball (see Nevada and USC games)
-Doesn’t always squeeze the ball tightly when bringing the ball to his body
-Brings the ball to his pads too violently and it causes him to have to re-catch the ball at times (see UCLA game)
Running/Return Ability:
+Physical edge blocker with good form
+Has the lower body strength to run through arm tackles
-Not very elusive after the catch
-Lacks getaway burst to turn and burn
-Was not used in a return capacity

-Had to leave U. of Texas after an arrest
-Has lost his cool and committed the personal foul penalty
Dan Buckner is an Allen, TX native who began his career at Texas. An ugly arrest forced him to transfer to Arizona, and he had to sit out a season. By several accounts he matured from his Texas days and really pushed himself for his senior season.

Buckner is a big receiver with a good catch radius and decent strength. He filled the Juron Criner role in their offense as the big outside “Z” receiver and was productive. Buckner has very good length and body control outside the hashes and along the sidelines, and he learned to flow well with a mobile QB. While he’s not overly fast or quick, he has 4th-5th round potential based on his size, strength, and improvement he showed in 2012. A good workout season should solidify Buckner in the 90-120 overall range, but if he times poorly he could slide as far as the 7th round.

Scouting Notes
Arizona vs. Oregon
-Showed good strength to get off a chuck
-High pointed a high ball on the sideline
-Could not secure potential TD pass when defender had hand in his face
-Flowed nicely across the field to present target for scrambling QB
-Failed to get separation on fly route

Arizona vs. Nevada
-Failed to get head around fast enough on a rushed throw
-Dropped a low throw
-Threw excellent downfield block on perimeter run
-Got wide open behind the defense on a good post route, ball went elsewhere
-Could not bring in a throw a little high and behind him
-Ran excellent clear-out route that allowed Hill to get open for TD reception
Arizona vs. UCLA
-Struggled to get off outside jam
-Failed to get enough depth inside on route with corner playing outside technique
-Got open nicely with stutter step but ball went over his head
-Nice seal block allowed first down conversion on run
-Held onto ball after taking a hit while still securing the catch
-Kept his head up despite being on the wrong end of a blowout

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