2013 NFL Draft: Cotton Bowl Scouting Notes

January 4th, 2013


QB #12 Landry Jones

–very sharp and in rhythm early, throwing strikes on short and intermediate routes

–excellent zip on sideline throws to Stills

–deep throw to Stills hung a bit inside, drew pass interference

–airmailed a deep jump ball throw

–nice dumpoff throw while backepdaling from blitz

–excellent TD throw while soft rolling to his right, hit moving target thru traffic on back line

–forced a bad throw into tight coverage on 3rd & short

–started pressing and aiming the ball when behind


WR #4 Kenny Stills

–showed excellent hand/eye coordination on some sideline throws

–used a quick stop/start move after a leaping catch to get extra yards

–gave excellent effort to get inside on bad long throw, drew pass interference

–dropped TD throw in his hands with step on defender

–strong downfield block on a Brown reception

–called for pass interference when he extended his arms, though he was being held by corner


LT #69 Lane Johnson

–opens his shoulders to the inside when aligned in jagged 2pt stance

–drove D. Moore inside on 3rd & short, runner cut behind for conversion

–went high with his punch, Moore ducked under & got a QB pressure

–alertly picked up twist, rode his man outside nicely

–half-count slow off snap a couple of times

–did very well crashing inside on run blocks, consistently pushed his man backwards

–did better when his man was lined up wide than tight, looked more confident


FB #33 Trey Millard

–made nice cut block on screen

–destroyed D. Moore on a chip block

–dove early on a cut block attempt, defender just stepped over him and made play

–couldn’t handle a high, hard end zone throw. Would have been a tough catch but was makeable

–picked the wrong target as a lead blocker a couple of times, tunnel vision from the snap

–punishing runner, showed good acceleration & attacked hole

–not very quick to change direction with ball in his hands, but falls forward with authority


S #1 Tony Jefferson

–playing spy on Manziel quite a bit, though lined up 12-15 yards deep

–lined up deep, took poor angle on Malena run but made the tackle further downfield

–ran step for step with Swope on a crossing route in red zone, forced incompletion

–made quick run fill on interior run

–chose to go over block to make sure tackle instead of risking going under and getting out of position

–flipped hips quickly on play action, play did not go near him

–crept up to line near empty slot, Manziel threw over the top in the hole he vacated for TD

–juked and then outrun by Manziel in open field for big gain late


WR #19 Justin Brown

–excellent flowing with the QB in the end zone to make nice touchdown reception

–threw nice edge seal block on perimeter run

–shot Jones a look of contemptuous disgust when Jones bounced a ball outside his reach

–stepped out of bounds before making a sideline catch that was shy of the 1st down

–caught ball with hands, turned upfield quickly but awkwardly


CB#6 Demontre Hurst

–played right CB all night

–lined up in press man, got chucked aside and lost his man inside

–closed quickly in run support on run bounced outside

–showed good pursuit on several catches made by receivers that weren’t his mark

–toasted by Nwachukwu on go route, was two steps behind after 25 yards

–made excellent open field tackle while drawing block in the back penalty

–beat over the top by Nwachuckwu for late TD


DE #90 David King

–tried a stunt inside and got blasted backwards

–pushed well outside on run in his direction

–really struggled to even get to the line of scrimmage against Jake Matthews on his pass rush

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