2013 Lions Draft Picks

The Detroit Lions have the following picks in the 2013 NFL Draft:

1st Round (#5 overall): Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, DE, BYU
2nd Round (#36 overall): Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State
3rd Round (#65 overall): Larry Warford, G, Kentucky
4th Round (#132 overall): Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
5th Round (#165 overall): Sam Martin, P, Appalachian State
6th Round (#171 overall): Corey Fuller, WR, Virginia Tech
6th Round (#199 overall): Theo Riddick, RB, Notre Dame
7th Round (#211 overall): Michael Williams, TE, Alabama
7th Round (#245 overall): Brandon Hepburn, LB, Florida A&M

The Lions have traded the following 2013 NFL Draft picks away:

4th Round (Tahir Whitehead / Travis Lewis – 2012 NFL Draft)
The Vikings subsequently traded this pick to New England, which selected Josh Boyce, WR, TCU

2012 Lions Draft Picks / 2014 Lions Draft Picks (Coming Soon)

32 Responses to “2013 Lions Draft Picks”

  1. weston says:

    Didn’t the lions trade their 7th round pick this year to the Redskins for Kevin Barnes? He was waived by the Lions less than a month later.

    • adminLions says:

      The pick was conditional, and because Barnes failed to stick the compensation could be eliminated. I have yet to hear anything official about it, but it is not listed on the NFL’s official transactions database.

  2. Chuck says:

    Do you see the lions picking tyrann Matthieu in the 3rd round?

    • adminLions says:

      An undersized, undisciplined DB who is a convicted drug dealer? No thanks.

      • Beast says:

        why the hate? He can do kick returns and be our cb.. logan should be cut and tyrann can take on two jobs.

      • frolfergolfer says:

        He sounds like a guy that would grade very highly on Mayhew’s board. I could see Mayhew trading up to mid 2nd round to take him.

      • RobM says:

        I wouldn’t take him in the 3rd but if he is still there in the low rounds then it might be worth a stab. Everyone is expecting him to ruin his chance in the NFL so I don’t have much issue with spending the Eric Wright compensatory pick on him, it’s a win win really if he get’s it together there is a potential playmaker in the secondary – if he doesn’t then it is what everyone expected and the chances are anyone else being drafted at this spot wouldn’t have contributed much either – unless an Alfred Morris was on the board.

      • BillyJackO says:

        What about in the 5th?

      • shod says:

        We shouldn’t be judgemental on a young indivuals character. Tyrann is a very bless player that has a passion for the game. Great people overcome adversities and He would be a good pick in the 3rd round.

        • adminLions says:

          The thing is, we HAVE to be judgmental. Not us per se, but the Lions and all NFL teams have every right and reason to be judgmental about any and all potential character issues. I completely understand the morality stance and issues you bring up, and I try to respect that. I really do. But the Lions cannot afford any more character risks.

          • jtmtnlion says:

            Agree. Look what a snotty litle wise guy Titus Young turned out to be. I’ve been a Lions fan since before there was a super bowl and the one thing they never had that all champions have is discipline. They cannot hold a candle to the ’68 Tigers or the “bad boys” Pistons for example. No matter what you think of these teams, they put discipline and wining above all. I’m almost to the point of boxing up everything I own with a Lions logo on it and dumping it at Ford Field’s front office door.

        • jack sprat says:

          We should refrain from condemnation, which is the province of the Lord God Almighty. And women. However, He does not require of us purblind stupidity.

    • kozbiaa07 says:

      If you’re looking for a return man, go for Denard Robinson over Tyrann. Completely safe pick.

  3. Chuck says:

    Lol that’s a good point. What about a running back, say lattimore, ball, or de Anthony Thomas?

    • bobwire says:

      Round 1 : Bjoern Werner DE

      Round 2 : Phillip Thomas S

      Round 3 : Margus Hunt DE

      Round 4 : Kenjon Barner RB

      Round 5 : Terence Garvin OLB

      Round 6 : Allen Mellette WR

      Round 7 : DJ Hayden CB

      • RobM says:

        Both of those drafts would be ideal and seem far better than any mock I’ve seen so far, (putting Milliner in). I can’t see some of those picks dropping that far though, Barner won’t drop below the 3rd unless his 40 takes a day at the combine and also Margus Hunt is unlikely to go below round 2. I like Brandon Coleman for the Lions but there is no way his physical talents drop to the bottom of the barrel and I think he will go in the 3rd round (if he declares) but hope he falls to the 5th as I have him here.

        Round 1 : Trade down (twice if possible) Ziggy Ansah DE

        Round 2 : Eric Reid S

        Round 2 : Alex Okafor DE

        Round 3 : Kyle Long OT

        Round 4 : Dri Archer RB/KR (that’s me hoping not being realistic.)

        Round 5 : Brandon Coleman WR

        Round 6 : David Bess DE/OLB

        Round 7 : Marcus Coker RB or Terrence Garvin OLB

  4. Joseph says:

    Stick with best person available..it helps better chance of getting someone to help the team in the long run..look at broyles and Fairley. Depending on how Teo LB from ND does against Bama..i like him because he is vocal and brings a worker mentality, good leadership to the team not just his skills

  5. CeeJay says:

    Why not Dee Milliner C Alabama, this guy is a stud, and as usual the Lions fans and the team are too blind to see it. This happens every year we pass us great players to get scrubbs who never pan out.

    • adminLions says:

      Milliner is a very good corner in the passing game, but his tackling is often embarrassing. Too high for a corner IMO but he’s certainly in play for Mayhew & Co.

  6. CeeJay says:

    This guy out of Fla State is a the type of guy that gets in the NFL can’t rush the passer to save his life, then becomes a bust. That’s why Swartz should be fired immediately and then we should hire a REAL Coach that’s won something. This guy Swartz is in over his head, and anyone with half a brain can see it. That moron Mayhew is also in over his head. They will probably draft another quarterback, kicker, or Tightend, or some other player we don’t need. Why draft a DE when we have Avril, Suh, and crew? We need another D end like we need a new quarterback or receiver.

    • RobM says:

      Avril if going in FA and Kyle VB has been as unproductive as a stoner in a cookie factory – thats two starting DE than need replacing right there. If Young gets traded or cut then it seems as if we do need a new receiver as Broyles is well and truly out for the count. Just too complete the set Stafford’s mechanics were on the slide this year, he needs to tighten up over the offseason as well. I agree that Werner might be playing at or near his ceiling at the moment so I’d look at someone with more upside if it was me in charge.

    • jack sprat says:

      Fortunately, those currently in charge have considerably MORE than “half a brain”.

    • jack sprat says:

      You’re positively INSCRUTABLE, Pizza. Your way, his name more closely resembles a cross between pineapple and beef stew. Must be Japanese-Hawaiian fusion cooking, the newest thing from Hilo. Aloha!

  7. JOEL says:

    1ST Round – Eric Reid FS – LSU

    2ND Round – Xavier Rhodes CB – FSU

    3RD Round – Margus Hunt DE – SMU

    4TH Round (compensory) pick – Le’ Veon Bell RB – Mich. St.

    5TH Round – Omoregie Uzzi G – Ga Tech

    6TH Round – Graham Pocic C – Illini

    6TH Round (compensory) pick – Terrell Sinkfield WR/KR – No. Iowa

    7TH Round – John Wetzel T – B.C.

    • jack sprat says:

      The ONLY way that draft could seem even remotely possible, as late in the day as 5th March, is if the Lions traded with the Rams. (16th and 22nd, because no way Rhodes gets to the 36th pick.) If so, then the Lions would also have the 46th pick and their 6th rounder, the Rams our 36th. No doubt Marty would jump at it, but I’m pretty sure that Jeff Fisher would quit if his bosses did something that foolish. No one in this draft warrants that move.

  8. Richard The Lions GURU says:

    1.) Eric Fischer
    2.) Justin Hunter/DeAndre Hopklins
    3.) Cornilious Washington
    4.) Oday Aboushi/Tyrann mathiu
    5.) Gerald Hodges
    6.) Johnny Adams
    7.) Quin Sharp
    7.) Rashard Hall

  9. Esasays says:

    1a) Eric Fisher or Dion Jordon unless we can trade with the Jets @ 9
    b) Jets want Dee Milliner/So, we would pick up an Extra 2nd round pick and 4th round pick this year conditionally next year.
    c) Trade with the Dolphins, they will want LT Lane Johnson
    With the 12 pick lions Chance Walmack or Jonathan Cooper. Similar type trade as the jets. Dolphins have two second rounders :-)
    2. Damontre Moore or Okafor
    2b. Kyle Long
    2c. David Amerson
    3. Justin Hunter
    4. Brian Schwinke
    4b. From Miami – Kevin Reddick
    5. Dion Simms
    5b. From Jets – Robert Luster
    6. Brian Winters
    7. Tavarres King
    7. Roy Round Tree :-) GO BLUE. Ideal draft.

    Now this is with trades. It’s fun time to speculate. Really here is what I would want with our current picks

    1. Eric Fisher
    2. Damontre Moore or Okafor
    3. David Amerson or Justin Hunter (Really want both.)
    4. Brian Schwinke
    5. Kevin Reddick
    6. Dion Simms
    7. Brian Winters
    7b. Roy Roundtree or Tavarres King


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