2013 NFL Draft: Cotton Bowl Scouting Notes

January 4th, 2013

Ryan Swope and the Aggies got the better of Tony Jefferson and the Sooners


Jeff Risdon, DLD Editor

Texas A&M crushed Oklahoma 41-13 after a close first half. Both teams featured several 2013 NFL prospects, and here are some notes on many of those players

Texas A&M

DE #94 Damontre Moore

–lined up at both end spots, primarily wide side of field

–appeared winded but still gave great effort on long Oklahoma drives

–knifed around block, beat L. Johnson under his initial punch to nail ball carrier for big loss

–deliberately fell inside when effectively blocked, got in the hole with great effort

–held backside containment on a scramble that cut off a dump route, caused an incompletion

–got turned upfield, ball carrier ran past his hole on more than one occasion

–assisted on TFL with nice inside swim move


WR #25 Ryan Swope

–primarily lined up in wide side slot

–pulled up on deep throw that was inside

–made excellent catch with his hands at full gallop on a crossing route, turned upfield nicely

–caught a couple of quick screens where he got north/south quickly

–hurt lower right leg when contacted awkwardly during a jumping attempt at a catch at end of 1st half

–showed his toughness by returning, making tough sideline catch early in 3rd

–shed tackle and turned upfield for TD on 4th down reception that broke the game open


LT #76 Luke Joeckel

–completely stonewalled his man on several occasions

–fired out, extended arms and turned the end outside on at least four occasions

–consistently got out of 2 pt. stance and devoured his man vs. run

–excellent cut block on Malena TD, bounced right back up and was looking for someone else to hit

–sustained a block a good 20 yards downfield and drove his man out of bounds on a designed QB cutback run


C #61 Patrick Lewis

–great inside seal block on Manziel TD run in second quarter

–poked his man in the eye, showed sportsmanship after play

–got upfield nicely on a Manziel scramble

–pancake block on end stunt

–missed an interior blitz pickup on a screen

–put every snap right where it needed to be with real pop in both shotgun and pistol formations


LB #10 Sean Porter

–offsides in red zone on Oklahoma’s first drive

–helped stand up & bring down The Belldozer at the goal line

–blitzed from directly over center, got pushed outside the right tackle easily

–stayed close in man coverage with RB on sideline on 3rd down, forced a punt

–danced around a blocking attempt instead of attacking

–consistently stayed in lane on kick coverage, twice forcing tackles

–beat guard inside after lining up outside Moore for a late sack

–quiet overall game, more passive than he has been during the season


LB #11 Jonathan Stewart

–very active pre-snap all night, darting up & not tipping his hand nicely

–made good one-arm tackle on runner while just getting off a block

–saw where Jones was looking, dropped to his spot and forced a throwaway

–showed good tackling technique several times

–well-timed interior blitz on 4th down forced turnover

–much more active than Porter in attacking the ball vs. the run

–showed strong closing burst on the ball


I did not scout Jake Matthews in this game, as a couple of sources I trust are reporting he is returning to school. He will be a top 10 pick in 2014 if he returns.


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