D.J. Fluker Scouting Report

January 18th, 2013

D.J. Fluker is an outstanding run blocker

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Prospect: D.J. Fluker
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 335
Grade: 7.38 (Grading Scale)

+ Massive man with a huge frame. I’m surprised he’s so “light” at only 335
+ Incredibly strong upper-body
+ Naturally powerful lower-body
+ Surprisingly fast top speed
+ Pretty decent balance for a man his size
- Poor flexibility, not a natural knee bender
- Really heavy feet that he doesn’t like to move.

+ Plays hard all the way to the whistle.
+ Busts his butt to chase down LBs and get himself involved in every play.
+ Very assignment sound, 11 missed assignments in 728 snaps this year.
- Failed to improve as a pass protector while at Alabama
- Majored in Health Studies
+ Made All-SEC academic honor roll

Pass Blocking:
+ Effective punch that pushes DEs off their course and past the pocket.
+ Excellent anchor, able to absorb contact, sink his hips and lockout with long arms.
- Lazy about moving his feet, tries to lunge to make up for it.
- Total waist-bender
- Tendency to ride up in his stance, leaving him vulnerable to DEs with an effective counter move.
- Doesn’t kick-step with the defender, causing him to occasionally get beaten inside.

Run Blocking:
+ Tremendous initial punch to rock a defender back onto his heels.
+ Very good leg drive to move defenders out of a hole.
+ Uses long arms and top-tier upper-body strength to ragdoll defenders.
+ Nasty player who finishes blocks, looks for someone to hit, and takes pride in knocking defenders down.
- Lack of flexibility limits his effectiveness in the open field.

+ Does a very good job with leverage for a man his size.
+ Able to sink his hips well and use his natural strength to repel defenders.
+ Almost never gets called on holds, only 2 penalties his junior year.
- No natural feel for pass blocking, struggles with angles and moving his feet often.

Fluker is a special talent as a run blocker. He possesses prodigous size and strength and he uses both effectively. He was the best run blocking Tackle in college football this year and his abilities should transition well to the pro game.
Where Fluker falls short is as a pass blocker. He’s allowed more sacks than any other lineman in the SEC, and he holds the title by a significant margin  His biggest issue is that he doesn’t move his feet. It’s important to note the word “doesn’t” rather than “can’t” in the previous sentence. He’s shown that he can move his feet, especially against LSU’s pair of speed demon DEs.
A selection of Fluker doubles as a vote of confidence for your O-Line coach. If you believe that he can get Fluker’s feet moving consistently, then Fluker’s value slides somewhere at the end of the first round. Otherwise there are other options. Ultimately Fluker looks like a 2nd round pick with fairly high bust potential but also the chance to become a dominant NFL right tackle.

Scouting Notes
Alabama vs. Michigan
+ Moved Jake Ryan off his spot with a strong down-block.
- Poor footwork allowed Jake Ryan to beat him inside to pressure the QB.
+ Stonewalled Jake Ryan’s power rush right at the line of scrimmage
+ Showing excellent power on his backside blocks.
- Poor awareness and a hesitant to attack in the open field allowed a TFL.
+ Annihilated a LB coming down
+ Stoned Michigan’s DE in pass pro.

Alabama vs. Georgia
- Can’t stay with Jarvis Jones but knocks him off his course.
- Gives up a hit to Jones because he can’t stay with him.
+ Puts Jones on his ass, Jones has no chance of holding his ground.
+ Works well on a double team to get Yeldon a nice carry.
+ Puts Jonathan Jenkins on his ass.
+ Another great block on Jenkins, springs Lacy for a TD.
+ Moves well enough out of his two point stance and attacks Jones, stonewalling him.

Alabama vs. LSU
+ Gave up some ground to Mingo but managed to stop him cold before he pressured McCarron.
- Only Alabama lineman to be in a two-point stance, staff doesn’t trust him to block Mingo starting with his hand on the ground.
+ Crushed Bennie Logan on a double team and then got to the next level to pick up a LB.
+ Did a very solid job handling a twist with Steen.
+ Mingo spun inside off of Fluker’s outside shoulder and ended up on Fluker’s inside shoulder where Fluker pushed him out of the play. Can’t teach a frame that size.
+ Taking advantage of LSU’s wide splits, letting their Ends run themselves right out of their running lanes.
+ Stonewalled Mingo, who jumped up to deflect the pass, Fluker put him down for leaving his feet.

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